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“Koran on Mountain”: Rebuttal to Islamic hypocrisy  

By Syed Kamran Mirza

Readers you please check any pure Islamic site, to your surprise, you will come up with the barrages of Islamic scientific claims in the Holy Quran.  I call them “Budoo science” of Arab Bedouin Allah. Maurice Bucailee by his utter dishonesty had created this ‘utopia’ of Islamic science which again made these Islamists crazy and hungry for Quranic science only to keep gullible Muslims in the darkness. Below is my response to such wishful Quranic science about Allah’s mountain creation.  

These dishonest and utterly hypocritical Islamists usually point out two benefits out of Allah’s mountain on earth. These are:  

1.      Mountain is like peg.

2.      Mountain works as stabilizers for the earth.  

Fact of the matter is mountain is neither a peg nor it prevents shaking of the earth. There could be nothing bigger lies than this claim. The above claims are utterly false and heinously nonsense. Both are scientifically wrong and simply ludicrous. Let us examine the Quranic verses about mountain.  

Why Mountains were created(?):  

In the following verses, Quran claims that mountains were set on the earth so that the earth never can shake when human being dwelt in it.  

(Quran- 21:31): And We have set on earth firm mountains, lest it should shake with them.  

(Quran-16:15):  And he has cast the earth firm mountains lest it shake with you…   

(Quran-31:10):  He created the heavens without supports that you can see, and has cast onto the earth firm mountains lest it shake with you…  

It is clearly understood that Quranic author was completely ignorant about the geological reasoning for existence of mountains. He believed that this Earth is like flat platform where mankind resides. He also saw that mountains are huge and heavy which have been placed on the earth surface like paper-weights or paper stone!  So, He (Allah) thought mountains actually prevent Shaking (Earthquake) of the earth.  Fact is, this particular reasoning for existence of mountains is a direct contradiction with modern geological knowledge.

      Ancient people viewed mountains as pegs.  This is just stupid and utter ignorance about the very creation of mountain. Mountains have pegged the earth with what?  We all know why how and where a peg is being used. Pegs are normally used to fix something against a firm support. We hang pictures/portrait in our drawing room using pegs with the wall. Tents are fixed using pegs with the ground so that they stand firm and so on. But mountains pegged the earth with what object?  Ancient people thought in the similar way, Omnipotent God created mountain to fix the earth from shaking/moving/rotating.  Thats why all in their scriptures mountains are described as pegs. Hindu scripture also have the same myth. Here is what RIK VEDA (Hindu Scripture) told many thousand years before generating Quran on earth.

"Sabita made this Earth fixed by different devices (like hills and mountains) and sustains sky without pillars so that it does not move" [RIK VEDA]

Now, should the mankind accept Hindu science, rather than Islamic science, as they brought that scientific miracle of “mountain” much earlier than Allah?

How mountain is formed?

Geology teaches us that movement of tectonic plates, volcanic force or earthquake itself causes mountains to be formed. Plate Tectonic changes are responsible for terrestrial ocean basins continents or mountains formation. Earthquake and volcanic eruptions creating pressure to compress Earth’s crustal rocks to form mountains. Fault zones tend be the source of earthquake. And tectonic plate movements shape continents, form mountains and generate the volcanism that continually renews the ocean floors. If some crustal plates are separating or rifting by the formation of a new oceanic crust, there must be other places on the planet where plates are crunching together. At such boundaries—tectonic plates can collide which can lift up the land to make a giant mountain.

The highest mountain, like Himalayan range was formed when the Indian plate collided with the Asian plate around 250 million years ago. It is believed that India was connected with Antarctica and Australia about 300 million years ago. Then the plate separated and the Indian continent started drifting northwards. When it collided with the Asian plate the sea level rose and the mountain range formed from the bottom of the sea. The evidence is that high at the top of Himalayan the geologists have discovered fossils of sea creatures. The other truth is that the Himalayan is the youngest mountain range in the world. It is not finished yet--the height of Himalayan Mountain peaks are still raising. The question of providing stability does not arise at all.

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