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December 2002


  Dec, 28, 2002

Dear Sir

    Years ago I came to the conclusion that the Islamic religion is a
religion bathed in blood. The sooner Americans and Europeans realize it
the better.


    Dec, 27, 2002

Hi Ali Sina,

I am a supporter of views of Faithfreedom.org Recently I visited www.rawa.org . I made some donation there and worte a email to them that the basic reason for their miseries is ISLAM and the most important step they should take is to leave ISLAM. ( sorry I don't have a copy of the email I wrote to them).  

They have sent me a response which I have attached with this email. I suggest you take up this matter with them and persuade them to abandon Islam. I don't mind writing to them, but you see writing skill is not one of my forte. In any case I am going to write to them if you don't. 



Note: forwarded message attached.


From: "RAWA" <[email protected]>


Dear Nilay,  

Thank you very much for your kind email and interest in the horrible plight of Afghan women.  

We are of the opinion that not Islam in the whole but political Islam  is the main cause of all of our miseries. It is Islamic fundamentalism that misuse  Islam for their political ends and commit all their crimes and brutalities under the name of Islam. It is for this reason that one of RAWA's main slogans is Secularism. We think there will be no peace and stability in our country as along as the fundamentalists are ruling the country. 

We stated in our statement on March 8, 2002:  

"Expunction of references to official religion and schismatic religious branch. Constitutions of many Islamic countries have no such references. Why should the Constitution of Afghanistan be void of such a democratic characteristic? Why, through recognising one religion and one religious branch, should adherents of other religions or religious branches be marginalised? In order to forge the Constitution itself into a formidable barrier against the emergence of fundamentalism and religious strife, it must be stipulated that use of religion for furtherance of political objectives is strictly prohibited and prosecutable by law.  

Secularism and separation of religion from politics and the State: RAWA  has repeatedly asserted that the only way for preventing our nation from being blighted by fundamentalism or any other pestilence in the garb of religion, whether now or in the future, is separation of religion from politics and the State. The inclusion of this explicit provision in the Constitutions of other Islamic countries has not been deemed alien or anti-Islamic. There is no reason why the Constitution of Afghanistan should be void of such a central democratic tenet. Those who consider calls for secularism as an "anti-religious penchant" do so, if not out of sheer ignorance, in order to wittingly or unwittingly serve fundamentalist interests."  

Thanks again for your email and sharing your thoughts with us. 

Best wishes,



Dear Nilay, 

The women behind RAWA are truly heroines. They are the pride of all women. Thank you for helping them. They are doing a great work and they are the hope of Afghanistan and an example for all Islamic world. 

RAWA is a Human Rights activist movement. As such it would be unwise for them to deliver anti Islamic message. This would abort their efforts and would make people hostile towards them and may even endanger their lives. They are also a political group and should not promote or oppose a religion. Their approach is the right approach. They are advocating the separation of mosque and state. That is what political activists should strive for not the elimination of a religion. Religions should not define politics and politics should not determine religions.  

However, FFI is not a political group. We are an educational movement. Our scope is very different from that of RAWA but not contradictory. We can go where they cannot go. We can speak about things that would be unwise for them to speak about. They are doing the right thing in their sphere of possibilities. They need all the support and encouragement they can get. Their slogan is not different from mine. Look at this picture:


The slogan from RAWA orphanages: "The murderers of our parents should be brought to justice; collaboration with these butchers is treason!"

In this slogan they say, "Doing business with the criminals is betrayal of the people of Afghanistan.  

If you really want to help, write to the Western governments, the press and the media and protest the collaboration of these governments with the thugs ruling over and  murdering the innocent people in their own countries.  

Kind regards

Ali Sina 

 See more pictures from RAWA and please read their demands


  Dec. 26, 2002

 Dear Mr Sina, 

Thank you very much for giving me a chance to write this personal mail. You know, I have been a huge fan of your views against Islam. I know you are busy but I would really appreciate if you go through this long letter with patience and reply me at your convenience. I may caution, you may not like what you read here. 

After spending a long time (almost 5 months) on your website, reading the articles and op-eds, I have come to the conclusion that I disagree with you in more than one ways. Donít get me wrong, Iím totally with you when you say Islam is a diabolic cult. It either needs to change upside down, or needs to be eliminated from all Muslimís minds. My major objection is on your political opinions. I have noticed that you, without any question, have taken the side of American right wing. Sometimes, your political commentary surprises me when I see you support the war on Iraq; when you completely overlook Americaís imperialistic view on the rest of the world, their atrocities committed in the Latin America during cold-war and later. This unconditional support is mind-boggling! Donít worry, Iím not some anti-American nut! I love and respect the freedom and liberty they offer their own people, at the same time I despise their imperialistic foreign policy that have brought upon enough distresses and misery in many parts of the  world. May be this is the reality of this new unipolar world- since there is only one Superpower, we better obey it! 

Well, I disagreeÖÖMy question, how can I be a freethinker if I reject one dogma, only to take up another one without question? 

I also came to realize that you have become incredibly tolerant toward the fanatics of other faiths. Very recently, I noticed a letter in your ĎReaderís Commentsí from a woman who claims ĎKaabaí is probably originated from Vedic culture, she also made an outrageous claim about Taj Mahal not being built by Muslims. You know, I come from Indian Subcontinent and this kind of Hindutva-lies are more than familiar to me. If you think fundamentalism is only a Muslim phenomenon, welcome to Indian Subcontinent.  

