Leaving Islam




Muslim protests 

We can let Muslims carry out their threats or kick them out before they do it. The choice is ours.

Shouldn't he be granted his wish? 

Muslims must be rounded up and sent to Islamic countries and Islam must be banned in Europe, America and Australia just as any hate groupie is banned.  

If such measure is taken, 90% of the Muslims in these continents will leave Islam. They are ignorant of Islam anyway. Once the truth comes out they will not want to be called by that name. The 10% or so who are seen in these pictures are the dangerous terrorists. They should not be given the chance. Our lives and the lives of our children are more important than their "rights", which as the signs clearly show, they do not believe in them anyway. Why they should have rights that they do not acknowledge in the first place and if given the chance will take them away from us?


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