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Saifan vs.  Ali Sina:



I'm just going to make my comment quick since it is pointless debating with a person who already made up his mind.

You're going back and forth in your position about god to make the argument suits you. You say you believe that religion is a myth but when a muslim says he'll see you in hell you argue that they're the ones that are going to end up in hell. Very consistent.

 I speak to everyone in a language that they understand. Do you speak to your toddler in the same language that you speak to your boss? Does that mean you are inconsistent? I have made my position about God, hell and heaven very clear when I spoke about these subjects. However, when a Muslimís understanding is limited, and he threatens me with hell for disbelief, I see no point in discussing whether hell exists or not. This Muslim cannot grasp such ideas. So I speak to him in his own language to make him see that even if hell existed, it is still Muslims who should fear it and not those who disbelieve.  

Muslims use God as red herring to avoid the discussion about Muhammad.  Although it is not difficult to see the fallacy of such concept, this strategy allows them to hide behind other religionists and avoid defending Muhammad.  I am aware of this tactic and do not fall into their tarp.  In order to show the fallacy of Islam I take it for granted that Allah exists. Sometimes I even agree that he is a petulant and unforgiving deity, just the way Muhammad described him, and with that premise I prove that Islam is a lie and based on their own limited understanding of God, Muslims would be punished for believing in a false doctrine. Once the seed of doubt is planted in their minds, the process of enlightenment begins. They can easily find the rest of the truth on their own. The seed of enlightenment is doubt.


Your "$50,000 reward" is a pathetic gimmick. You only see things in your own perspective so whatever 'evidence' that a person presented, you won't judge it as an evident

I donít think it is pathetic. I am not acting as the judge. Itís the public that must judge. Can you point to any argument presented by my opponents that has debunked any of my charges against Muhammad? Can you see any argument that proves Muhammad was a messenger of God? If you canít find any then obviously my challenge has not been met. If you have, please post it in the forum of this site and let everyone know.


I remember taking ENGL 1301 class and one of the things that my teacher taught me in writing argumentation paper is to give credit to your opponents  argument to make yourself unbiased in front of readers. Your whole website is so one sided I would be surprised if someone DON'T see this as a biased/propaganda material. How many times do I see the word 'evil' in there? Okay, this anonymous guy says it's evil, so it must be evil. please...

I give credit where credit is due. For example, I give credit to you for not being impolite, (rare trait in Muslims indeed) and that your letter is coherent and your grasp of English is good. But I cannot give credit to arguments that are clearly false.  

Evil is not subjective. Rape, raid, plunder, misogyny and violation of human rights are evil. It is not because I say so but because they go against the Golden Rule. Using the Golden Rule as the standard, we can see that Islam is very evil. Muslims do not like to be treated the way they treat others. This is enough evidence that Islam is evil. 

Recently An Iranian convert to Christianity who was beaten and had equipment from her sewing shop destroyed was told by a judge in that Middle Eastern country that she has no recourse because she is guilty of evangelism.

The woman ran a tailoring business and volunteered to teach three girls how to sew. During their conversations, she talked about her Christian faith and began teaching them about Christianity. But one of the young women was reportedly from a Muslim family who became upset over the incident. Eventually, the sewing instructor's shop was broken into, much of her equipment destroyed, and she was beaten and threatened with death. The woman was then taken to court, and a judge said her persecutors were within their rights to attack her. source

Do Muslims in any non-Islamic country suffer this much abuse and discrimination? What happened to that woman is not an exception. The minorities in Islamic countries are abused constantly and justice is denied to them particularly if they try to preach their religion. This is evil. If Islam is not evil, this word has no meaning at all.  These injustices and evil deeds do not happen because Muslims misunderstand Islam, but because they understand it and try to practice it.  Do not assume that since you are not directly involved in the evil that the mullahs and your other co-religionists commit, you are sin free. Far from it, it is your adherence to Islam that gives them carte blanche to wreak havoc. If you leave Islam they will become powerless and will leave it too. You give them power and that is what these hoodlums want.  Muslims are following a very satanic faith and as long as you remain a Muslim, you are one of them. If there is a hell that is where Muslims belong. It is time to wake up and come out of this insanity. Ignorance is no longer a an excuse. You know now. .  


A little advise in making your arguments more credible:
-use less judgmental words Calling names, even using a witty sarcasm, won't help your case (like your complaints on the 'nutty moslems')
-be consistent in your position
-be fair, point out your opponent's kudos. (You're talking about a religion with more than a billion follower, there must be something good about it, wouldn't? Or is it just a big evil sect?)

These are good advices. It would have been more helpful if you were more specific so I could know where I failed them.  

There is nothing that is absolute. No black is completely black and no white is completely white. Good and evil are expressed in degrees, like shades. Even Nazism, had some good points. Even Hitler and Saddam Hussein had some virtues. The point is that the goodness in Nazism, Islam, Hitler, Saddam and Muhammad is so little that it is negligible. Minus 10 degrees Celsius is cold, but it is much warmer compared to minus 30 degrees. When I say Islam is evil, it is in comparison to most other religions. I am sure if I dig, I will be able to find an even worse doctrine. Lord's Resistance Army, the religion invented by Joseph Koni comes to mind. Yes, Koni is even worse than Muhammad. Does that make you feel good to know that Muhammad was not the worst monster who ever walked the earth?    