Yes, Muslim worriers have destroyed many civilizations, but it would be preposterous to deny some of the worldís grandest architectures and artifacts that were built by Muslim emperors. And by the way, Mughals were not religious Muslims. How can you allow your Ďcomments sectioní to be adorned with this kind of intellectual dishonesty? 

About FFI forum, Iím sorry to say that it has primarily become the epicenter of radicals of all other religions who have joined together only to spill their own hatred over Islam.  Have you ever wondered why there is such a low participation of ex-Muslims in your forum? Most former Muslims would love to welcome constructive criticism on Islam, but they obviously have problems to go along with unadulterated hatred toward Muslims in general. From my observations, I have seen most Muslims are not radicals, they are terribly ignorant about their own religion, some are knowledgeable yet defiant, but most are cowards. But this doesnít mean that they are incapable of changing. And how about millions of Muslims who live under poverty who simply donít

have any education or resource to fight against radicals of their own society? Donít you think we need to stand by them, instead of dismissing them as hopeless? Non-Muslims are supposedly more willing to curse these people rather than help them. This is our (former and secular Muslims) job who have some education and opportunity, to stand beside these drowning population and help them reform their society into a secular and liberal one. 

Iím so saddened that I donít get this message in your website anymore And Iím increasingly getting the feeling that I donít belong to FFI family anymore. However, you probably donít care about only one person leaving. Thatís ok, I only needed to let you know my dismay, but I do wish you all the success in the noble part of your mission. Thank you. 

Sincerely yours. 


[I wish you  a  Happy New Year

                Merry Christmas

                Happy Hanukkah

            and Late Eid Mubarak]


Dear L


Thank you for your email. No I think your impression that I have taken side with the American Right is unwarranted. I suggest you go through this long discussion I had in the forum and youíll see I call America an ďInternational bullyĒ and promote the concept of World Federalism. 

However in the absence of World Federal Government, we need some sort of safety in the world. Otherwise criminally minded insane narcissists like Hitler and Saddam Hussein will feast on our dead bodies. So what is the solution? Would you rather be tortured and murdered by crazy despots like Saddam or rather let Americans steal part of your wealth and protect you from insane murderers?

I do not know about your choice, but I prefer America to Mullahs, Talibans, Saddams and Hitlers. The problem is that the people in the third world countries have no choice. We are doomed one way or another. America does not do things out of love for humanity. Her main concern is money. The European colonialists and the Russians are ten times worse than America. They have no problem whatsoever, and no scruples to sell weapons of mass destruction to lunatic mass murderers like Saddam, and warmonger crazy nuts like the Mullahs of Iran. Just yesterday Russia signed an $800 million nuclear reactor deal with Iran. Iran does not need nuclear energy. It is too clear why the Mullah are after the nuclear plant. These greedy governments would even sell the rope by which they would be hanged. How little they know that these weapons of mass destruction are meant for them.

So we are living in a lawless world ran by greed. The question is not who will be better. The question is who is less evil. And yes America is less evil than Hussein, the Mullahs, the Taliban and even the Russians and European countries. But that is not my first choice. I choose America because I have no choice. My choice is the creation of a World Federal Government where International law is given the power to protect the Human Rights of all the people in the world, and where war is outlawed and all countries are disarmed. Please read this long thread if you have questions about this concept. I have answered all the questions and unfounded fears that some ignorant or some malevolent people have instilled about the New World Order and the World Federal Government.

Of course I am not for war. But we have no other option. If the world had not fight against Hitler, today the world would be a different world. Who knows, may be the Jews were gone, the blacks were gone, the West and East Indians were gone and the rest of us were slaves of the Germans. So as you see, I am a man of peace but certainly not a pacifist. I believe in the rule of law. But since internationally the law is the law of Jungle, we have no option but to side with the least evil just to survive. If America attacks Iraq, many innocent people will die as collateral casualties. But if it does not attack, more people will die on daily bases thanks to Saddamís despotic rule. I do not like the idea that someone get a knife and cut through my flesh, but if I have a cancer, I will have to accept that or die. War is bad; I abhor it as much as you do. But do we have an alternative?  My alternative is World Federal Government, but who is listening? 

America is not there to protect the Human Rights of the Iraqis or the Kuwaitis. America helped this very Saddam to massacre hundreds of thousands of Iranian villagers with chemicals and poisonous gas during his war with Iran. America makes war only when her own interests dictate. But in this case, her interest coincides with the interest of the Iraqis and the interest of all the people who fear Saddam. This man is dangerous and he must be stopped. America is doing the right thing, even if it is for the wrong intentions. Does America want to control Iraqi oil wells? Of course she does. America does not do anything if there is no personal gain. But I rather have America steal that oil, than Saddam use it to build his war machinery and kill millions of people later. 

As for my tolerance of other religions, this is not something new. I am tolerant of all the religions. I am not against religions. Religions for some people fill a gap and serve a purpose. We have to accept that and respect their choice. I am not against false religions; I am against hate religions. I am not against Islam because it is intellectually flawed, but because it is morally and ethically flawed.  Islam is the cult of hate and hate is what I fight against not the erroneous beliefs. 

As for that lady mentioning the origin of Kaaba being a Vedic temple, she may be right, as she may not be right. What is absolutely ridiculous is to believe the Quranic story that Abraham built it. Now as what is the origin of Kaaba or Taj Mahal, this is purely an archeological and historic discussion. I donít think we should get upset over it. If you disagree with the Hindus about the origin of these two buildings, present your thesis.

