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Why are you against God?

 People believe in myriad of things. There are those who believe in sacred cows, others believe in snakes, a number of people believe in voodoo, some believe in resurrection of Jesus and yet others in Muhammad splitting the moon. Whether these beliefs are based on facts or fantasies they are no oneís business. As long as these beliefs donít harm people, I donít have to waste my time disproving them, even if I think they are silly.

 The belief in God, on the other hand has become the force behind the fanaticism and it is killing people. Millions have died in the name of this god. There is not a single cause for which people are so willing to die and take the lives of others as for the belief in God. So it is of paramount importance to make sure that this belief is founded on solid facts and not on superstitions.

 Upon the closer inspection and by using logic we can see there are many flaws in the theory of god as presented to us by these self appointed prophets. God as a being is specious and can be refuted by logics

 My intention is not to prove or disprove the existence of God. The belief in God is a personal matter. Itís comforting to believe in an all powerful daddy that can come to your rescue when you are in peril or when life turns topsy-turvy. I donít want to take away peoples faith. Religion is a pacifier; itís useless but has great psychological benefits. People are like children. I donít like cruelty to children and I will not take away what gives masses of people peace and comfort.

 The reason I bother to expose the fallacies of religions and their petulant god is because this god, who is nothing but the figment of our imagination, is affecting our lives. It is dictating the politics of our lands; shaping our governments and making us hate each other. The belief in him is killing us.

 If an epidemic breaks out, killing us so successfully as religions do, we would do everything to eradicate it. But the belief in this god that no one except a few men of dubious moral and ethical character have seen is left unchecked to claim its victims in every land.

This imaginary god is responsible for most of the killings that are taking place in all parts of the world. Even if our conflicts are of political or economical nature, the schism that separates people is often religious. People may fight over land, but the line of demarcation is religion. We hate each other because of religion. We are dying, because of religion. Look at Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Algeria, Kashmir, Philippine, Timor and virtually everywhere Islam or any other religion is taken seriously.

 I say, if we are going to hate each other over religion, if we are going to kill each other for the sake of this god, it is important to stop for a moment and ask whether he for whom we are willing to die and kill exists.  


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