Leaving Islam



19- You are wrong, it is intolerant people like you that cause hatred and stir sedition among people.

I express my opinion. I show no intolerance towards anyone. In fact I love all humanity irrespective of their false beliefs. Hardly you can call a man like me intolerant. On the other hand you are being intolerant towards me. You cannot even tolerate my right to think independently and express myself. 

I am against Nazism because it is a doctrine of hate. I am against Islam because it too is a doctrine of hate. The former advocated the supremacy of a race the latter promotes the superiority of a religion. They both used violence to advance their objectives and they both had no respect for human lives and their rights. They both believed that since their ideology is right it is okay to kill people and the end justifies the means.

Islam is a religion of hate. I fight it because of that. I am not fighting against Muslims. Most of my loved ones and relatives are Muslims. I fight against the doctrine of hate that has made them, you and all of us victims and victimizers for the last 1400 years.


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