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A discussion with Maya 


dear Ali,

         I do not want to debate. But, simply ask... why do you do this? Why do you want to prove that Muhammad (S.A.W.S.) is a murderer? Or a rapist, Looter, etc.? Why? You say you were born a Muslim... why do you do this? I am a Muslim and I am proud to be. If we want to follow the beautiful path of Islam, let us... please without insulting our religion, culture, prophet and God. We do not make sites saying the Prophet Isa (A.S.) (Jesus) is a murderer or a rapist. Why do insuly our religion so?  


Dear Maya  

If it is proven that Muhammad was a rapist, looter, etc. why do you want to follow him?  

I want to help people like you to open their eyes and others to see the lies of Islam and avoid it. I am either wrong or right. If I am wrong, one Muslim should be able to prove me wrong. Where is that Muslim? If I am right, why should I stop?  Don't you think truth must prevail?

Now, it is none of my business to tell people what they should believe or not believe. I don’t give a hoot if you believe in rats, snakes or shellfish. My beef with Islam is because it breeds terrorism.  

How can I let you or your religious brothers kill innocent people inspired by a lie? There is a saying in Persian. “If you see a blind heading towards a well and don't stop him you are a killer”.    

I want to make you see that by believing in a criminal liar like Muhammad you won’t go to paradise. He lied. There are no virgin whores waiting for you when you shout Allhu Akbar and murder innocent people. God does not prize you for your blind faith and stupidity.  

I want Islam be banned in all civilized world. I want the world see that Islam is dangerous, much more dangerous than Nazism. Nazism is banned; Islam should be too. If we don’t do that, Muslims will destroy the world because believers in Muhammad are zombies. When they believe, they do that without their brain.  

I told you why I fight against Islam. Can you or any other Muslim tell me why you want to follow a pedophile, a mass murderer, a plunderer, an assassin, a rapist and a liar? That is the question you Muslims must answer, not to me but to your conscience and if you don't have a conscience  (Islam destroys human conscience) then you must be prepared to respond to your creator. How can you hide your shame when he asks you, "I gave you brain, why you did not use it? Didn't you know pedophilia, rape, murder and assassination are bad? Why you followed a criminal who did all these things?" How are you going to hide your shame then? Do you think you can say, "my dad and my mullah told me I should follow Mahund and I did what they told me"?      



Read- In the Quran, it is said that the Prophet had many wives, he did NOT rape anyone!  

Of course he did! How can you say Safiyah, Rayhanah or Juwayriah who were young women in their teens loved to sleep with a filthy smelly old man who was nearly sixty years old after he murdered their fathers, brothers and husbands and exterminated their entire tribes?

How do you know what you read or whatever is even real?!?  

I base my information on the Quran, Hadith and the biography of Muhammad like Sirat Rasoululllah. These are the only authentic sources of Islam. Do we have anything else?  I am presenting facts based on these sources. No Muslim has been able to refute them. 


Prophet Muhammad (S) was not a monster. Honestly, his mission was to spread Islam like ALL the other Prophets, ALL of them. Including Isa (A), Yusuf (A), Ibrahim (A), Dawud (A), Nuh (A), Yunus (A), etc.  

Muhammad was not a prophet. All he did was to fool people so they kill their kinds including their fathers to make him the potentate of Arabia . All he wanted was to be loved, to be respected and noticed. He suffered from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He was a psychopath. By making this bogus claim and by fooling people around him he could have the prettiest young women, immense wealth and power. Are you saying you don’t know these things? If so read the Sira and find out. I want to find good humans who are lied to and tell them the truth so they leave Islam. I know there are many criminals and evil people who love Islam. They should remain Muslims so we can be aware of them. Good people are leaving Islam once they learn the truth. I have no interest in those who defend Muhammad and his crimes.    


“If  he did rape anyone WHY WOULD ALLAH MAKE HIM A PROPHET?”  

Who said he was a prophet? He was a liar who fooled gullible people. If he was a prophet he was the prophet of Satan and certainly not of a loving God.


