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30 Islam is a religion filled with positives and negatives, and thanks to my rational ability, I am well able to dissect the positive from negative without discrediting the whole religion and the good it has to offer Islam has lots of truth, and lies as well.


Please tell me what would be the use of a map that has some correct information and some misleading? That sometimes it shows you the right direction to where you want to go and other times it sends you to totally opposite direction? 

What is the use of a medical book that has some good remedies for some ailments but some of its prescriptions are completely wrong and kills the patient? 

A book of guidance must be a book of guidance all the times. If you have to use your own rational ability to dissect the positive from the negative then you must have more knowledge than the author of the book. In that case consulting such a book is redundant. If you know what is good and what is bad instinctively or through your rational thinking, why you need to consult any book? 

According to your explanation, one can conclude that Islam is superfluous for those who have rational ability and is misleading for those who do not have rational ability. Since a great number of people do not have rational ability and take that book as the infallible word of God, doing terrible things believing this is what God wants them to do, isnít it advisable to scrap it altogether and rely only on humanís rational thinking?  


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