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 Mohammed Younus <myounus21 (at) hotmail.com>


Ali Sina

Congratulations in setting up your site and for the apparant amount of hits you've been receiving. I see you seem to get a lot of slur from lots of passionate individuals.

Firstly, if this was indeed a CHALLENGE as you put it to be PROVEN WRONG then being an intellectual individual you will understand language and the ability of manipulating langauge to prove your point. You seemed to be very knowledged and I dare say, maybe a scholar in the arabic language, yet you haven't mentioned much about your educational skills.

Islam is not only a religion on words but one of belief and I will explain. You have a brain and within that brain you have memory and you can recall events. In your heart you have love or attachment or desire/lust, yet if we dissected these organs we couldn't find the locations where this information was stored.

Similarly, if we dissected the Qura'an and Hadith we could not find direction and guidance as this comes from elsewhere.

If I asked you to explain your soul scientifically it'd prove impossible, yet if you undertook an operation, your heart was removed for 2mins and re-inserted it would not beat again, or if your lungs were removed and re-inserted the same would happen. Even if we mechanically started your heart or lungs you would not be able to get up and walk away, because something has exited the body - we call this the soul. Using your intellect and scientists would agree that it is impossible to make a 'dead' person walk again, because even they admit that something leaves the body. The explanation is detailed in the religious scriptures and whether you believe or not this is what will come.

God has chosen some of us to believe and some to not, and it seems that you are one of the unfortunate. I am not interested in your challenge of 50,000 dollars because I understand that there are some people whom even if you show them the truth they will deny it. Money is not a driving force in proving the truth. God shows some of us the way and some not.

Mr. Mohammed Younus,

I beg your pardon, but I could not make much sense of your email.

First you say that my challenge is not a real challenge because I have not revealed my “educational skill.” Will you please explain what my educational skill has to do with the truth or falsehood of what I say? Let us say I copy-paste everything and have no educational skill. Is it possible for Muslims to disprove my copy-paste arguments? Do not pay attention to the messenger my friend. See the message and try to disprove my arguments if you can.

I am not asking anyone to accept anything I say without asking for proof. We often hear religious people say, “read this book with an open mind.” What they actually imply is, “read it uncritically, do not use your brain to question the validity of what is there, just accept them blindly,” Well, I am not asking you to read the articles posted in this site with an open mind. I ask you to question everything, be suspicious and never believe in what we say unless you are convinced with ample evidence. I want you to read this site with all the prejudices you can muster. Read it with a close mind, if you will, but read it nonetheless. Here you will find enough evidence to convince a mule that Islam is a lie. Muslims are much smarter than mule (at least a great majority of them) and eventually they will see the truth.

You say that you are not interested in the monetary reward I am offering. Very good! Can you disprove me for the sake of debunking my misconceptions or lies and establishing the truth? Do no do it for the sake of money, but for the sake of God. Can you show my errors?

You say I am an unfortunate person whose heart is sealed by God and will not accept the truth even if you show it to me. How do you know that? It is now nearly ten years that I am writing on the Internet and no one has come forth to show me the truth of Islam. Everyone who claimed to have the proof engaged in logical fallacies, your good self include. Why instead of these talks and logical fallacies someone does not show the proof? Why should I believe in something with no proof? How do you know that if you show me the truth I will not accept? Do you have the knowledge of the unknown? 

Furthermore why not show the truth for the sake of others? There are many people who read this site and are influenced by it. Why don’t you refute my claims for their sake?

Then you argue that since the location of the soul in the body cannot be found “Similarly, if we dissected the Qura'an and Hadith we could not find direction and guidance as this comes from elsewhere.”

I am sorry, but you lost me here. I am not seeking guidance in the ink and paper of the Quran and hadith but in what they say. If there is no guidance in those words what are they good for? I am honestly confused as what is it that you are trying to say. Do YOU understand what are you saying or you too are confused? The Quran claims to be a book of guidance. Yet you say we cannot find guidance in it, because the guidance comes from elsewhere.

Although I doubt you know what you are talking about, you have hit the nail on the head. There is no guidance in the Quran and hadith. If you seek guidance read the articles posted in FFI. It is in the this site that you will find your guidance, not in the drivels of the Quran and hadith.






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