Leaving Islam




  You talk about the bad parts. How about the good parts? Do you see any good part in Islam or all what you see is bad?

 In every religion, there is something good, something bad and something very ugly. The good part is what is being preached, the inner peace and security that it promises. The bad part is the hidden agenda of their founders and how that religion is practiced. The ugly part is the terrible outcome and the disastrous toll that it takes from its followers and not followers.  All the religions share the same characteristics. Except Buddhism that is not a religion but an agnostic philosophy of enlightenment. Buddhism  makes no mention of God or any deity and Buddha never made any claim of receiving a revelation. 

I should also mention that all religions have evolved and many of them have become positive forces.  Islam is the only religion that has not changed and cannot change.  Therefore, Islam is the only dangerous religion that must be eradicated.  All other religions have something good to contribute.  Islam has none.  It is sheer evil. 



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