As for FFI forum becoming the epicenter of radicals, I have to say that this is a free forum. Anyone can come and say whatever he or she pleases. I do not censor thoughts. If you think they are wrong, you can present your right views. I donít think their number should bother you? If you tell the truth, you will be victorious even if you are one against the entire world. So if what they say is upsetting you, may be it is time you questions your beliefs and assumptions. Now I know that you are a freethinker like me. That is why I am very much surprised to see you complain about religionists having the freedom to express their view. I do not believe in any religion, but I am not a bit concerned of the forum being ďovertakenĒ by the religionists. I do not want to be known as an antireligious person. Because I am not! But If I wanted I would smash their beliefs just as I smash Islam. So they do not frighten me. Why they should frighten you? Are you suggesting I start practicing censorship of thought? I hope not!  


You wrote:
"Have you ever wondered why there is such a low participation of ex-Muslims in your forum? Most former Muslims would love to welcome constructive criticism on Islam, but they obviously have problems to go along with unadulterated hatred toward Muslims in general"

Well I believe many Muslims do read the forum but they realize that there is little they can say. The facts are so obvious that it is hard to rebut them. But I do not think the forum is becoming a hate ground towards the Muslims in general. I do not read all the messages but now we have a few moderators and we will be vigilant and will not allow that. This site is not for spewing hate against any group of people. To us, people are sacred; beliefs are not. 

As for your views about Muslims and their ability to change, I agree with you completely or I would not have wasted my time creating this site. I know Muslims will change when they learn the truth. It is unthinkable that any sane person would want to remain associated with that vile criminal called Muhammad. They will leave Islam and will leave it with disgust. Islam will collapse suddenly and shortly.

As for millions of Muslims who are living in poverty and oblivion of what is going on, let us hope that we find a huge base of support and eventually find the means to reach them. May be by radio or other means.  But we cannot jump to the roof from the basement. Weíll get there step by step. Today what we have to do is to reach the Muslim intellectuals and the non-Muslims, build up our base of support and then set up to conquer new frontiers. 

Now donít be saddened. You of course belong to FFI and I count on you. So instead of dwelling on the negativities, write for the site and promote it. We have so little time, the work is so important and the workers so few that we cannot afford wasting time pouting or sulking over our hurt feelings. Just as the religionists divided this world with zealotry and devotion, we have to unite it with sacrifice and dedication. 

My best wishes

Ali   Sina



   Dec. 25, 2002

[email protected]

Dear Parvin Darabi,


I know you are against bombing Iraq. Frankly who likes to bomb a country and kill innocent people as collateral death? But if you leave bastards such as Saddam or Osama they will destroy more people. They are like  cancer. You have to take them out even if this means  you have to cut through healthy tissue. Do you really have a better alternative? 

Please come to our forum and discuss your views there. Faithfreedom.org has a very high ranking and youíll find many readers.

Kind regards 

Ali Sina



Dear Alisina,

By the way how come you have chosen a name Ali to be known by? Do you like the guy?

Dear Parvin.

I did not choose that name. My parents gave it to me. My mother read some stupid Muslim prayers for forty days, blew in an apple that she kept suspended in the air without letting it touch the ground and other rituals so her first-born become a beautiful boy with the virtues and wisdom of Joseph. The condition was that should the prayer be granted, the son should be named Ali, Muhammad or Ali Muhammad. Of course the prayer worked and exceeded everyone's expectations; thus the name. ;-)

Now why I donít change my name? Because Muslims keep asking it and it hurts them more than it hurts you. So I keep it.  Also Ali is not Islamic name. Now we try to give credit to Islam for everything. Our beautiful Iranian architecture is called Islamic architecture. Have you seen taghe kasraa? Was that Islamic architecture too?  Our philosophy is Islamic philosophy, our science is Islamic science, our fine culture is Islamic culture, our country is Islamic country. I am sick of giving credit to Islam for everything we created. Islam is Quran and that is the most mindless piece of written garbage available today.  

I will keep calling myself Ali in honor of Ali Dashti, and other great Iranians who were called Ali. Furthermore I am named after Bu Ali Ibn Sina not after Ali the murderer son of Abu Talib. This is my name. Ali is an Arab name not Islamic. I am not anti Arab I am anti Islam and I am joining force with other Arabs who are also anti Islam. We are all victims of this barbaric cult.


I don't believe in war because I don't think that Iraqis will be any better off under an American controlled government than under Saddam. I agree with you that Saddam is a bastard, but the problem with Iraqi people is the sanctions. The United States should lift the sanctions and let the Iraqi people become rich, healthy and happy and they themselves will get rid of Saddam.


I think you and I have very different opinions in this matter. I am of the opinion that it is the greedy Westerners who by continuing to wheal and deal with despots prolong their political lives. The problem is that the profits will never go to the poor. The Iraqis, the Iranians or other people living in dictatorial regimes will never reap the benefit of these deals. They are hostages in their own country and the thugs who have taken them as hostage kill them at will and sell their wealth at bargain price to the greedy profit seeking westerners who supply them with more arms to keep their people silent.

I disagree with you that Iraq or Iran will be worse with USA than with their present regimes. Of course the key is that they have to try and establish democracy. This will be hard because these people do not really know what democracy is. But until they donít try, they wont learn. Also it seems that America is wakening up and is realizing that supporting unpopular dictators backfires and costs America lots of troubles in the long run. Looks like Americans are getting it but the Europeans donít give a damn. They are too willing to make under-the-table deals with despots and supply them with arms (It was discovered recently that many German companies were helping Saddam to built his military might. Don't tell me that the German government did not know about it)

If you think that people in Iran or Iraq will ever become wealthy under the present regimes, you should prepare yourself for a looong wait. No matter whether there is a sanction or not the money will not go to people. It will go to palaces of Saddam and in the bank accounts of the Mullahs in Switzerland, shares and stocks and the real estate in Western countries. I believe we have to press the western democracies to stop making business with the murderers and thieves that have taken our people hostage and support the oppositions to overthrow them.


