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The way that women's bodies are viewed as commodities changing as the current fashion trend dictates.  The number of eating disorders, the huge diet industry and even larger beauty industry as women fight to be something that they can never achieve.  Why are most corporate CEO's men, most managers--why are women still not given equal pay in the land of the free and the home of the brave?  I am not saying that some Islamic countries are not full of problems but let's not close our eyes to the problems of the western world.

The fact that women are used in advertising is not a denigration of women. Women are beautiful and they attract the attention. So their image is used to attract the attention. This in no ways denigrates women. It just proves that they are more attractive than men and that is something to be proud of. Flowers are used for decoration and to beautify the ambiance. Does that mean that flowers are of no value on their own?  Jewels and Beautiful  precious stones are used for adornment and attract the attention, does this indicate that Jewels are cheap? It is a pity that in Islam the beauty is considered to be a shame that must be concealed. 

Also men try to dress up, shave and be seen nicely. Does this lower their status? Are sloppy ugly men more respected than well trimmed clean-shaven handsome men? Why then you believe beautiful attractive women are not respected? This is an absurdity. There are many women who are extremely attractive and well dressed who are in key positions in politics, in business and in professional life as doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, news anchors and producers, etc. that demand respect by their personality. Who said a woman should hide her beauty in a baggy cloth to be respected? This is nonsense and the opposite is true. Women who dress up in Islamic hijab are often seen as ignorant fanatics and potential terrorists. Who would respect a woman who has no respect for herself? A woman who believes in Muhammad must agree that she is deficient in intelligence as the Prophet reiterated. She must agree that she is inferior to men as Quran says and that she deserves to be punished and beaten by her husband. How can anyone respect a woman who has such low self esteem?  

I recall in old books usually the publisher used to insert a page of typos that the reader had to correct before reading the book. Once I questioned a Muslim who was defending circumcision to explain whether in his view God has make a mistake in the design of human genitals that he is asking people to correct it. Despite my repeated insistence this gentleman did not answer my question. I ask you a similar question, “Do you believe beauty is something shameful that need to be covered? If so why God created it?

Islam’s values are very twisted. Muslims despise beauty but they praise violence against women In fact Muhammad prescribes domestic violence as a legitimate form of conflict resolution. (See Q.4:34). In this verse Muhammad says men are superior to women and they have the right to scourge their wives. In Islam it is a shame for a woman to speak with a man alone but according to Quran it is okay to attack a non-Muslim nation capture the married women and rape them. (Q.4:3 Islam prescribes hijab for Muslim woman and rape of non-Muslim women. Does any sane person accept this kind of morality? 

Do you know wherefrom the injunction of veiling in Islam come from? It comes from the fact that Muhammad in his old age accumulated a harem of a score of teenagers who where the most beautiful women around. He knew that if young men lay eyes on his gorgeous wives they would desire them. That is why he ordered them to cover themselves. Muhammad was a narcissist jealous man. He was sick. Is it fair that millions of women suffer under the veil because they follow a mentally sick man? Muhammad's jealousy is clear from his possessiveness. He prohibited his teenager wives to remarry even after his death. This is the sign of his psychological disturbance. Muhammad was a narcissist.  

As for the problem of eating disorder, please know that the solution to this problem is not hijab. 

You complained “Why are most corporate CEOs men”. Know that in the secular societies of the West, there is nothing that stop a woman to become a CEO. As a matter of fact the number of women in top positions is on the rise. But look at Islamic countries where Sharia is practiced. Tell me how many women are in top positions there? It seems that you deliberately have closed your eyes least you see the truth and wake up from your slumber.

If all this humiliation that Muhammad has bestowed upon women is to your liking, you have found the right religion. There is no other religion, Philosophy or ideology today that disgraces women more than Islam. As for me I want to create a world where men and women are equal and that is possible only in a secular and democratic society not in a religious society.

Why hide this much beauty? What is so shameful about God's handiwork that has to be covered? 

An Afghan widow smiles after lifting her burqa in the United Nations World Food Program bakery in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2001. About 350 widows, identified as the most vulnerable group in the city, received two cans of oil and two sacks of wheat from the United States Agency for International Development. (AP Photo/Laura Rauch)










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