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17 May 2003

ok, a few questions that i'm really curious to know from you is....what do u believe in?

I try not to believe. I prefer to doubt, to investigate, to think, to reason and to know. Believing is for people of lower intelligence.

do u know why you were put on this earth???

I do not think there was any specific reason for me to be in this Earth. A sperm carrying half of my genes was in the right place at the right time and I was conceived. Now that I am here I have decided to make my existence meaningful by helping my fellow humans to get themselves rid from spurious beliefs and hateful religions. I want to be an instrument of love and peace. But that is not the reason I was put on this Earth; that is the purpose I have adopted for my life.

what is the purpose of this life??

The purpose of life is to live. We humans are evolved apes. What is the purpose of life of the chimpanzees, the gorillas or other animals like cats, the crows or the tarantulas? Life is an end to itself. We humans are a more evolved species and we want to live well. To live well we have to evolve also spiritually. We have to be able to love and to share. We are gregarious animals and our well being, depends on the well being of others. That is why sheer egotism that is essential for the survival of most species is not enough for the survival of the human race. We need to learn, to love, to share and to give and those are self-serving and essential tools of survival. Actually no organism can survive without the cooperation of other organisms. We live in a symbiotic universe. We are all interdependent. As much as there is competition there is cooperation. And success in life is finding the right balance between the two. This is true not just for humans but for all species.

ISLAM, it is the way of life, for all of humanity, i don't know how you could be soo knowledgable in the quran...nd have such views on islam.

When I was less knowledgeable of the Quran, I was defensive of it too. If you read the Quran and ponder upon it, I am sure you too will reject it.

Why do soooo many INTELLIGENT people convert to islam???

Where are those intelligent people who convert to Islam? There are a few misguided youth who convert to Islam. Most of them, when they grow up and know better leave Islam. Some of them have joined this forum and will eagerly tell you about their deception with Islam. Take a look at the writings of the ex-Muslims here. Don’t you see these people are intellectuals? Many of them were born in Islamic families and were raised as Muslims. The intelligent people are leaving Islam in big numbers. The fools still cling to Islam.

are you saying that they are all stupid???

Brain is a complex organ. One can be intelligent in many things and yet completely stupid in other areas. There are people who are geniuses and yet in the choice of their spouse make the stupidest decisions. Some are intelligent but cannot make sound economical decisions. There are others who can be intelligent and bright in everything except when it comes to religion. A friend sent me an email (I am afraid I lost it) about the top Bangladeshi nuclear physicist who has declared that humans can tap into the power of Jinns and use it for energy or something to that effect. Now this man is educated but if this statement is not stupid then how can you describe it. I do not recall the name of this man and I hope someone help me on that. This is too hilarious and a clear indication that religion damages the brain.

they see islam as the truth and it is the one think that will help us in this life and in the next.

If Islam has helped the Muslims in this life they can hope that it will also help them in the next. All evidence point to the fact that the more a county is Islamic the more it is backward and uncivilized. Islamic countries are poor and people suffer all over. If you take away the oil factor all of the Islamic countries would find themselves in abject poverty. There are also draconian laws governing the lives of the Muslims that are oppressive and toll them beyond human forbearance.

Do you ever wondeer what will happen after you die??

I am not sure what will happen when I die and no one knows it. Those who claim to know are charlatans and impostors. I do not have to believe a liar just because I am curious. I may completely vanish just as my body would. Also there is a chance that my inner reality or soul may survive. But these are speculations and there are no solid facts to prove them. One thing is certain and that is the heaven and hell described by Muhammad do not exist. Those are stupid thoughts and they are absurd. If this universe has a creator, he or she is certainly not a maniac despot like what Muhammad described his Allah. The creator of this universe would not care whether you believe in him or not and he would not burn people for eternity. This is ridiculously stupid.

do you wonder why you were put on this earth??

I already answered that.

do u wonder who put the trees where they r...who makes our body function soo perfectly??? do u wonder who changes the weather?? and how about the little tiny atoms that make up everything around us???

No one did any of these things. All these things happen through the process of evolution. The universe is governed by a universal law. There is a principle underlying the creation. There is no person or god doing anything. If anything need to have a creator then God also need to have one. It is more plausible to believe that the law is self subsisting, eternal and does not have a creator than believing a complex god does not have a creator and exists on its own. 

Let me give an example to make this clear. Suppose you take a garden hoe and go on top of a hill and let the water run. Eventually a stream is created. Some times it turns to the left and sometimes to the right. At some places it will create a puddle and in other places a cascade. Who designed that stream? Did you design it? Did God design it? It was not there until you let the water run and the stream is formed on its own. Is that a miracles? No!  The water tends to go down and the topography of the land shape its course. That is how all the rivers are created. So as you see rivers do not need creators. What about the land itself? Who gave these shapes and varied topographies to the landscape? The landscape is formed by wind, rain, eruptions, landslides, and earthquakes. No one has designed this Earth. It just came to be through natural phenomena. We can use the same logic to show that even the living organisms, like bacteria, ameba and even animals and humans are all products of natural laws. There is no designer. There is a law and everything abides that law. That is the single Principle underlying the creation.  


instead of wasting your time in this world, making up stuff that was supposedly said by the prophet and that is supposedly in the mighty quran.....just take a few moments to think about who u are fooling??? you may fool a few ignorant people here and there....but is it really worth it, when you are going against sumthing much much more powerful than you??? like the ALMIGHTY god....just think about it....

