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Understanding the Miracles 

Dear Dr Ali Sina  

About the article A course in miracle on In brain washing? When you wrote (Feel good factor) I agree with you, that when it comes to religions, people follow religions for security  reasons, There is deferent between religions and spiritual, Ali I read your article to the end Please read mine.

I am a person that is hard to believe in any thing until I have the proof, but I keep my mind open for any possibility. May be you think I am a crazy or simple minded. but believe me What I write here is the heart of the Truth. I was reading a book of Sylvia Browne( Mother God) She Said that Virgin Mary is The Feminine God that part of One God(Male and Female)and her Name Azna, Sofia and a lot of name she is from the beginning, she appear to all nations every nation has a name for her. I was laughing at the book and skeptical, in her book said if you ask Virgin Mary for a favor ask for a sign, ask for roses; she love roses. I said why I am reading illogical book, then I said Please Virgin Mary, I need your help in so and so. and give me a sign as a flower or any plant, for curiosity. and proof, if there is nothing happened, that what she said is nonsense.  

Ali I am still holding the book and read when  a light brown circle on the clear glass table top on front me caught my attention, I though it is a dirty spot, when I tried to clean it with my hand the moment that I was close to the spot the spot changed to the plant on front of my eyes like drawing on the computer, by itself .The plant size  around 2", I was shocked I was by myself, every time I touch it gets bigger with branches and leaf on the branches like pine needle, I got a goose  bumps, then there is another lady came, and I asked her if she see the same picture or it is my imagination she saw and asked me what is this, because she put her finger on it and grow out with branches, I told her what is happened then my husband came, he is the most skeptical person on earth, He put his finger on it, it grows out big, when we remove our finger, it goes back to original size, and it stayed there until I left the work and disappeared, we didn't see it the next day. and what I asked Virgin Mary, believe me it happened. Mr. Sina I swear that it happened with me  and three people witness that. Can you explain this than the power of Miracles by God, he communicate with us in different way. I hope you believe Me.  



    Dear Jeanette  

Human mind is still an enigma. There are things that we do not understand and there are things that we reject as illogical. I do not deny that there are realities unknown to us. For example a few years ago across the world Hindus reported that the statute of Ganesh was drinking milk. This phenomenon was filmed and was shown in the news by several news agencies. A few months ago there was a similar case of Shiva drinking milk in Canada. I saw that on the news. The statute was not bigger than three inches, but it had gobbled liters of milk spoon by spoon. It was on CBC News and there was no spill. So what is the explanation of that? Am I to believe that the legend behind the Ganesh and Shiva are true? Does this signify that really there existed a boy whose father chopped his head and then regretting what he had done transplanted on this child's headless body an elephant head and the boy continued to live and these were gods? The answer is no.  

What about the strange phenomenon that you think you and your husband saw? Does that mean that Mary is indeed a holy personage? The answer is no. Why not? Because, Mary was not even a Christian! Mary never believed in Jesus. If Mary were a virgin, if she really had seen the Holy Spirit telling her she is going to give birth to the Messiah, as the Bible claims, she would have been the first to believe in her son. But she didnít.  

Look what Jesus said about her.

Jesus' Mother and Brothers

46While Jesus was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to him. 47Someone told him, "Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you."
48He replied to him, "Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?" 49Pointing to his disciples, he said, "Here are my mother and my brothers. 50For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother."

The same story is repeated in Mark 3:31-35  

From the above verses we can clearly deduce that at least until Jesus was alive, her mother remained an unbeliever. How can a person who gave a virgin birth and met the Holy Spirit telling her about her miraculous pregnancy not know her son is the Messiah?  

There are so many other evidences from the NT with which I could prove to you that Christianity has no divine source. Now that does not mean that I do not like Christianity. I love Christianity. I wish Islam was one tenth as good as Christianity.

Christianity just like all other religions is a fable, but it is a lovely one. I hope all the Muslims become Christians. But what you saw is not the proof that Mary was a divine being.    

So, you ask, ďThen what is the explanation? What should I make of my own experience which was real?Ē Let us say that your experience was real and not mental. If that is the case then it falls within the same definition of milk-drinking Ganesh and Shiva.  

What is the explanation to all these strange phenomena? I donít know! But I can guess. In future we may eventually find an answer to all these strange phenomena. My guess is that mind is capable of affecting the matter. Actually mind and matter are essentially of the same substance. I discussed this in my debate with the materialists so I am not going to repeat it. Is it possible that our collective subconscious create the illusion of something real? Yes it is possible! At a subatomic level, particles occur do not obey the Newtonian laws of physics or the Einsteinís theory of relativity. A particle can be in two places at the same time. It can be in one place before arriving there. These theories seem absurd but this is what the physicists are telling us. Thought is a wave, made of subatomic particles. In other words thought is made of matter. So it is possible that your thought was materialized. I do not know how to explain what you saw or the Ganish and Shiva drinking milk, nor do I understand them.  

As I said, people attribute miracles even to Khomeniís dead cadaver. Am I to believe that this monster, mass murderer was some sort of saint? Yet there are people who swear by his miracles. What they experienced, of course, had nothing to do with Khomeini. Likewise the disappearance of milk has nothing to do with Ganish and Shiva; and what you saw had nothing to do with Mary. 

Now let us say what you and your husband saw was real. I saw Ganesh and Shiva drinking milk and it was very obvious this was happening. The whole country saw that. No foul play was involved. The newsman from CBC lifted up the little statute and showed it was not connected to any tubes and the milk was simply disappearing in thin air. What this shows is that there is a reality of which we humans are unaware.  

I had a big fight with the materialists, who like the religious fanatics, deny anything that they do not understand. I am not a materialist. I acknowledge that the universe that we know is only a fraction of the universe that we do not know. All I am saying is, let us not jump into conclusions. Do not try to explain and interpret what you do not understand nor go to other extreme and deny what science cannot define. And here is where I part from religionists as well as from materialists. I consider myself a rationalist, a skeptic. I am not a believer. I do neither believe in religion nor do I believe in the limited science that we have discovered. But I trust the scientific method, because the scientific method is based on doubt. In science you are never certain about anything and you do not try to explain things you do not understand. 







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