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I know you are unable to find peace of mind, you are having sleepless nights, you are a restless soul, Thatís why you are frustrated. The words you are using is nothing but frustration.

Okay! If that makes you happy, you can think that way. Some of you also visualize me burning in hell. These are childish thoughts. Instead of these silly thoughts, try to prove me wrong. When you fail to do so, you start with these fantasies about me being frustrated and how I will be punished. Isnít that pathetic? These things don't prove Islam is true. In fact they prove it is not and reveal the failure of Muslims to say anything intelligent. 


If you could have spent this much of time writing books for some better cause rather than abusing anyone, you could have a name in this world. (wealth apart). You could have peace of mind.

Frankly I canít think of a cause more important than awakening 1.2 billion people and averting a world catastrophe caused by the clash between barbarity and civilization. As far as wealth is concerned, well that is not something I have in mind. I made a conscious choice to dedicate my life to what I think is the noblest of causes. When I look back I see that the great men who shaped this world with their thoughts died in poverty. Only decades or even centuries after their deaths, the world came to recognize them and praise their work. I am no great man but I can learn lessons from the great ones and follow their examples.


I laugh when i see people try to fight with you and your associates.

You have all the reasons to laugh. It is indeed laughable. They come roaring like lion then make total fools of themselves and go out with their tails between their legs.


I joined the forum not for fighting but for understanding your mental state and to invite you in Islam.

How about learning the truth about Islam? Islam is either true or false. If it is true, one person should be able to prove us wrong. If it is false, why follow it? Before you invite us to Islam, you must prove that it is from God. Do you have such a proof? No, you donít! Muhammad never gave any proof for his claim, except to pointing to a mole between his shoulders.  He said believe or face death. This is not proof. The very fact that you Muslims have the chutzpa to write and without trying to give any proof, say it is your duty to tell me to believe is laughable. There are thousands of sects and cults out there and each lay claim to have the absolute truth. Why should we believe in the claim of Muhammad and not in that of these other claimants? Would really the maker of this universe send a messenger with no proof at all? Would he send a message that goes against science and human intelligence, and then burn people for using their brains and rejecting that unfounded and unproven claim? How much stupid you want to be Mr. Shakil? Isn't this ridiculous? Do you think Paradise is for stupid people? No Sir, you will be send directly to hell. Your sin is betraying the greatest gift that God has given to humans and that is intelligence. 


Unfortunately i am very sorry about the way a lots of people attacked with the dirty words.

Forget about others. Can you prove Islam without resorting to dirty words?  Just like you these people also feel helpless and they resort to dirty words to feel better. You donít use dirty words but you ďpityĒ me and "feel sorryĒ for me. All this is to make you feel better and cover your frustration for not being able to refute me. Their swears and your pitying are signs of your failure to say anything logical in the defense of Islam. With this you feel superior and somewhat sooth your bruised ego. 


Just check the ratio of person who support Islam and person who attack Islam.
The ratio is 9:1,. Nine against Islam and one in support, and the one never quits.
Now you will be thinking this is a great ratio but unfortunately the nine are either your counterparts or people seeking entertainment by sadistic thoughts.

Our forum is free. Why more Muslims donít come to debate? Itís because they can only win where they can control the discussions and censor opposing thoughts. In a free forum like ours, they feel helpless. That is why some of them, like Masadi who has authored a book resorts to foul language and insults other members. 

So what did you got, you could not influence one person. You are praised by non believers who visit this site just for entertainment. So your mission has become a source of entertainment.

This site has influenced thousands of people, both Muslims and non-Muslims. I have received emails from youths from Pakistan and Bangladesh and several Arab countries including Saudi Arabia who said they owe their awakening to FFI. As for the site being a source of entertainment, you are absolutely right. Muslims take themselves too seriously but they are funny. Just watch this video. Here a lion is roaring and Muslims think he is saying "Allah, Allah". That is really funny. Pay attention how the lion perfumes "ablution" licking his tool before saying his shahadah. How can one not laugh at the stupidity of Muslims? 

Now tell me where else you get this much entertainment? Yes FFI is great. It is a serious site and yet funny and entertaining. God loves laugher. This is something Muslims donít know. Devil takes himself very seriously. 


You are a complete failure.

You obviously don't believe in that or you would not have bothered writing this letter. 

By the way keep trying.
The much you will try the more Muslims will become strong.
and one example is the cartoon issue.
Muslims of Europe were never ever united, they never felt stronger before that cartoon issue. But after that cartoon they all are united and strong.
So please keep trying this.

Also many Muslims saw the stupidity of Islam in that cartoon row and left this cult. Those are the people we are interested to reach. Intelligent Muslims realized the insanity of burning churches and embassies and killing innocent people for a few cartoons. They realized that if Allah was really God, he would not be offended by a few silly cartoons but rather by the savagery of Muslims. I am being vilified by Muslims left and right who even portray me as a pig. See this link and click on my name. I find that entertaining and of course I am not offended. My only objection is that I am not that fat. Now how come Allah and his prophet have such a low self esteem that are offended by a few silly cartoons and demand blood? Do you see the stupidity of your religion?  Islam is psychopathology, not a religion. Muhammad was a psychopath narcissist and his mental disorder is reflected in all his followers. The reaction of Muslims to criticism is not healthy. It betrays their lack of self esteem and insecurity.  

As a Muslim this is my duty hence i am giving an invitation to you, In the name of Allah the Almighty "Submit yourself in front of Islam" and you will be enlightened. This is possible the whole world will go against you, they may call you terrorist, a bad man, evil, they always said these things to the true believers.

Where is the proof that Islam is from God? You give invitation under what authority? The only authority you have is threat. ďIf you donít believe we will kill youĒ or ďif you donít believe you go to hellĒ. This is a logical fallacy called argumentum ad babculum or appeal to force. It works on children and on people with low intelligence. Rational people need proof. This argument is used by psychopaths who instill fear in others to subdue them. The only authority I recognize is logic. If God exists He must be logical. An illogical God is not worth worshipping. Where is the proof that Islam is indeed a true religion and not the hallucination of a mentally deranged fruitcake?  Anyone can use threat of hell and demand submission. This is what all cults do. But it takes very stupid people to believe in someone based only on threats. At first Islam advanced thought the threat of killing and then through the threat of hell. Children are threatened with the imagery of a sadistic and vengeful god that burns people for eternity for not worshipping him. Isnít that insane? God does not need anyone to worship Him and certainly will not punish people for that. Only this is enough to show that Muhammad had no idea about God. He imagined God to be a needy narcissist despot. Muhammad was a narcissist, desperate to be praised. He invented this deity to fool people and through him make others worship him. This I have made very clear in my book. I have shown that Muhammad was a psychopath and Islam is psychopathology. I have shown that by following Muhammad Muslims are sick in the head and as such they are very dangerous. The savagery they showed in the cartoon row proves clearly that we are dealing with 1.2 billion psychopaths.  


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