Leaving Islam



Miracle or Fluke? 

Look at the following picture. What message do you think Allah is trying to convey here?

Is it yet another secret message from Allah to make Muslims go and kiss this? 


What about this natural stone formation at Thailand's Samui beaches? What message Allah is delivering here? 

Take the clouds in the background into consideration and you'll see a more dramatic miracle. Looks like this rock is having orgasm. (I am not sure whether these pictures belong to this site. But hey, why not? They are miracles of Allah) 

Ask your Imam what is the message of Allah here? 

Darn! I shouldn't have shown this picture. After all Muslims visit this site and they have wild imaginations. 

My dear Muslim friend, Believe me, these are flukes of the nature. Nobody is sending any messages. Only Muslims are so intellectually bankrupt that see messages in clouds, in trees and in tomatoes. God does not play these silly games. These so called miracles are embarrassingly foolish. They only make Muslims look naive, gullible and simple-minded. Why is it that one billion Muslims cannot produce a single intelligent argument in defense of Islam, and all they can resort to are some silly pictures that they call miracles? Isn't this, another evidence that Islam is a bankrupt religion? 


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