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Mr Ali Sina 

I am Aasma 20 from India ( Punjab ). I am mailing you to tell you that I left islam. 

Ok let me tell you how I came into my senses and got to know about the cult of Islam but first I would like to tell you that most of Indian Muslims are not fundamentalist and they do not support terrorist activities of any kind. As you know that Indian Muslim women now-a-days donít wear hijab. Most Indians are becoming atheists as time proceeds. I was never a religious freak. Most Muslims in our town ( Chandigarh ) donít wear hijab or even fast in Ramazan. So basically we are not fundamentalists but happy with Islam because we donít know the condition of women in Middle East nations and perhaps in Pakistan also.

Here Muslims donít know much about Islam. The 1st time I read Quran, I read it in your site. I knew about your site for a long time but I never used to check it and I was not also angry at you and I used to think why are you doing this? What happiness do you get if you do this? In our college we use to make joke on Ali Sina (you) and  Zakir Naik (who is called Dr skeleton in India ).  

But some day earlier I was watching my friend's mobile when I saw a video clip where a man wearing mask crying "Allahuakbar" and he cut off the head of a man using a knife and believe me that was not so good. That night I was not able to sleep. My mind was disturbed about the execution. So I decided to check your site and read the Quran (in your site) and I was shocked that my religion is so bad. I read some more articles in your website and also saw some pics of delhi blasts and I was completely shocked and I made my mind to quit Islam right now. Now I am practicing Hinduism (whatís your religion sir?)  

Like Buddha and Jesus, I too have no religion. But Hinduism is fine. There is no harm in following Hinduism.  

But I have some doubt about the Quran which you can answer (because we donít have any madrassa or mulla here) please answer... 

The verses and surahs in your copy of Quran are true or you made it yourself?  

Of course it is true. I always hyperlink the verses to the Islamic site that contains three translations of the Quran. You can verify the authenticity of the verses by clinking on them.


Indian Muslims donít know about the satanic verses of Quran because they never ever read Quran but people in Iran Pakistan and many other Islamic nations do read Quran and Pakistan has a subject called "islamiyat" which is compulsory for all so why donít they read these verses and know about the reality of Islam? How come you got to know about the truth?    

The brains of the children in these countries are poisoned by Islam little by little from childhood. Since no one can criticize the Quran if they find something wrong in it they can't say it. Everyone repeats the lie that the Quran is a miracle. Children who grow up in these countries become brainwashed. Their value system is so warped that they actually think all these evil teachings are good. You can say their conscience is numbed from childhood. I was no different.  

How did I find out the truth? Well, it took me many years of living in the West until gradually I came to see that the Western values of democracy and freedom of thought are superior. I also saw that the Westerners, whom I was taught to see with suspicion and distrust, were actually more sincere and better human beings than Muslims who were hypocrites. It is funny that Muslims call others hypocrite when this word best describes them. Jews in particular, whom I was told are the scum of the Earth, proved to be the salt of the Earth. I was told Baha'is are najis, but I found them very clean. Everything I had learned proved to be a lie. But the decisive moment came when I sat down and read the Quran. It was then that I, just like you, was shocked.  

What made me start campaigning against Islam? I was convinced by a 16 year old Pakistani girl who was burnt by her much older husband because she dared to talk to her male cousin with whom she had grown up. I saw her on TV. She was badly burnt and was moaning like a wounded animal. She looked at the camera and lifted her hand to say something, but nothing came out but more moaning sound. She died three days after she was videoed. She did not say a word, but I heard everything she wanted to say. She was looking at me and was talking directly to me. She told me, don't just cry, do something. I am doing what she told me to do. If there is another world, I am sure she is watching over me and giving me the strength to never give up.  


How can these Muslims of with an Islamic nation-background become so aggressive and kill human so happily? Whereas any Indian Muslim donít do any terrorist activities? Donít those Muslims fear from god? Who teaches them and why do their family members support them?    

See the above. As I said they are so brainwashed that they are convinced that what they do is service to God and they are very proud of it. This is what religious brainwashing does to people. They completely lose the sense of right and wrong and evil seem good to them. Your Dr. Skeleton in India is doing just that. He is brainwashing people with Islamic poison. Telling them terrorism is good and Muslims should be terrorists. If he is let to carry on, eventually even Indian Muslims will become as monstrous as others. How do you know the latest terrorist work in Delhi was not done by an Indian Muslim? Iranians were not always this savage. They gradually were poisoned and became what they became. Terrorists!   

I am very much confused about Islam but more than that I am amazed that the religion which followed for 20 years turned out to be the religion of evil.  

Confusion will pass soon when you learn more. However, consider yourself lucky that at the very young age of 20 you came to see the truth. Many people spend a lifetime and still donít get it.  


There is 1 more reason why I hate Muslim jihadis (like most Indian Muslims do), i.e. my cousin who used to work in Indian army was killed by Pakistani Terrorists in Kashmir and I AM VERY MUCH PROUD OF HIM.  

He used to tell me that he didnít like that Indian government doesnít teach Quran to Muslim students in India like Pakistan and other Islamic nations. But now I got the answer. Quran teaches ONLY hatred and 101 ways to go to hell. 

If Quran is the word of god then I prefer to go to hell with you, Hindus and Christians than to go to heaven (Islamic whore house) with Osama and other Islamic jihadis.


Donít worry, if there is indeed a God, he must be a God of justice and goodness. There is no way that he is going to punish good people and prize evil murderers. So if there is a hell, be assured that Muhammad is in the lowest pit of it and all the Muslims who followed him and did evil in this world are burning around him and cursing him for lying to them. Those other Muslims, who just believed in that psychopath but did not harm anyone, will be filled with regret and sorrow for wasting their lives following a mad man. Of course God does not punish people for just believing in a false religion. He only will laugh at their stupidity. But if God is God, he will reward all those who have done something good in this world irrespective of their beliefs. Beliefs don't count at all. What counts are our actions. None of those prayers, fastings and other stupid rituals will be counted. They are waste of time. They are useless practices for fools. No one benefits from them. They only cause unproductivity and contribute to more poverty. But every smile that you bring to the lips of your fellow humans will is counted.  


May god bless you and I assure you that you MUST go to heaven after death. Its 100% sure.  

Well, if there is a heaven, I meet you there.  


Keep up your good work. I will surely promote your site to all my friends and I request you to please make a Hindi/Indian version of this site on net to let Indian Muslims know what Islam is. They need your help 130 million Muslims need to know about Islam. They are not fundamentalist and are not dangerous to non-Muslims but Islam will lead them to hell after they die so we must warn them first.


I am waiting for a friend to create a PostNuke site (I have been waiting for this now almost three years. I hope this time it materializes. I am too dumb to learn new tricks and have no time either. So I rely on others.) Once this is done, everyone, including you can contribute and build the site in your own language. Then, of course, we would be able to reach to ten times more people.  


Sir, do you Know Dr Zakir Naik? He is an Islamic scholar and a perfect fool he looks like skeleton and 1 trivia about him is he is Indian. Yet few little Indians know about him but a lot of pakis and other citizens of Islamic nation know him. He is not that popular in India . Did you ever thought of having a debate with him?  

Many Muslims asked me to debate with him. So I wrote and challenged him to debate online. Someone on his behalf (or maybe he with an alias) wrote and said that if I raise the reward to $1,000,000 dollars and organize a conference inviting 10,000 people, he may accept the invitation. Now even a fool can see this gentleman is just a fraud and not a serious scholar.  

Take Care

Aasma Riaz  

You too take care and may God or whatever is up there bless you. Yes, please promote the site. We must reach to millions of people and wake them up. 

Ali Sina







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