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Considering the impact that faithfreedom.org has on the way of thinking of millions of people, and eventually the world, this would be a great victory for you, Islam, and above all the TRUTH, the way you see it.  

Should you decline however, I will publish this invitation as the testimony that you have faltered. I am sure this would reflect very poorly on your reputation and some may even interpret it as the sign of your cowardice and insincerity. Maybe I should tell you that once I publish this letter, it will be shown at the top of any search engine whenever someone makes a search with your name.  

So, what say you Sir? Shall we explore the truth together in a written debate? Are you really committed to the truth? Or, would you rather be a lion where there are no contenders? 

I remain cordially yours 

Ali Sina

Baa Drood


The above email was sent to Mr. Entezam on March 5, 2006. He did not respond. The following are my additional comments made today March 9th:


Islam is truly the religion of savages. It is bereft of mysticism, grace and beauty. The Iranians on the other hand had a much superior culture and religion. They could not stomach the brute deity of Islam. So instead of rejecting it, they cowardly used their genus to mollify this crude god. They donned this uncultured cult of terror with philosophy, endowed it with mysticism, masqueraded its beastly face with humanity, and vested this abomination with the mantle of respectability.  

Our Iranian ancestors lied. We owe an apology to mankind for making Islam, this cult of the savages look like a real religion. Our great geniuses like Rumi were fools. "We took the meat from the Quran and left the shell for the donkeys", he wrote. What meat? Where is the meat in this drivel of a mad man? We Iranians are sycophants. That is our biggest achievement through the history. We have been attacked and defeated by cultures much inferior than ours. What culture? We have been attacked by barbarians, raped, looted and decimated and the first thing we did when the killings stopped was to offer our services to our conquerors, and refine and embellish their savage culture.  On March 8, about a thousand intellectual women gathered in a park in Tehran to commemorate the Day of Woman. They were beaten by the thugs of the regime. Among them was the greatest contemporary poet Simin Behbahani, the pride of our nation, this lioness of a woman who despite her advanced age was kicked and beaten with electric baton and no man was there to defend them. We are boneless. How else can a small group of gangster mullahs  rule over us reducing the entire country into poverty while stealing billions of dollars of oil money for so long? It is because the rest of our brethren are like you and I. We don't have freedom because we don't deserve it.

Stop this tradition of sycophantism Mr. Entezam. Donít continue this lie. Sufism is not Islam. Sufism is the bastard child born out of the intellectual rape of the Iranian literati by Islam.  

We Iranians have done enough harm to humanity already. We have deceived ourselves first and then mankind. Enough is enough. Stop this lie. Islam is not what you or Rumi had thought it is. Islam is not compassionate and it has no mysticism. Islam is savagery, barbarity and evil in its core. Sufism is the biggest fraud after Islam.      

You speak very good Mr. Entezam. But you don't speak the truth. I heard you lie softly and politely. You deny the entire gory history of Islam and you twist the meaning of the verses of the Quran. Isn't that dishonesty? Stop this tradition of deception. Let us ask forgiveness from mankind for deceiving them. If it wasnít for the Iranian genius at the service of Islam, Islam would have been defeated long time ego. We destroyed our own country with these lies and now the whole world faces destruction. And what you do?... You are hard at work embellishing the mask. Drop that mask Mr. Entezam and let the world see Islam for what it is. The Hezbollah is the real Islam. The Taliban is the real Islam. Please find something more useful to do than spreading lies and deceiving mankind.

Islam will be defeated and you will be disgraced just as Salman Farsi is despised and disgraced today by the patriot Iranians. Don't let your grandchildren hide their face out of shame. Stand on the side of the truth and let your offspring be proud of you. Lies will be defeated and disgrace will be the lot of those who deceive people with their lies. 




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