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Omar fought and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Egypt, Palestine, Iran and Syria . He brutally killed the opponents whatever country was invaded by his force. In Iran , the famous river “Red canal” (Canal filled with human bloods) was created by him when his force killed 30,000 Iranian in a single day. That canal was filled with human’s bloods; hence named the “red canal”. He also killed 100,000 Iranian in Iran in another war.   

People during Prophet Muhammad’s rule or after his death were utterly poor. During the period of four Caliphs (Khula-faye-Rashedins) people were desperately poor, there was no food available, famous story of boiling stone in the empty pot instead of food was the story during Hazrat Umar (ra). This ‘stone boiling’ story was the testament of precarious economic condition of then Arab land. Could you tell us what good about that period?   

Dr. Khan said: “An Islamic judicial system is supposed to stop all kinds of killing, and even prevent such crimes before they can occur in Muslim territories. But in reality, we find that Muslims are killing Muslims everywhere, and Muslim governments are the main culprits behind all kinds of massacre, atrocities, and genocide.”  

My Comments:  Islamic judicial system is supposed to stop killing? Where did you learn that, or where did you see that happen?  Who gave you this impossible idea? Islamic judicial system (Shariaat or Hudud laws) is loaded with cruelty, barbaric, uncivilized and draconian punishment for even simple crime like stealing an apple to eat, listening songs or music, shaving beards or not putting hijab for women.  Quran emphatically orders Muslim ruler to chop hands and feet for simple stealing of some meager amounts of foods!  This is the only reason we have seen so much draconian punishments in Islamic Afghanistan, Iran , Sudan , Nigeria and Saudi Arabia . You are right here that all Muslims are killing Muslims. Because, cruelty and killings, beheadings, stoning death all are the hall mark of Islamic judicial system. Please give us just one Islamic kingdom (from present or past) in which peace and tranquility was prevailing because of Islamic rule. Or, you give us some Quranic verses or Sahih g hadiths in support of your assertions.

Dr. Khan said:Most Fuqaha (jurists) have created an Islamic consensus (ijma) that the Islamic state is essentially a Welfare State intended to put the public interest above all kinds of individual luxury, and that envisions a complete eradication of poverty at all levels, if it is to be a truly Islamic state.”  

My Response: It does not sound true to me. No Islamic state was ever a welfare state for human, rather it was welfare or dedicated state for Allah only. Human freedom or human choices were denied in every Islamic state. Caliph or the ruler was always accountable to Allah only never to the people.  Please name one Islamic state (present or past) in which human dignity got upper hand, or it was a welfare state to put public interest above all. This is only your own imagination due to the childhood brain washings by mullahs.   


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