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After publishing my response to Mr. Shabir Bhatti who invited me to a tournament of cursing and invoking the wrath of God on each other to find the truth, I asked him the following:

Mr. Bhatti,

Are you going to accept that Muhammad was a liar if after 90 days I am still alive?

This is what he responded:

    from: Shabir Bhatti <[email protected]>
    date Sun, Apr 27, 2008
    subject Re: Invitatation to mubahila

    I will accept all that you say if you are still alive after 3 months if you accept openly that if your death occurs within 3 months, it is proof that you were wrong and you will ask one of you colleagues now to take down the website after you are gone and to promise not to pretend to be Ali Sina.

Mr. Bhatti:

People die without warning. No one can be sure to live the next hour. It is silly to say that in case I die, it proves that Islam is true. That makes no sense. Is there any guarantee that without your curses I will live the next 90 days so that we can conclude that if I die it is the result of your cursing? I know you are a Muslim and as such not acquainted with logic, but please do the extra effort. If I die it is no proof that I died because you cursed me and therefore Islam must be true. On the contrary if I survive, it is proof that Islam is false. You have entered in a bet in which you either lose or gain nothing. I did not set this trap for you. You stepped into it on your own.

If you had used your logic you would have realized that mubahila is foolish. Truth and falsehood cannot be determined by a tournament of cursing. Allah must be a cretin to devise such a stupid system. You Muslims attribute insanity to the Creator. That is why I say Islam is kufr and Muslims are kafirs par excellence.

Truth and falsehood are not established through cursing, but through evidence, reasoning and logics. Let us say I believe the Earth is flat and you say it is round. Can we find who is right by invoking the curse of God on each other and prying that the one who is wrong may die? Is that a logical way to deal with this problem? Isnít there a better way to find the truth? Come on Mr. Bhatti. You write in perfect English. I bet you have some education. Why donít you use your brain to see the stupidity of this silly thing called mubahila?

People believe in all sorts of things. Not all those beliefs are true. However, those who believe in false beliefs are not liars. They are merely misinformed or misguided. To call one who does not believe in what you think is true, a liar, is sheer stupidity. A liar is a person who knowingly falsifies the truth. For example, when Muslims say Muhammadís wars were in self defense, they are lying. That is because they know that his wars were raids and offensive wars. When they say he married old women to protect them, they are lying. They know that his wives and concubines were all (with the exception of the first two) in their twenties, teens or even under aged and he took them to bed only because they were beautiful. Muhammad actually encouraged his followers to lie to the unbelievers in order to deceive them. But if a Christian believes that Jesus has resurrected, he is not a liar. That is his belief and even if that belief may not be true, he believes that it is. There is a difference between lying, i.e.knowingly giving false testimony and believing in something that is not true.

It is actually not difficult to see muhahila is plain stupid. It may work as bluff on superstitious people who may back off from it. Rational people only scoff at it. If there was any truth to mubahila why it is not used extensively by Muslims to eliminate their enemies? Why Muhammad resorted to terrorism and launched so many wars when all he had to do was invoke the wrath of Allah on those who rejected him? Did Muhammad win any of his wars through mubahila? No. He won them with terror. He said "I have been made victorious with terror" . That criminal was fully aware that his prayers are not going to be heard by God. Mubahila was his bluff, but for results, he relied on his henchmen and not on God.

Unlike Muhammad who knew mubahila is worthless, you seem to be sincere about your belief. Obviously, in this case sincerity is not a virtue. It only belies gullibility. I hope at the end of this silly exercise you realize the stupidity of mubahila and Islam in general and leave this cult of asininity. However, I am not holding my breath. I doubt that you will leave Islam. You will simply think that the real Ali Sina is dead and someone else is now impersonating him. It is very difficult to wake up someone who does not want to wake up. Those who are capable of rational thought can easily find the truth by reasoning.

This is not the first time I am invited to do mubahila. The first time was eight or nine years ago. My response to my challenger was the same. I never heard from the gentleman. Like all Muslims who after being defeated disappear from radar, he vanished and did not write back.

The very fact of assuming that one can influence the will of God and tell him what to do, is proof of oneís ignorance and lack of understanding of God. Isnít it foolish that insignificant creatures like you and I expect that the maker of this magnificent universe change his plans and do our bidding?

No matter how you look at it Islam is a stupid religion made by a very stupid man for even more stupid people. I hope at the end of these 90 days you will realize the asininity of this faith and start investigating the truth.

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