Leaving Islam





Who are we  to really know who or what God is?


 You start from the assumption that there is a god who is so great that we are not supposed to question him. I think differently. I say let us doubt. Let us doubt in everything that we are told and accepted as true. Let us doubt even the existence of God. No one has seen God. What we know of God is what we were told. What if those who told us about God were wrong? Our ancestors were wrong about many other things, what if they were wrong about this one too? So let us question the notion of God. Then, free from all preconceptions and prejudices let us investigate the truth. And let us use the ONLY parameter that we have to find the truth, i.e. “logic”. 

These so called holy books, especially the Quran contain numerous errors. The Quran is replete with scientific heresies, historic blunders, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities and grammatical errors. How can we trust this book when it talks about God? If Muhammad was wrong on almost everything else, can he be trusted when he spoke of God, especially when the god he spoke of is so ungodly? 


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