It is said in the olden times that when people heard Rasulullah (S) reciting the Quran they knew that no human could write such pure words.  

Who said that? He preached in Mecca and all the wise people there called him mad. He confessed to this in the Quran. His success came through raiding, not through convincing people with “beautiful speeches”. The only people who think his writings are great are his brainwashed followers. Isn’t this how the followers of all cults think of their leaders? The Quran is here for us to judge. What part of that boring book is great? It is a book of stupidity and violence from cover to cover. The problem is that most Muslims don't read the Quran. 


If he was mean, rude, inconciterate, etc. Why would people convet to Islam?  

These questions require long explanations. I have given exhaustive explanations. Here is why:  




Islam is a peaceful religion.  

Yes and it shows. 90% of the wars going on are caused by Muslims and they are just 20% of mankind. According to this data Muslims are 36 times more prone to violence than non-Muslims. I don’t call this record "peaceful".


If you think I worship a monster, why would I stay a Muslim if he was a rapist, looter, murderer, etc. ???????????!!??? It makes no sense.  

No, it certainly does not. But Muhammad was a rapist, an assassin, a lecher, a plunderer, a pedophile and you are a Muslim. It is not up to me to explain why. It is up to you to explain it - not to me, but to yourself.


Do you think I enjoy hearing on the news, practically everyday that little girls have been kidnapped and 2 weeks later their bodies are found somewhere? Obviously not!  

If you are talking about Western countries, this has nothing to do with our discussion. This is a common crime, the perpetrators are psychopaths. It happens everywhere including in Islamic countries. In fact there it happens more because the percentage of mentally disturbed people in Islamic countries is higher, which has to do with patriarchalism, wife beating and child beating. We are talking about religious crimes. Comparing these two kind of crimes together is like comparing apples to telephone books. How many Christians or Muslims you see bombing and beheading innocent people shouting Jesus or Jehovah is great?  We are talking about a religion that preaches crime and violence.      


Tell me please, do you see more Muslims murderers today on your television set than Chrisitans or Jews? I don't.  

That is because you are blind. How can you not see the beheadings of innocent people while your brothers shout Allah u Akbar? How have you forgotten hundreds of children kept with  thirst, raped and murdered in Beslan by Muslims? Religiously motivated crime does not exist in non-Muslim countries or it is rare. 


The hijab protects women.  

That is a lie. More rape happens in Islamic countries because men are sex-starved and because women are seen as sex objects. 


It is a sign of modesty,  

No it is the sign of stupidity.


unless you'd rather see us dressed in mini skirts and tube tops.  

You can dress as you wish. As long as it is not plainly provocative, who is watching? I see thousands of women dress in all kinds of clothing every day and I look at them the way I look at men. They are just people. On the other hand Muslim women do not see themselves as people but as sex objects that have to he hidden because they think men get horny by looking at them. This is stupidity to the max. Women are humans not sex objects. Muslim women think of themselves as sex objects. That is why they cover themselves from head to toe just as the normal sane  people cover their genitals. Muslim women are awra, a big pudendum, an object of shame. Normal people cover their genitals but not all of their bodies. Muslim women cover everything because they perceive their entire body as extension of their genital. 


Its a sign of our faith in our God.  

It is the sign of brainwashing. Do you know why Muhammad said women should cover themselves? It is because he was old and he had a bevy of young and beautiful women in his household, most of whom were teenagers and many of them were his odalisques (sex slaves). Young men used to come and sneak. Being old, with broken tooth, fetid mouth and smelly body he felt jealous and insecure, so he told his wives to cover themselves. One day Aisha went missing, maybe out of revenge because Mahund had taken Juwairyah as his brand new odalisque. A day later she appeared with a young man called Safwan. Rumor circulated that Aisha had an affair with Safwan. Ali told Muhammad to divorce her. Muhammad felt very nervous and did not know what to do for a month. Finally he decided to believe Aisha's denial of wrong doing. To salvage her reputation she went as far as to say Safwan was gay (asexual). It was in that occasion that Muhammad made his imaginary buddy, Allah, say women should cover themselves and his wives should cover their bodies so no one can see them.