-Make it an open conversation instead of being so close minded. Be open to the idea that maybe YOU'RE wrong.

I am open to that idea. I am having this discussion in open and I am challenging anyone to prove me wrong in public. Compare that to what Muhammad did. He never gave any proof of his claim. He demanded submission while tolerated no dissent. I am making no claims, I demand nothing from anyone and I am presenting my case publicly and welcome debates. Muhammad was insincere. I am not!  He said produce a sura like the ones I am producing and then ordered anyone who defied him to be killed.  I have shown my sincerity by inviting everyone to refute me publicly. Why donít you catch my errors?  

-don't be a coward
Hiding your identity and making sure you always have the last word is just pathetic (I'm pretty sure you're going to prove this point in a moment).
Good day

I am not a coward. As a matter of fact, I am very courageous. A coward is one who is afraid of bogus things, such as a monster under his bed.  Muslims are cowards because they dread thinking and fear doubting the lies of Muhammad. Even if you give them all the evidence that they cannot refute, at the end of the day, the only argument that they have is that you will go to hell for disbelieving. The only thing that keeps Muslims in Islam is fear Ė fear of Allah, the ogre in their minds. This is cowardice.

 You canít call a person who knows the danger and tries to avoid it, a coward. A person, who takes precaution to stay alive, is not a coward.  If a person parades in front of a pride of hungry lions, he is not a courageous person but an idiot. The belief in Muhammad has reduced those who believe in him into savage animals. Muhammadís orders to kill those who oppose Islam is clear and there is no dearth of fools who do not hesitate to follow that mad manís instructions. I would be a fool if I put my life in danger when I am fully aware of this sad reality.

 Please do not confuse savagery with courage. In human realm, courage means to have the guts to think, to swim against the current and to defy the misconceptions of the majority. Galileo was a courageous man because he dared to think differently. No one would say he was a coward for recanting his claim that the Earth is moving around the Sun in order to escape being burned on the stick.  It is foolish to throw away oneís life to satisfy the thirst for blood of a bunch of brain dead zombies who have lost their humanity and have been reduced into murderous beasts.

 Muhammad was a coward. Do you know that despite encouraging his foolhardy followers to defy death and valiantly fight and bring the spoils for Allah and his messenger, he never took part in a combat in person? Muhammad never fought personally, not even when he was twenty years old and all his uncles took part in the war of Sacrilege in Mecca. All that coward did in that war was to collect the arrows during the ceasefires.  In all his wars he would stay behind his men, wearing, not one, but two coats of mail that would make him so heavy that he needed assistance to walk. In this state, he would grab a handful of dust, throw in the direction of his enemies and curse them. That was all this coward did when waging wars. War is a misnomer. He launched ghazwas  (raids).  Donít you think it is cowardice to attack unarmed people, without any warning, in the middle of the night? This is what Muhammad did and what your Muslim brothers do today. The jihadists also call their dastardly attacks on civilians, ghazwa.

It is a shame to be a Muslim. It is disgusting to be a Muslim. There is no such thing as good Muslim. There are only ignorant Muslims and evil Muslims. Anyone who read this article and go through this site, can no longer plead ignorance. If despite learning the truth one still remains Muslim, he or she is not a good person. Let us cut to the chasse and call a spade a spade.  No good human would want to be called a Muslim after learning the truth about Muhammad. Ignorant Muslims are those who do not know the truth. With truth we will separate the good from evil as if separating the wheat for chaff. Since the majority of Muslims are ignorant Muslims, I have high hope that once the truth spreads the world's greatest exodus will begin and  a billion Muslims will leave their cult of hate. Islam will meet its sweet and swift death and a fifth of mankind will be set free. This exodus has already begun. . 

I am not a coward for not offering my life to to bunch of murderous brain-dead zombies. It is Muslims who are cowards for not daring to use their brains, for not having the guts to doubt, for believing in the leis of a charlatan and fearing to question their blind faith.  Muslims are cowards for resorting to terrorism and murdering unwary and unprepared civilians. They are cowards for remaining silent when their mullahs abuse the human rights of the apostates and minorities among you and trash their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, who like sheep say nothing and even condone those crimes. 

Muslims are cowards because they are afraid of questioning the lies of Muhammad. They are cowards for not daring to think, and because despite knowing that Islam does not make sense, still donít have the chutzpa to doubt. 

 The greatest faculty we humans possess is the faculty of thinking. Without that we are no better than animals. It is not that Muslims do not have that faculty, but they are afraid of using it. The result is the same as if they did not have it.  I do not say that every Muslim is dangerous. Obviously that is not true because the majority of them are good people. I have grown up among them and have seen their goodness first hand. However, all Muslims are cowards because they are afraid of an ogre known and Allah and fear to doubt. Islam will become history, the day Muslims summon the courage to doubt it.  






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