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Sina's Discussion with 
the 'risen' Al-Imam al-Mahdi, The Messiah

Terence is the name of the 'risen Imam al Mahdi',  or at least this is what he says. He sent me an email and invited me to follow him. He claims that Allah has spoken to him and has ordered mankind to hearken to Terence or face punishment.   Here is my correspondence with this latest messenger of God.  


Terence <[email protected]> wrote:

Are you 'searching' for THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH

You will fine it at:
http://www.dar-es-salaam.org > or
http://www.the-testament-of-truth.com > or

Dear Terence,

Thank you for your email my friend, but I am sorry to say that Muhammad was not a prophet and you are very much mistaken about him.

I bet you are a good person yourself but you are hailing a wrong man. Do you know Baha'u'llah? I am sure you must have heard of him. He was also a good person and his teachings were nice. But he made the mistake of praising Muhammad and because of this his religion is doomed to perish. It is kind of sad because Baha'is are really nice people. They have been persecuted by Muslims but ironically  their fate is tied to Islam, so when people realize Muhammad was not a prophet of God but indeed a very evil man, they will lose interest in Baha’i Faith too.

Now as for me, I am a secularist. I do not believe in a deity that sends messengers. However, I do believe in a higher reality, like a principle underlying the creation. So in a sense although I do not believe in the "existence" of any god I am not a materialist atheist.  I do not have any problem with religions and prophets. However you are betting on a dead horse. Islam, thanks to ' the rise of the intellectuals',  is finished. If you read my site and spend some time in it, you'll see that I have proven without a doubt that Muhammad was a psychopath. As my site keeps growing and as people learn the truth about Muhammad, Islam will wane and with that your message will also go down to oblivion.

If you want my humble opinion, I suggest you distance yourself from Muhammad and Islam and start denouncing him. You can start your own religion if you like. As I said I am not against religions. But by accepting Muhammad as a prophet you are only sealing your own demise.

Take care

Ali Sina

From: "Terence" <[email protected]>  
Subject: Re: news 2
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 10:41:04 +1100

Dear Ali, so nice to get a response to my outreach. It is regrettable that what you teach appears to be the 'condemnation of people that are 'proven' by you or 'history' to be bad or warmongers or evil etc. What you also say is that you do have your own beliefs and values.  

What I am telling the world is that EVERY BELIEF and EVERY RELIGION is in error today and, - - - that every religion is FALSE and soon to pass away and, - - - that there IS an invisible CREATOR that can and does speak through ME and, - - - that this FACT is to be PROVEN by the CREATOR that does speak through me. 

What I AM saying is that irrespective of 'what' people believe or say they believe, they are all going to greieve, for there is a fact that every government on earth and every religion do have RULES as well as PUNITIVE attachments to said rules and, - - - thus every government is also in fact a religion, as it has a Dark & EVIL IDEOLOGY of regulation, control, and punishment for non conformity to ITS rules. 

I say that there is a 'JUST' Law of the invisible essence, being that whatever 'energy' we use and 'impose' upon others comes back to us in equal measure, for that IS 'Justice' and, - - - I say that every person voting or condoning or funding ANY government system by paying taxes or licence fee etc is 'COMPLICIT' to the DARK punitive control and actions of that 'ideological STATE and thus all are to now receive and equal 'return' of pain. 

If you FIGHT terrorism, you are using Dark energy and IT will return to terrorise you at the hands of others equally ignorant. 

I tell all to NOT fight, but to BE merciful & compassionate and forgiving and to THEMSELVES walk in PEACE and do their best to educate the 'offensive' ones as to the reason and need to conform to the Command of the Creator. 

Now please tell me what ideological ACTION 'faithfreedom' is teaching the world?  

For if it teaching anything CONTRA the ideology commanded by OUR Creator, being to "Walk in peace & love one another" then there will BE a repercussion coming your way. Be not 'concerned' as to what others 'preach,' but be concerned what the CREATOR sees you teach. 

For your 'fishing lure' to 'catch' people says "Only truth will set us free" Let everyone in your address book know about faithfreedom.org - - - and what you are in fact saying is: 'faithfreedom.org' has the truth to set people free and, - - - you are 'prophesying' that 'faithfreedom' contains the truth to set people free and, - - - 

I can quite categorically STATE for ALLAH - GOD - the SOURCE - the CREATOR that you 'son' do not have the TRUTH to set people free spiritually, but you do MISLEAD them into 'thinking' that your 'promotion' and advised course of ACTION will save their souls. You are not correct. Please now in ONE paragraph reply to this question: 

Now please tell me what ideological ACTION 'faithfreedom' is teaching the world?

is it PEACE or aggressive confrontation? 

All the best Ali - Terence 

Read < ABOUT Terence >  

PS - I am not 'promoting' ANY religion, I am trying to show all of every religion that they must turn DIRECT to God and God's command of Peace unto all - - - and that 'teaching' is within every religion but has been 'mis-placed' by the 'Mullahs - Priests - etc who are ALL deceivers for ALL promote 'warfare' - "All will die" says our Creator up high. 

Maybe this letter needs be placed by you for me on your 'notice' board and we'll see 'what' response we get.



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