"O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested." 33:59

Of course anyone knows wearing veil during the heat of the summer is not convenient at all. But is was convenient for an old insecure man who feared young men cast eye on his beautiful wives. Remember that Muhammad, in his old age was also impotent. All he could do was to fondle his wives and hallucinate of having intercourse with them, when he actually did not.   

Now, all the poor women followers of that jealous old man have to do what he prescribed for his wives.

I love people see the beauty of my girlfriend or wife and go green with envy. That is because I am not insecure of myself. I bet if I get old and date a very young woman, who does not love me, I too would be just as insecure and nervous as that old fool. 


 Some people consider hijab stupid, but I don't,  

Well, to see hijab is stupid, you must be smart. You must think with your head and not with your genital. If you cover your head as if it is the extension of your genital, you are thinking with your genial. Hijab is subjugation and humiliation. Women are humans not genitals to be covered from head to toe.  


I ought to know, I am a PROUD Muslim Women who DOES wear hijab.  

You are the last person to know. If you really knew you would not wear that curtain on top of your head. Hijab is the badge of stupidity. If you are proud of it, it tells a lot about your intelligence.  


It's protecting our beauty from being destroyed.  

Let us suppose you are beautiful (I personally don’t find Muslims beautiful. I find smart people attractive not dumb people) how can looking at something beautiful destroy it? Flowers are beautiful, they are placed in a prominent place for everyone to see them. Jewels are beautiful. We adorn ourselves with them and show them off. On the other hand we hide our feces, flush them down the toilet and make sure no one see them. Tell me how Muslim women are treated? Like flowers and jewels or like feces? Beauty is to be seen, it is ugliness that has to be hidden. If you have beautiful teeth you laugh carelessly, but if your teeth are yellow, crooked or ugly, you try to cover your mouth when you laugh. If my home and garden are orderly and beautiful I want to show them off and enjoy entertaining guests, if they are not, I avoid guests. It is natural to show off the beauty and hide the ugly.  

Muslim women are awra. They are objects of shame. 

"Ali reported the Prophet saying: 'Women have ten ('awrat). When she gets married, the husband covers one, and when she dies the grave covers the ten."[Kanz-el-'Ummal, Vol. 22, Hadith No. 858. See also Ihy'a ]

Awra is pudendum, something to be ashamed of, something to hide. Pudendum is female's external sex organ. That is what Muslim women are according to Muhammad. 

When I see a normal woman, I see a human being. When I see a Muslim woman, all I see is a big genital walking. She acts as if her entire body is a vagina that has to be hidden, protected, because it is an object of shame and embarrassment. How can you be proud of this image that you portray to the world? Normal people consider their sex organs as sexual objects and they cover them, but for a Muslim woman, her entire body is sexual object, heck even her hair is sexual. You say you are proud of being a huge genial? And you expect us to respect you? We see you also as an ambulant genital - a pudendum, a big vagina that has to be covered because it is the cause of shame and embarrassment to everyone. 


Here is one of the many things I heard that inspired me to wear hijab- Hijab protects a women like a peel protects the juice of an orange-.  

Reply soon,

                Maya R.C.Soyal    

This is a dumb analogy, that impresses those who think with their genitals. Dress is not our peel. Our peel is our skin. We dress to protect ourselves from weather and to cover our private parts (genitals) and also as a social symbol. Women who wear heavy black veil in the heat of summer are truly torturing themselves for a stupid belief. Certainly they can't be smart. The fact that they cover themselves from head to toe shows they see themselves as pudendum and nothing else. Believe it or not, the rest of the world sees you also just as that - an awrah, a big genital, an object of shame that needs to be covered. Now if this is something you are proud of, it only proves Muhammad was right when he said Muslim women are deficient in intelligence. These are your prophet's words not mine - but I agree! If any woman still believes in Muhammad after learning how he disparaged her, she must be deficient in intelligence.  







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