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20- You are forgetting the historical context and the prevailing social, cultural, and geo-political conditions of those times. In those days, and in that culture, people did not think or behave in such a "civilized" manner as people do today. Killing in those days was not a big deal.

There are many faiths and philosophies that belong to the past and some much older than Islam but they all started and advanced without bloodshed. Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Manism, Christianity and many Greek philosophies grew without the need of killing people. This is absurd to say that I cannot convince you of my truth by logic so let me convince you by my sword. 

Forcing people to accept to submit to oneís belief is only a practice of Islam. NO other religion advocated violence as a legitimate means of propagating itself. 

This is wrong. We donít need another proof to demonstrate that Islam is a demonic cult. It has numerous logical inconsistencies and outright ignorant statements which strike at its foundations and credibility as an infallible document. It was forced on people by violating their freedom to believe. No real God would demand obedience and love through violence. If Allah has any existence, he must be Satan himself. Muhammad must have been possessed by Demons. Islam is very demonic. It expanded by killing. It maintained itself by protecting the ignorance and silencing all voices of opposition. 

The very Muslims who defend Islamís violent ways to expand itself by sword, looting and killing, call upon each other to shun those who want to study it by reason and avoid rational conversations. A Muslim is afraid of reason like a Dracula of light. How can it be that a religion made by God cannot stand the test of reason that is also made by God? How is it that the human intelligence that is a gift of God defies his own religion? 

Think about it. Islam is not a religion from God to mankind. It is a cult. Look at the fruits of it. Is there one Islamic country that is happy, prosperous and civilized? If you see traces of these qualities in some of the Islamic countries, is because those countries have become secularized. The more a nation is Islamic, the more is its barbarism and backwardness. You know a bad tree by its fruit. 

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