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In the rebuttal part Dr. Campbell said:

"Well Dr. Naik has brought up some real problems - And there are also these problems that he has said. I do not deny them, and I don’t have good answers for them.

This admission made the Muslim audience extremely happy and they clapped with joy. 

Why would Dr. Campbell say such a thing? It is because Dr. Campbell is an honest man. He does not have an answer to the errors that exist in the Bible and he is not going to twist the truth and lie. The Bible is full of errors. But as I explained, those errors do not diminish the value of its core message. 

Then Dr. Naik took the microphone and triumphantly reminded his audience that Dr. Campbell answered to only two of the 20 criticisms that he brought against the Bible. "Dr. William Campbell did not reply to my 20 points," boasted Dr. Naik, "and he started speaking about ‘Prophesy.’ What has ‘Prophesy’ to do with ‘Science in the Bible.’"?..."Dr. William Campbell cannot understand the Qur’an - That does not mean, Qur’an is wrong."

As I showed in this paper, the one who does not understand the Quran, and has even a lesser understanding of science is Dr. Naik. Dr. Naik's answers to the criticisms brought against the Quran are all wrong.  

Both Dr. Campbell and Dr. Nail presented their arguments masterfully and with great erudition. Dr. Naik furthermore impressed his audience by reading the Quranic verses from memory. But his skill in memorizing verses of the Quran should not be mistaken as the truth of his argument. As I said. Dr. Naik is a great magician and he is good at what he does. But what he does is not true. He has mastered the art of deception. Both speakers were right when they pointed out to the errors and absurdities contained in the holy book of the other. However, Dr. Campbell, in my view is the  winner of this debate. That is because Dr. Campbell proved to be an honest man, a true scholar. He knows the difference between truth and falsehood. He is not willing to falsify the truth just to win the debate. When he was shown the errors of the Bible, he did not try to lie and present lame apologias or twist the meaning of the words as Dr. Naik often did. He simply said I don't have good answers for them. This quality has endeared him to me and I have utmost respect for Dr. Campbell. 

Unfortunately I can't say the same about Dr. Naik. Dr. Naik did not come across as an honest person. He attacked the Bible for the same errors that exists also in the Quran. This was like a pot calling a kettle black. That is intellectual dishonesty. 

Unlike his opponent, when the errors of the Quran were presented to him, Dr. Naik denied the obvious. He even tried to give completely new meanings to common words such as nur (light) which he said means "borrowed light",  wajada, (found) which he said means "appeared to him",  ysbahun (follows its orbit), which he said means rotating around its own axis, museoon (vast), which he said means expanding, sama (sky/heaven), which he said means rain, etc. 

I know Dr. Naik will not respond to this paper. But if any Muslim can, I would be glad to hear from them. 

By now, you should know why Islam has advanced so far. It advanced through Jihad. i.e. terrorism and throw lies and deceptions. You all know about Islamic terrorism. I hope after reading this paper, you have also come to see the face of deception and chicanery of Islam. Dr. Naik personifies that face. 

Dr. Naik thinks every Muslim should be a terrorist. Based on the information I have received, it appears that he might have set up a tainting camp for Islamic terrorism.  

I urge all the good people of the world and specially the Indians to expose this conman. Promote this article and let Muslims and his fans know that he is a liar. 

Dr. Naik thinks he would win with deception. Let us prove that truth is more powerful. Let truth shatter his lies and tier down his tower of cards. 



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