Remember what happened to Iran after America got involved. They brought the Shah back in 1952, and brought Khomeini to power in 1979. In addition I think America can bomb the hell out of Iraq and not be able to find Saddam just as they have not found Osama. Do you think Afghanistan is better now just ask RAWA.

Afghanistan may still be bad, although not as bad as during the time of the Taliban, but this has to do with Islam. Islam converts its followers into warmongers and savages. Now that Afghanistan is freed from the Taliban America must push for secularization of that country. It must give economical incentives to the new government to secularize the country, guarantee the freedom of the  press and protect those who exercise freedom of speech. Foreign assistance must be conditional upon secularization.  Eventually voices criticizing Islam will start to emerge and things will start to change. Yes democracy and freedom of speech must be protected heavy-handedly, just as Muslims protect their barbaric beliefs heavy-handedly.

 But as for finding Saddam I donít think this pig can hide so easily. Unlike Bin Laden who is a hero for Muslims, Saddam is an odious person in his own country and he will have nowhere to hide. The sycophants around him are there for the money. When he loses the control of Iraq, they may shoot him. But the point is that it is not important to catch him or not but to free Iraq. 

In my opinion, what Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries need is to become secular nations and educate their people to fight for their rights.

Agree! But would that ever happen with these thugs in place? We have to remove them first for all that to happen. 


By the way please add my book, "Rage Against the Veil, the Courageous Life and Death of an Islamic Dissident," Prometheus Books, 1999, $30" in the list of books on your site.

Done!  But I will also create s suggested books section and will add it there. 

Have you read the book, Islam Unveiled? I have read it and liked it very much only he calls all the Iranians such as Rummy, Ferdowsi, Razi and so on as Arabs. Do you have an email for Robert Spenser, I like to bring to his attention that these people were Persians and they succeeded in spite of islam and not because of islam.



A FFI member sent me these info:

717 Second Street, NE | Washington, DC 20002 |(202) 546-3000| Fax (202) 543-5605 .

I'll publish his email if I find it. 


Best wishes 

Ali Sina



   Dec. 23, 2002

Dear Dr. Ali Sina 

I have been reading your articles for a long time now for the past six months, personally I have researched from other similar sites about the tenet of Islam.  I perfectly agree with your statements, and appreciate your style of writing,  As I am writing to you for the first time kindly do reply back, I hope to hear from a enlightened person like you.   

I have a few doubts, if you can, kindly shed light on the same.  There are some Indian professors who claim the Mecca to be of an ancient Indian culture and the indian vedic heritage, which was desecreated by mohammed.  The kaaba is still said to be a coverup of the existing vedic shrine.  If you type the key words of the article in google it gives you a detailed and convincing article.   

Also another thought not a query I would like to share with you is that of The Taj Mahal which is an ancient Indian Shrine and not in the least bit a muslim invention.  To say that Taj was built by a incestuous shahjahan is like saying that differential calculus is a muslime invention.  The babri masjid is just one sample of muslim desecration proven by archaeology.  If you want so you can key in the words "Taj Mahal a temple palace" in any search engine and it shall give you the article, it was researched by a historian P.N. OAK, and the book is banned by the muslim appeasing indian government.  Almost every ancient mosque is built on a indian temple in india.   

Recently I happened to follow the saudi channel through the month of ramadan showing  the hajj, i was surprised to find that the single white unstitched cloth the hajjis use to cover themselves is infact similar to a an ancient greek toga or a traditional dress of south india which supports my conviction of islam being a vedic supersede. 

I am trying to spread your site by talking to my office staff and encouraging them to go through it, every one of them appreciates it.   

Kindly do write to me that I can share my thoughts with you.







I am afraid I have not done much research on Kaaba and its origin. It is very likely that the Indian professors are right. I also heard that Kaaba was a Zoroastrian temple. That also could be true because of the influence of Iran on Arabia prior to Islam. But what is almost certain is that this building was not built by the mythological Abraham because there is no proof that such person if existed ever went to Mecca. It also defies reason for a man to go that far and leave his wife and his toddler in the middle of desert. Then go back and build a temple. These stories are all fables. But the fact the Kaaba housed 360 gods and Arabia was polytheistic prior to Islam, gives credibility to your hypothesis. 

Thank you for spreading the site. I appreciate you writing to me. 

I remain sincerely yours

Ali Sina 



Dr. Sina! Thank God for your site. You have proven to me what should be obvious, that Muslims (or ex-Muslims) can be rational, humane, and secular. 

I am an Atheist with a Christian heritage. I am also a Neuroscientist. Your site and work have opened a crack in the terrifying world of modern day Islam. Hopefully in several generations people like you will cause Islam to become less barbaric and feared, (in a Christian-Renaissance

form of transformation). 

One Day. 

By the way, Muhammad and Jesus etc. most likely suffered from mild forms of paranoid schizophrenia with predominantly religious delusions or bipolar disorder with bouts of hyper-religiosity, or a rare form of seizure disorder called Geschwind Syndrome in which the patient experiences episodes of hyper-religious or hyper-philosophical thinking that can lead to aggressive behavior driven by religious fervor. 

