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26- I don't understand why would Muhammad lie about being a prophet?  After all he was known to be very honest,

Who said Muhammad was honest? Those who did not believe in him called him lunatic and insane. This is even reported in Quran. How is it possible that people knew that he was honest and did not believe in him? Muhammad was not an honest man. He was called Amin which means trustee and that was the title of anyone who used to attend the herd of others and do business on their behalf. Muhammad was a herdsman and used to take the merchandize of the people (Khadija, his employer) to Damascus and sell them on her behalf. All herdsmen engaged in this business were called Amin. This had nothing to do with their honesty. Today we have school trustees. Does that mean they are more honest than others?  

A friend wrote: 

Actually, if you lived in an an Arabic speaking country, you will find the word "Amin" is labeled for every sort of profession. Here are examples and you can perhaps verify tem from any Arabic speaking friend.

Amin El-Makataba --->(Trustee of the library)
Amin El-Shortaa --->(Police Trustee)
Maglass El-Omnaa (plural of Ameen) ---> counsel of trustees.

Almost every kind of profession in the Arab world is prefixed with "Amin". This does not mean that the said person is honest.

Muhammad  massacred and eliminated all his opponents. There is no piece of history left by his opponents for us to see what they thought of him. But if Quran says that they called him lunatic, that is what they must have thought of him.

Can you rely on what the devotees of someone say about him? The admirers of Khomeni used to think he was a Gandhi. They used to see his face in the moon and called him Imam. That is no proof that this mass murderer was a good man.



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