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The Prophet of Doom (Part II) 


By: Preach Not Hate (a pseudonym): 

A Hinduís response to Mr. Mohammed Alam for accusations against Ali Sina

Mr. Ali Sina 

You are the most intelligent person I have ever seen in my whole life. You say "No" to Mohammed "No" to Buddha. So basically you want everyone to worship you?

This is a typical South Asian remark when one is facing impending defeat. When God has created us with complete independence why are ordinary mortals claiming as religious Mullahs trying to control us? Is it compulsory that we must follow someone? Can we not have doubts and try to clear this doubt as we traverse through the journey of Life? Do we have no choice? I donít gather even remotely that Ali wants to be worshiped. Just that he has inspired many of us to seek the truth. There can be no two persons who will have identical views on any ideology but millions can develop mutual respect for one another and strive to see the truth. So I am sure of the pure intention of Ali Sina and surprised at your reactions to him.

Everyone needs to have just commonsense and introspection to know himself and it is so obvious that many followers are blinded and they have ceased to be rational. 

I read the comment of Andy Jones and from there I came to a conclusion that you are creating an army of non Muslims to fight with Muslims. 

Ali Sina has given much thought and has been brave enough to face the facts of life and challenge the Untruth. This is commendable. Of course the adage that all men are created equal and all men are brothers are well known. However we should never even for a fleeting moment forget that all creations are that of the supreme Lord. Therefore why should we hate anyoneÖ. Do we have a right to do so? When God has created us equals and has given the freedom of choice even to do WRONG why should his decision be reduced without his permission. Who has come back from the dead to support any particular philosophy? 

Contrary to your accusations of forming an army Ali Sina is always promoting peace and ďhate the sin but not the sinnerĒ concept. Why do you always have to find fault on the outside? Look for the faults within us, and it would be more meaningful. Let us rectify our mistakes and faults first. Life is a passage through the time tunnel and we should focus our attitudes on love for humans & animals, love of nature and the creations, search for the truth and leave behind a world that our children will inherit which is worthy. Forget the faults and hatred of others, no man is perfect and finding fault in others is the easiest task. Any un-checked unrighteousness will eventually destroy our world. Ali Sina emphasizes on commonsense to prevail and not to follow any religion blindly. Any message of hate in any religion must be abandoned.  Let us look at the person in the mirror and change him to be a better person then the world will be at least slightly better than before. No one can change the world, that is the beauty of Godís creation and we must learn to live with this diversity with unity.


You will be very happy to know that you have almost succeeded. Last night 8 non-Muslim BUTCHERS have beaten my brother and his friends black and blue for only 1 reason "THEY WERE MUSLIM" I think you are converting Muslims by beating them. 

Your brother and his friends were lucky they were not butchered, for anywhere in Pakistan or a similar place a non-Muslim in similar circumstances would have been butchered and mutilated. Non-Muslims have been actually kind, considering all the work of the suicide bombers. However Muslims should also set an example to promote peace and look for Unity in Diversity. We should be proud of what origin we are but always be ready to serve our people. Did any of you choose your race or face or your colour or creed? Did you choose which religious family to be born into? All these happenings are a shot in the dark so letís live as decent human beings and not promote hate. Over the last almost 1.5 millennia since the emergence of Islam there has been unnecessary violence and deaths all over the world and Muslims have always been on at least one side of the battles. Is this alone not proof that there is something grossly and fundamentally wrong with Islam? Now so much of hate, fallacies and inhuman values of Islam have been exposed. The least Muslims can do is to do some introspection and analyse what went wrong. Is Islam truly a religion of peace worthy of following or do you need to abandon it? Make a decision, for many of our forefathers had been converted by the sword and others by sheer ignorance. There is really nothing to lose, only much peace and happiness to gain.


So say who spreads hatred: Mohammed or you? 

Truly God is equal to Love & Peace. All are his creation, how can we look down upon any one race or society? Who has come back from the dead to confirm that only Islam is the true religion? Who are these barbaric mullahs to decide whether my dressing is appropriate or not? In all non-Muslim countries there is no one governing all these activities and there are no watchdogs and life goes on perfectly.  

On the contrary Ali Sina has taken the approach of ďhate the sin Ė Islam and not the sinner ĖMuslimsĒ. Only people who have truly love in their heart can do this. He could have quietly renounced Islam and carried with his life. But he sees that either way Islam is a potential threat to the world; so why not confront it and go on a search and destroy mission. We should all support this cause to promote world peace so that we can pass on a planet inhabitable to our future generations.


Because of YOU, there will be a very big Hindu-Muslim war in south Asia because you are influencing Hindus to take sword against Muslims.  

Itís the reverse; Ali Sina has actually contributed to avert such hateful violence. Being a Hindu I see Muslims in a different perspective, I feel sorry and empathise with them. When confronted head-on without sense violence will be met with violence. But in this modern age the civilised way of resolving conflicts is by negotiations and not by resorting to violence. Only BARBARIANS of the last millennium did this. 

In Mumbai most peoples have seen your site and now they are trying to stop all loud speakers used for azan.  

All over the world temples and churches have bells that gently call people to honour God our creator and this is how civilised humans have evolved. Even this may stop as more people request for more quiet. Peace & quiet is the right of every human and all must sacrifice to honour this. In a predominantly non-Muslim area the Azan is surely shattering the peace and quiet and always reminds me of the spread of violence and barabarism. 

Hell awaits you Ali Sina, because you are trying to start a war between Hindus and Muslims.  

There you go again passing judgements. Who the hell are you to decide on behalf of God? Donít jump the gun to defend yourself, be calm and composed and subject to reasoning only and not get too emotional. 

I want to tell you that when Indian Hindus went in Pakistan in into-Pak cricket match last year the Pakistanis served those Hindus more than any Iranian or Palestinian Muslim. And Now-a-days The Chief justice Of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN is A Hindu. 

Please donít harp on anecdotal occurrences. Look at the general scenario, where is violence springing from? What are the causes of ignorance? Are women being treated justly by a man with 4 wives? Will a civilised lady accept this? Do some analysis and see if this is acceptable. Only the CJ is a Muslim, in India which is a nation of 1 Billion there have been 2 former Presidents of the nation and the current President who is also a born Muslim but revered by all as well. 

Andy Jones and many other non-Muslims have told you to read Bhagwad-Gita but I want to tell them that first they should read Bhagwad Gita because It says "All Living Creatures Are Your Brothers" and "Kill Sin not The Sinner". 

You have shot your own leg. Additionally many renowned people have glorified the philosophy and the spirituality of the Gita. It has stood the test of time as an evolution in education for all mankind for all times.

Now also you have time Mr. Ali Sina. Please stop your planning of third world war, or get ready for a huge bloodshed, which no Muslim wants. You are the Prophet of Doom Mr. Sina 

May Allah/Ishwar/god  Bless You

This again is a typical Muslim rhetoric. Anyone who does not support the cause of Islam and its violence are going to Hell. Believe me even after death I do not want to go to the heaven where Muslims reside for there will be too many suicide bombers. I also donít aspire for untouched eternal virgins. I may have other activities more useful in heaven. Is lust the main source of happiness, which will be available in the Muslims heaven? I really donít need it, thank you. I would like to go to a place where I can do service to God or humanity; to share my knowledge, to learn from others and improve myself, to not to return to this world where life and ageing is a big challenge, more so when facing the constant threat of suicide bombers and other violence, in short I am looking for a place where there will be harmony and bliss and I believe the Houris alone cannot render this service.


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