Your kafir servant, 

Thomas H.   M.D.


  Dec. 18, 2002


> --- Ben Guptill <[email protected]> wrote:

> > Hello.  I was reading your site because I was

> > interested in learning about

> > Muslims and the Koran.

> > I did come across some useful information.

> >

> >

> > However, my question is, how does anyone who

> claims

> > to think rationally

> > make the following statement:

> >

> > Evolution is a fact not a theory. Strangely, even

> > in this day of science

> > and knowledge there is no want of people who

> believe

> > in fables such as

> > creation.

> >

> > I have one, simple argument which entirely

> > discredits the theory of

> > evolution.  The fact that no where in nature do

> you

> > find any instances where

> > Genetic information in DNA is added or gained.

> > Evolution says that you take

> > the DNA of a single cell organism, and somehow

> > after a billion years  end

> > up with a human being?

> >

> > There is quite a bit of genetic information that

> > must be added to the DNA of

> > a single cell organism for this evolving to

> occur.

> >  No where in science or

> > nature can we observe this process.  Mutation is

> the

> > re-arranging or DNA,

> > most often involving a LOSS of genetic

> information.

> > You can say that DNA

> > replicates itself all you want but if I made 20

> > copies of the same thing, I

> > still do not have any new information I just have

> > more of the same old

> > information no new information.  For evolution to

> > take place, there must be

> > an addition of genetic information to DNA and an

> > addition of new genetic

> > information.

> >

> > Also, the FACT that everything dies?  Evolution

> > involves an addition of

> > Genetic information, but the loss of genetic

> > information leads to death.  If

> > in fact DNA was being added to (instead of losing

> > genetic information) then

> > there would not be death.  In fact, if you look

> > rationally at the situation,

> > it can be said that Humanity (and all species on

> > earth) as a species is

> > actually de-evolving.  With each mutation with

> each

> > generation slowly but

> > surely losing genetic information.  One only needs

> > to look to chemistry to

> > see that all atoms have half lives and life

> > cycles. Everything in the

> > universe is on its way towards death and decay.

> > Each generation is closer

> > to death.  I see a lot of organisms on the

> > endangered species list and not

> > any on the newly evolved species list.

> >

> > For a person who claims to think rationally, you

> > sure to have to use a lot

> > of faith to believe Evolution.  Especially since

> > the very foundation of

> > this belief is contradictory to what we know about

> > DNA and genetics.  I

> > guess thats why its called the theory of

> > Evolution because its

> > impossible to prove or observe.

> >

> >

> > I did find a lot of your website interesting and

> > helpful.  The parts dealing

> > with Muslims and Islam anyway.

> >

> > -Benjamin Guptill, 24

> > Minnesota USA, Christian



> -----Original Message-----

> From: Ali Sina [mailto:[email protected]]

> Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 9:14 PM

> To: Ben Guptill

> Subject: Re: Evolution


> Dear Ben,


> May I suggest that you read a few books written by

> REAL scientists on the subject of evolition and not

> the ones writtne by those who look at things through

> the lense of religion.



> I do not have time to talk about the subject of

> evolution. But I have done my research and you

> should

> too.



> Kind regards


> Ali

--- Ben Guptill <[email protected]> wrote:

My friend... my concern is not for your mind, but your soul.  Should you be wrong in your intellectual enlightenment the consequence would be eternal damnation.  Are you prepared to gamble your eternity on ideas that cannot be  proven or observed? 


You start your message using fear as an argument. I already address this point a few days ago You can read it here 


I encourage you to keep an open mind...

I do. But how about you? How can you have open mind when you let fear blockade your rational thinking? One cannot be open minded if he lets his mind remain shackled by fear.


you seem to prefer the idea of evolution because it helps to perpetuate the thought that you do not need God. 

You are making very wrong assumptions. I am not an atheist though of course I reject completely and logically the childish notion of the deity adumbrated by Middle Eastern religions. 


This predilection may cause you to ignore truth to the contrary of your faith in evolution (for it is not an observable phenomena so you must 'believe' it exists having never observed it - the very definition of faith), and your religion of rational thinking.

Evolution is not based on faith. It is based on scientific facts. I cannot debate with you if you refuse to read any books on this subject. It is just a waste of time for both of us.


I suggest you ask a geneticist... one who believes in evolution... if genetic information is added to DNA by other means besides  human intervention?  He will tell you (as the University professors here in the Untied states do) that no, in fact this is not possible.  Mutation is genetic musical chairs of existing genetic information (most often resulting in genetic information loss, not gain).  He will also tell you that genetic mutations only last a generation or two.


The professor you are talking about has studied in a very wrong university. In Islamic world we have Al Azhar, Qum and other universities where humans go and graduate as jackass. 


You can ask me to 'do my research' on this, but I submit to you that what I am saying is without a doubt true.  

When you say that what you know is already without doubt true, it is you who have summarily dismissed things without thinking.  If this is your assumption, then you have closed any door to further investigate and learn. This is the antithesis to knowledge. It is perpetuation of ignorance. Doubt is the foundation of my thinking not faith. 


You asking me to' do research' is really an attempt to wriggle out of discovering the truth for yourself.  Shouldn't a rational thinker at least explore the possibility until he has discovered if it is truth or not, instead of summarily dismissing it without thinking? 

And how do you think I came to this conclusion? Remember that I was a religious minded as you are.   

The fact that you are unaware of this means that you have based your belief in evolution upon incomplete facts.   

