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The Miracle of Ankh

This crab could be a miracle too. Here is the confession of the person who caught this crab:  

"On one of my sea-fishing trips I took some pictures of the creatures I found in my nets. Just the other day I viewed the pictures again and suddenly I realized that the sacred Egyptian Ankh symbol was clearly displayed (twice) on the back of this crab! Actually if you pay close attention you can see a human face is clearly marked on the back of this crab. I wonder if that is the face of the deity!

The Ankh symbol is one of the most powerful cultural and religious symbols of Pharaonic Egypt. The Egyptian word ankh means "life, to live". The symbol allegedly combines two forces, namely the cross being the male element and the oval being the feminine element (early Egyptian knowledge). These two symbols, the cross and oval, were said to be the two generative principles of heaven and earth and the Egyptian deities of Osiris and Isis, but it seems they have definitely something to do with sea-life as well.

The Ankh symbol:

... really makes one wonder...


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