I am not fooling anyone. What I say is based on reason and facts. I challenge anyone to disprove me. The one who fooled you is Muhammad who made outlandish claims that no one could verify. He claimed that an angel visited him and revealed to him the Quran. Did anyone see that angel? He claimed that he split the moon. Is such a thing possible? Do we have any historic report on this most extraordinary astronomical event anywhere in the annals of the world? He said that the Earth is flat, that the moon is above the stars, and that sun prostrates each night in front of Allah’s thorn and asks permission to rise the next day. Now tell me who fooled whom? I am not fooling you. I am asking you to doubt everything you hear and were taught and think on your own. Muhammad told you to believe in things that you cannot see or verify and are in fact contrary to logic and science. The joke is on you. Tell me who is the fool here?

another thing.....i wrote this...coz i read many of your articles...and i can clearly see many many things that are either...mmisquoted for example...one of your FAKE hadiths....about the prophet(SAW) askin for forgivness from his mother and allah didn't grant it....there is nooo such hadith saying sumthin like that...i am sure...and if u wanna make up stuff....trry to b a bit more creative

Those hadithes are quoted from the Sahih Muslim. They are Sahih, meaning authentic. Look at the following response and click on the hyperlinks to see the source.. It is not up to you to decide which hadithes are Sahih not true just because they make Islam look stupid. You are not an authority to validate of reject any Hadith. I quote them again. Click on the hyperlink to verify the source and see that I am not making them up.

"On his pilgrimage from Medina to Hodeibia, after he conquered the Mecca he visited his mother's tomb, and lifted up his voice and wept. His followers likewise wept around turn. They asked him concerning it, and he said, ---- "This is the grave of my mother: the Lord hath permitted me to visit it. And I sought leave to pray for her, but it was not granted. So I called my mother to remembrance, and the tender memory of her overcame me, and I wept [Katib Al Waquidi p. 21]. 

This story is also ratified in several hadithes that are considered to be Sahih. These are from Sahih Muslimi:

Book 004, Number 2129:

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger, (may peace be upon him) as saying: I sought permission to beg forgiveness for my mother, but He did not grant it to me. I sought permission from Him to visit her grave, and He granted it (permission) to me.

Book 004, Number 2130:

Abu Huraira reported: The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) visited the grave of his mother and he wept, and moved others around him to tears, and said: I sought permission from my Lord to beg forgiveness for her but it was not granted to me, and I sought permission to visit her grave and it was granted to motel.  So visit the graves, for that makes you mindful of death.


ok....everything in the quran has some sort of benefit to us all...it was sent down by GOD as guidance...4 the best way we can live our lives....

What guidance? Muslims are the most barbaric people, always fighting with each other and with others. They arestoning their women to death, chopping the hands of the petty thieves, murdering those who dissent, beating their wives and acting as terrorists. Is this the guidance? This is a hellish life and therefore one who gave such “guidance” must be Satan and not God.

and one last thing....when u take verses or parts of verses frrom teh quran...look at the bigger picture....the verse/part of the verse may say one thing (that could be interpreted in one way)...but if u look at the surrounding verses/parts....the meaning is much more clear....i can clearly see in ur articles...that u have just taken parts of verses...without looking at the meaning of what it is actually saying...

If I am taking the verses out of the context then you should have no difficulty proving me wrong and showing the proper context. Can you do that?

and islam is not what u say it is...it is about the BEST way we could live our lives...in peace....

And the suicide bombers are proving that. Muhammad made 67 Qazwahas during the last 10 years of his life. Qazwah means ambush or sudden attack. He massacred thousands of people and ethnically cleansed Hijaz from the Jews and the Christians. What is this peace you people talk about? I tell you what it is. It is killing and subduing everyone else. That is the meaning of peace for Islam. Have you heard of dar al Harb and dar al Islam? Please read to find out what is the meaning of Islamic peace.

may allah guide you to the straight path


I do not need this devils guidance. He has guided the Muslims to their doom, misery and utter ignorance. Keep that prayer to your self. I use reason as the torch of guidance and that suffices me. I follow the Golden Rule as the measure of right and wrong and that is all I need.

P.S...have u looked at the site www.faithfreedom.com??...i guess u haven't...coz ur site is still here....that site is great...it refutes ALLLLL of what u have mentioned about islam...take sum time out of making this website...and have a read of everything in there....

Yes these guys started that site with the sole idea to refute us. We had some debates with them until they stopped. I published our debates here and they did not publish it. Now they are even afraid to put a link to this site that they purport to disprove.






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