This is no fact you are talking about. It is fancies of ancient men. You are the one who has based his belief on incomplete facts. I have no beliefs. Beliefs are for weak-minded people. I do not believe in anything. I doubt everything and find my own light. 


 If you have got this wrong, think of how many other ideas you may not have a clear picture of.   

And does this truism apply to you too or you are exempt from it? 


Again you are gambling your eternal soul on the infallibility of  your own mind. 

Again you let fear blockade your ability to think rationally. Please read the above link


 As I have demonstrated you are wrong here...  

How in the world you "demonstrated" that? You are flying on the wings of absurdity. All you have demonstrated is that you are a fearful man. You fear to think rationally. you fear to find something that could smash your cherished beliefs. This is all you have demonstrated.


you may be wrong in other areas.  Are you willing to take that chance?

-Benjamin Guptill


Apparently everything to you is the matter of belief. You assume that even the evolution is a belief. How can I argue with a person whose entire notion of reality is based on beliefs. We speak different languages. I have zero respect of beliefs. I base my understanding on doubts and on facts discovered through doubting, investigating, questioning, scrutinizing, experimenting, and testing. The only thing I am sure of is that nothing is sure. 



  Dec. 10, 2002 


Can you not set up a similar radio station ??????



Yes that is one of my goals. I am hoping to create a radio broadcasting in Arabic, Turkish, Parsi, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Indonesian and Malay 24 hours a day with a couple of hours dedicated to each language. For that, we need to have funding, and for that to happen we need a huge base of support. For now the donations to my site are extremely scarce. They are just enough to pay my Internet expenses and a little bit more. In practice I have only one person who generously and regularly contributes. Of course that is not enough for one person to live on. especially in Western countries, let alone to run a radio that requires several full time salaried people. Just managing this site takes 12 to 14 hours of my time 7 days a week. I do not get any funding from any government. Although I think this is the best way and the cheapest way to fight terrorism. I hope to find enough people who would support me to carryon with these projects. A 24 hour radio is just one of them. I have more plans. So I hope you will promote our site as much as you can. We can achieve our goals if we work together. 

Kind regards


Ali Sina   


   Dec. 10, 2002 

Mr. Ali Sina,


I have a long story to tell and hope it will not be waste of time for you to  read. When I chanced upon your website, I couldnít believe myself, it was like a miracle I was looking for. Undoubtedly, you are one of the most courageous human beings in the modern times.  

I am an Indian, hindu by religion (if it can be called a religion at all!). I am working in Singapore now. I worked in Suadi Arabia during 1992-97. It was during this period I was totally transformed so much that sometime I am scared of myself. It really beats me how an average intelligent person whose religious tendencies are more towards atheism and humanism can become militant in his thoughts and fanatic in approach as far as Semitic religions are concerned in general and Islam in particular. Before going to Suadi, I was very popular among my pier group, particularly Muslims and Christians in India partly because people say I am fair minded person and partly my Muslims and Christians friends probably mistook my atheistic tendencies for being anti-hindu. It is needless to say that the treatment handed out to me in Saudi at the hands my own Indian Muslim and Christian brothers is of-course most despicable.  From a self-respecting human being I suddenly became a sub-human in the eyes of islam. This has happened to a person who had some respect to Islam even though he was atheist at the core.  Just few a days after I landed in Saudi and after having encountered with some abuse, I was totally confused. I felt as if I was transported to some other planet. It was impossible to believe that this country could exist in modern times on this planet and its inhabitants were human beings.  I was in fact paranoid and quite often I was hallucinating that this was unreal and people were under some trance and by some miracle this thing would disappear like morning mist. Sometimes, I even used to plot some cunning ways to expose this evil by becoming a muslim myself and then expose the evil since I could never dream a muslim would do it until of-course I saw your website. When I went home for vacations during this period, I faced even more problems with own family people and friends. They were fully convinced that I had become a fanatic. My marriage was also affected because my ex-father-in-law though officially hindu was pro-islam and vehemently denounced pagan way of life and brought up his way family that way. Not knowing this my family arranged for marriage, as brideís family was distant relation of one of my sister-in-law. I was shocked and furious to hear same kind of non-sense I was subjected to in Saudi that idolaters were sinners and blah blah. Having been abused so many times Suadi, I was not prepared  for this.  I wanted to break the engagement and as a result my family broke-up and I had no option but to go ahead with marriage. Expectedly, a few months later I went back to Suadi and after my final return,  I was divorced by mutual consent. This story offers some insight into how much the minds of hindus is corrupted by cunning muslims. First thing one must understand that importance of India and what is happening in India. You probably could engage some muslims in dialogue but you will find it extremely uphill task to convince non-muslims, especially hindus that Islam is evil and with out that, it is impossible to get ride of it in India and as you know if India falls, it is the end of the game. Surely, world will be on firm path to destruction. The main stream hindus are totally ignorant of Islam. They have developed this slave mentality that muslims are superiors and islam must be something greater than their religion. Muslims have been tremendously successful in keeping Hindus in deception and under spell. They have been  following exactly their Prophetís strategy of how to weaken the infidel majority when muslims are not strong enough to fight. As they become stronger by the day you will see more and more destruction in India. Hindus are totally divided and political parties, Congress and Communist have done everything in their means to elevate Islam to sublime heights. You must have heard recently that in West Bengal, Osama is being given a heroís publicity.  You can image where the brains are present in these ignorant Bengalis whose Hindu brethren were slaughtered in Bangladesh and millions of Hindus ran to India as refugees and how the whole of Eastern India is being infiltrated by fanatic muslim Bangladeshis.  When I was in Saudi, to my horror, I witnessed how thousands of freshly converted muslims from India, especially from Tamil Nadu were pouring into Saudi. I was paranoid and still am.  Knowing what is happening, I am tending to be pessimistic about achieving your goal as you have to convince not just one billion muslins but may be equal number of non-muslims as well because muslims have gained control over the minds of non-muslims in countries like India.  

