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Mr. Abu Saleh says:

We just state the facts and pass on Allah's message.

What facts? If something is fact one should be able to prove it. 2+2=4. This is a fact and I can prove it. But if I say the Bigfoot is three meters tall, I am engaging in a fallacy. The existence of the Bigfoot is yet not proven. I canít pass that statement as a fact.

Our respected friend Mr. Abu Saleh, like all the Muslims, cannot distinguish facts from fantasy. Islam is a claim of one man. This claim has never been proven. Because of the claimant's questionable conduct and the outlandishness of this claim, there is enough doubt surrounding it. Therefore it is not a fact.    

Mr. Abu Saleh says:  

It is up to Allah to choose who he wants to be a Muslim or not

This is also a fallacy. If it is up to Allah to choose who he wants to be a Muslim then: 

a) Why Muslims are asked to wage jihad and force Islam on others and 

b) How Allah can punish those who donít become Muslims?  

This is like a teacher telling his students, on the very first day of school that you should study but you should also know that it is I who will decide who will pass the exam. I will pass whoever I like and fail whoever I don't like. I have made this decision already. The results of the exams are predestined.  

This sounds stupid. That teacher should be sent to mental hospital. But this is exactly how Muslims think of Allah.  Allah is a crazy sadist.

It is clear that Allah is not the real God but a fabrication of Muhammad. Muhammad was a psychopath narcissist and narcissists want to have total control over people. Muhammad projected his wet dreams of total domination and control as a psychopath narcissist into his fictitious hidden friend and through him he manipulated the foolhardy to do anything for him - wage war, kill people, loot, let him sleep with their 9 year old daughters, massacre innocent people and bring their wealth and beautiful wives for him.  

What he did was satanic. A messenger of God would not do such evil things. By worshipping Allah Muslims are worshipping Satan. Islam is evil to the core. Not even Hitler was as evil as Muhammad. I challenge anyone to show me one man worse than Muhammad. Charles Manson, probably was just as evil as Muhammad but Hitler was not. Hitler had some humanity left in him. When his niece/lover committed suicide, the sight of her body soaked in blood moved him to the extent that he never touched meat again. Muhammad did not have even this much humanity. His thirst for blood kept growing and he became more convinced that he is entitled to kill anyone who opposes him.

It is stupid to be a Muslim. There is no other way to put it. Only it takes a very stupid person to believe in the big lies of Muhammad. I have exposed the inner thoughts of Muhammad, in my book and I hope when it comes out it will get enough circulation and nail the coffin of Islam and liberate the poor Muslims whose minds are shackled by this cult.    

We can even compare Muhammad to Dracula. The myth says that he sucked the blood of his victims and they too became vampires. This is such a good analogy. Muhammad has sucked the brains of the Muslims and has reduced them into zombies and monsters. 

When Muslims truly believe in Muhammad and do what he told them, they become monsters. Osama Bin Laden is a monster. Mohammad Ata was a monster. Khomeini, Khamanei and Ahmadinijad are monsters. Joseph Cohen, now Yousef al Khattab, the Jew who converted to Islam and now thinks that all the Israelis must be killed, even their children, and rejoices every time there is a suicide bombing in Israel, has become a monster. 

If you are a Muslim, you must question your belief in the lies of this psychopath. God does not reward people for being stupid. Paradise is not for fools. If there is a hell that is were you will go. You worship Satan. You worship a psychopath. You do evil and think it is divine. 

How would you like to be treated as Muhammad treated pagans, the Jews and the Christians of his time? How do you like someone calling you to believe in him with no proof and then raiding your town with no warning, massacring the men and enslaving your wife and children and raping your female kin before your body is dumped into the well? 

If you don't feel disgusted of what Muhammad did, you have no shame, you have no humanity, you are a monster. 

As long as you don't know the truth, you are ignorant. But now that you know, if you still persist in following this monster, that is what you are too. 

Am I lying? Show my lies. Prove me wrong. Why is it that I can prove Muhammad was a liar and you can't prove that I am a liar? 

Don't hide your head in the sand and don't rehash the nonsense that "All proofs are from Allah". Whether from Allah or not you must be able to prove your faith. Where is the proof? 

You have no proof and you harbor the terrorists and justify their evil deeds. In fact anyone of you is a potential terrorist. To you this is the ultimate blessing. Evil is your religion, evil is your heart and monsters you have become. 

Muhammad was no different from Charles Manson. The only difference is that he came in a part of the world and in a time that he could get away with his crimes and there was no central and powerful government to stop him. You are stupid to follow a monster like that. Shame on you. Shame on all of you. Shame on the billion idiots who think a monster was a prophet and are so frightened to think that do not dare to question their satanic belief. Hell is is the abode of the idiots. That is where you live now. Muslims countries are hell. And that is where you will go, if there is a life after this. Ignorance is the mother of all evil, said Socrates. 

Mr. Abu Saleh says: 

Also be aware that there are many unauthentic Hadith.

The hadiths I have quoted in this site are all authentic. They have been classified as Sahih (authentic) by the scholars of hadith, mohaddethin, over a thousands years ago. Itís not up to you and I to decide now which one of them are authentic and which ones are not. We have no way to verify the chain of narration Isnad. Unless a hadith is absurd and defies logic, like miracles attributed to Muhammad, we have no reason to believe it is not authentic. For example there are tens of hadiths that say Aisha was 9 years old when Muhammad took her to bed. Why these hadiths should be unauthentic? There are hadiths that say he tortured people, raped women captured in his raids, assassinated his critics, looted and massacred entire populations. Why should we doubt the authenticity of these hadiths? It is clear why people attribute miracles to their prophet? They love him and they want to make him look grand. But why they would write hadiths that portray him as a monster?

Itís not just the Hadith that show Muhammad was an evil man, this is clear even from the Quran too.   


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