Leaving Islam



 Paolo Bassi 

Collection of Essays 

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The Ingratitude of a Would Be Suicide Bomber  2006/05/16

The Iranian Identity Crisis: Islam v. Iranian Identity  2006/04/27

Islam, Apostasy and the Human Right to Freedom of Conscience  2006/03/30

Things Non-Offensive to Islam 2006/03/13

Mohammad The Unquestionable  2006/02/27

Anatomy of a Cartoon Protest 2006/02/24

The French Riots 2005/11/14

American Foreign Policy and International Islamism  2005/10/17

The Iranian Identity Crisis: Islam V. Persian Identity  2005/10/03

Divided Loyalty: Islam vs. The State 2005/29/22

The Danger of Islam in Post-War Iraq  2005/08/30

The Contradictions of Victim-Hood    2005/08/21 







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