Finally, I would like you to know that I am willing to fully devout my rest of life in your mission. I am not rich nor do I need money that much. My needs are simple and I donít have family responsibilities. I am alone and am prepared to risk my life.   

Thank you.




 Dec. 08, 2002  

Oxymoron: Can a devout Muslim be an American patriot and loyal citizen?

  1. Theologically, no. Because his allegiance is to Allah, the moon god of Arabia, turned monothistic.
  2. Scripturally, no. Because his allegiance is to the five pillars of Islam and the Quran.
  3. Geographically, no. Because his allegiance is to Mecca to which he turns in prayer five times a day.
  4. Socially, no. Because his allegiance to Islam demands that he make no friends of Christians and Jews (Q. 5:51)
  5. Politically, no. Because he must submit to the mullah, who teaches annihilation of Israel and destruction of America, the great Satan.
  6. Domestically, no. Because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him (Q. 4:34).
  7. Religiously, no. Because no other religion is accepted by his Allah except Islamóintolerance (Q. 2:256).
  8. Intellectually, no. Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is established on Biblical principles, and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.
  9. Philosophically, no. Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran do not allow freedom of religion and _expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is dictatorial or autocratic except Turkey.
  10. Spiritually, no. Because when we declare "one nation under God," the Christianís God is a triune God, while the Muslimís is one entity called "Allah," who is never a heavenly Father, nor is he ever called "Love" in the 99 excellent names.

By Anis Shorrosh, a former Muslim turned to Christ


 Dec. 08, 2002 


Thanks for such a perfect web site that's what I was looking since I was 11 years old. Yeah, when I was 11, group of Muslim kids got hold of me right on the corner of our house and forced me to say "eshadu anna la ilaha illalllah va ashadu inna muhameddul rasoulallah".   

Here are the web sites that look more dangerous to me. Please respond to my e-mail so I know that you are aware of those web sites. They belong to Fethullah Gulen and Harun Yahya. Trying to spread the Islam and they are doing it I guess. We've got to stop that. I need your support specially helping me to build up a web site in Turkish may be 



Dear L. F.  

Yes I am familiar with Harunyahya and his deceitful site. He was invited to debate with us and on one occasion when a Muslim begged him to confront us, he wrote to him and said he would. But this is now six of seven months and he has not come forward yet. Write to him and tell him to comply with his promise and debate with us.  

As for creating a Turkish site, this is a wonderful idea. I do encourage you to do so. If you want I can assign to you a site in faithfreedom.org e.g. Turkish/faithfreedom.org and a forum so you can build your own Turkish site. We have already a site and a forum in Indonesian, which is doing very well. Someone is translating some of the articles in Chinese and we have just launched a forum in German. If you want to have a site in Turkish, I can arrange it for you. You can develop it the way you like it. You may translate the articles from English or write your own. Gradually other Turkish-speaking writers will contribute with their articles and the site will keep growing. Unfortunately Turkey is experimenting with Islam again. This is playing with fire. There is no such thing as moderate Islam. This is just a propaganda and shortsightedness.  

Please let me know if you want to go ahead with the project. Of course it is very time-consuming. And because very few people will realize how much time and effort you put into it to compensate you for your selfless work, you may have to tighten your belt and live a little bit more frugally. But if Gandhi and other great men and women of history are your inspirations, you can do it. We live only once, let us leave a trace of ourselves. Let us be an instrument of peace. Let us be part of the army of light.

Kind regards


Ali Sina  




  Dec, 6, 2002

Dear Dr. Ali Sina, 

Hi, I just want you to know that I really admire your courage and truthfulness.  

There are a few questions I would like to ask you (only if you have the time, I know you are a busy man).  

  1. If Islam is so great, why must it still sound the azan everytime to ask Muslims to come out for prayers? If Muslims are dedicated to their religion, aren't they know when to pray? I live in a city where 90% are non-Muslims but always being woke up early in the morning because of the azan.


Azan is call to prayer.  Christians used to sound a bell and Muhammad decided to send someone on top of the roof and shout calling people to pray. Now everyone has a watch but still the tradition lingers.  

You hear Azan in your city with 90% non-Muslim population because Muslims have no regards for anyoneís right.  Today they impose their obnoxious azan on you and when their number grow they impose Jizyah and take away all your human rights.  You have to protest now and outlaw this abuse before it become too late. Muslims are bullies and they do not understand any reason. You have to force them to respect your freedom through law. Most cities have noise bylaws. They must to learn to abide by them or be penalized. If only 10% Muslim population can impose their will on you now, imagine what they will do to you when they become 20% or heaven forbid 50%. 


  1. Why pork-eating is forbidden for Muslims? I heard that according to Islam, pigs are dirty and have some kind of bacteria that is not good for the human body. If that the case, why the non-Muslims especially the Chinese and Japanese who eat pork live longer that the average Muslims? By the way, since you are no longer a Muslim now, have you tried pork? I hope you are not offended by this.


The reason pork is prohibited in Islam has nothing to do with health issues. These are baseless explanations of Muslims to make their superstitions sound scientific. Consuming pork in Islam is prohibited because Islam is a religion of superstitions. Yes I have consumed pork and my favorite sandwich is prosciutto crudo with Tuscany bread, good cheese and red wine.  


