Leaving Islam




Syed M. Islam  

Collection of Essays 

Islam and Democracy: The Crucial Questions 2004/06/15

Of Circus Elephants and Human Children 2004/02/10

Muslims and the Reality of Their Cognitive Dissonance  2004/02/06

Qurbani: Are There Other Ways to Share Fortunes with the Needy? 2004/02/01

Taqwa Attainment: Are There Other Ways Besides Fasting? 2004/01/08

Islam and democracy: the crucial questions September 16, 2003

Of Dialogue, Grace, Secular Laws, and Clash-prone Faithful Insistence    June 27, 2003

The soul in science: a case of unfuzzy sophistry?  June 17, 2003

Clash versus Dialogue: Actions Speak Louder Than Words May 30, 2003

Bridges TV: Building or Breaking ‘em?  May 13, 2003







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