  1. Islam prohibits Muslims from consuming alcohol but why is it that they are promised wine in heaven?


Go figure! Muhammad was a control freak.  


  1. If some of the Muslims have daughters of 9 year old, would they give their daughters away to above 50 year old Muslim men even if they are Mullahs? 


Yes actually this practice is current. Of course wealthy Muslims would not do that to their daughters but poor Muslims give away their little girl to older wealthy men.   


  1. In my country, whenever  there is a non-Muslims festival and if Muslims are invited, non-Muslims always make sure that no pork or only halal food is served but when we the non-Muslims especially Hindus are invited to their festival, beef are served everywhere. Is this ignorance or Muslims are just inconsiderate people?

Muslims are inconsiderate of other people. If they invite you tell them that you will go under condition that they do respect your beliefs just as they expect you to respect theirs.  


  1. Do you think that Chinese Muslims in China are more friendly Muslims than those Muslims in the middle east or elsewhere? I hardly come across or not heard at all Chinese Muslims involve in terrorism. 


Chinese Muslim live in a country that rebellion is not tolerated. Should they be given the same freedoms Muslims are awarded in other countries, they would start behaving the same way. A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. Moderate Muslim is someone who is ďless MuslimĒ.   


My last few questions are a bit personal, you don't have to answer if you don't want to. How old are you? Are you married? If yes, are your family members freethinkers too?  

Thanks and best regards in everything you do or write,

Curious Chinese man. 


As you said they are personal questions.




Well personally, I think Iran, whether its muslim or not, can never be like the west. Simply, the middle eastern and persian people are backwords. Its funny, whether they stay muslim or leave islam, they will remain backwords, as always...hehehe..God, I love American, dont you...IRANIANS HEHEHE



There is no reason to believe that any nation is inherently backward. Chinese, Indians, Persians, Egyptians built great civilizations, much earlier than Europeans. Once the obstacles that contribute to their backwardness is removed, they will rise and shine again. 

Did you know that Persians in the USA have the highest number of academicians, professionals and wealthy people per capita than any other nationality living in USA? This is statistic not opinion. Did you know that Hindu Indians in UK are far more educated and wealthy than the British? And did you know that Pakistanis or Muslim Indians in UK are the poorest, the less educated and the percentage of Pakistani inmates is several times higher than the British, Hindus and other nationalities?

Your views are racist. But racism does not have any scientific basis. Provided equal opportunities all humanity is the same.



Dec 4, 2002

Dear Ali, 

I do understand you're busy but I could not find anywhere in the site the answer to this question: Who are the other major people involved in this organization of yours but you?  

I don't mean names, of course, I would just like to know if this organization has other key figures and which background they have. If it is in the site, a referral would be appreciated as I am very interested in it and read it frequently.  

Also, I'd like to know if the organization does any activity outside of the web. Meetings, lectures, etc. 






Dear RC,  

Faith Freedom International is not an organization. We do not have directors, leaders or CEOs. We like to think of ourselves as a movement of ex-Muslims and Muslim dissidents. Think of FFI as a front where various individuals converge their personal efforts, exchange ideas, communicate their plans, educate themselves and others and coordinate their activities. Membership to FFI is not by subscription. Anyone who joins the effort is a member.  

As for other activities outside the Web, we have a lot of ideas. Production of literatures and documentaries, supplying books to public libraries and schools and raising the public awareness about the faith motivated Human Rights abuses in Islamic countries are part of our plans. If you wish to invite a particular member of the FFI to take part in an interview or lecture about Islam, you may contact that person through our forum. Of course, since security is of high importance, we do not recommend our members establishing contacts with anyone unless they are sure that their safety will not be at risk.  

Kind regards 

Ali Sina 




Hi Mark, 

Congratulations on your excellent article in the NY Post on Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic relations.  Your assertion of progressive Western values being lost on Muslim cultures is very astute and with much merit.  Many in the West are ignorant of true Islam and let many Muslims in the West try to "educate" them about "true Islam".  However the real issue is that many Muslims do not know about true brutal Islam and need to be educated themselves. 

If you have some spare time, please peruse the website of www.faithfreedom.org  by Dr. Ali Sina of Faith Freedom International, who is a former Muslim.  Many times aggressive Muslims will say that non-Muslim critiques are ignorant of Islam.  However, Dr. Ali Sina is a former Muslim who reads and speaks Arabic (the language of Allah) and understands the Koran and Hadith (recorded actions of the prophet).  Dr. Sina shows on his website from Muslim documents such as the Koran and Hadith, all of the brutality associated with Islam that is based in scripture and actions of the Muslim prophet Mohammed.  

I strongly recommend to any individuals who doubt the brutality of Islam to read on www.faithfreedom.org, Dr. Sina's debates with Muslim scholars, which are printed in their entirety.  This way the reader obtains viewpoints from both sides and can decide for him or herself.  Dr. Sina as an Arabic reading, former Muslim, knows about the actions of Mohammed such as trying to have sex with a women the same day his forces killed her father and husband; how Mohammed told a woman that women are inferior to men in Allah's eyes since they have a menstrual cycle; that Mohammed instigated so many of the wars he had with his neighbors; how Mohammed said that hell is filled with mostly women; how Mohammed murdered people for no more than criticizing Islam, etc., etc., etc., etc. 

I hope this wealth of information and critical analysis on Islam assists you in any future writings on the topic that you might have. 

Please let me know what you think of the site. 

Take care, 







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