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The unexplainable event of Sep 11 has shocked the world and many in their desperation call for revenge. The following email is a voice of someone in deep stress, rage and anger.  

From: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 10:48:14 EDT

Subject: We will not finish the war this time - more to come.

Date: 10/10/2001 1:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: LarryP1315

First I want everyone to know that I am a staunch supporter of the United States and its military. What I hope to do with this post, in a very limited way, is to warn about the lack of resolve and a misunderstanding that I believe exists with the leaders of the World and the United States.

The problems as I see them are different than I've seen stated by any but a few commentators and none of the World's leaders. We are fighting a conflict between civilizations not just groups of terrorists. It is how the Islamic nations raise their children to hate us, that is the real problem. We are fighting Islam, because it fosters this type of zealotry. Nothing we can do short of establishing Islamic government's in the rest of the World will be enough. They are having difficulty adjusting to 21st century life, as our technologies challenge their beliefs and morals. The root cause of this problem is their religion, which does not value life the way we do and has as its founder a warrior.

I'm sure I'll be called a racist, but I disagree. When you have a single group of people who carry out acts of war you can make assumptions about why those characteristics foster these acts. Germany attacked its neighbors and a vast majority of Germans didn't support war, but there were characteristics of the German people that allowed them to be used as instruments of war. In the end all the German people paid the price for having a nation that allowed this evil to develop. We didn't stop to figure out why they were the way they were, just that these acts needed to be stopped and a lot of German people died as a result.

The same problem exists today. We have nations of the world that have groups of people that come from them who are attacking our countries. Those nations have failed to stop their own people and in many cases used them as political tools. War has been declared by these nations.

We are calling our actions a war, but are not fighting it as a war. We are fighting in a limited fashion. Fighting in a limited fashion as always failed. One only needs to look at the successes and failures of the previous century to see examples. We had limited conflicts in WWI, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. Only WWII can be considered a full scale war, where in the end we demanded unconditional surrender, resulting in the total destruction of the civilizations we were fighting, to get those results (part of WWII's results could be considered limited in that we didn't push the Soviet Union out of Eastern Europe, but we did eliminate the initial problem of radical regimes in Germany, Japan and to a smaller extent Italy). The limited conflicts resulted in totalitarian regimes that have further increased our problems and only left the tab to be picked up by future generations.

Does anyone believe that a suicide bomber couldn't bring a briefcase size nuclear weapon into any country on Earth more easily and with less people involved, than the most recent attacks on the WTC and Pentagon? The only thing preventing them from carrying out such a nuclear attack is the lack of access to nuclear weapons. The access to these types of weapons is a matter of time and is surely a certainty. So therefore we should treat the attack we experienced on September 11th as a precursor to a nuclear attack. To consider it as anything less, suggests that we can fight this war in a limited way. If we do, we will leave the price to be paid by future generations and that price will be much higher than that we face today.

We can kill all the groups of terrorists that exist today and we'll just have a new generation coming behind them, who will be better armed and more able to inflict damage on our nation. We will not solve this problem and make the World safe for democracies until the price paid by the Muslim nations is so great that democracy and individual rights sounds like a great idea. This, in my opinion will require complete and total devistation of those nations. This devistation will kill large numbers of people who have nothing to do with this war, but that is just the way it works. There is a historical perspective that shows us the way. Our actions in WWII that installed democracies in Germany, Japan and Italy and the wonderful freedoms and prosperity they now enjoy. Also the Roman Empire that conquered much of Europe, where they brutally destroyed their enemies, then invited the conquered to join them. Uncompromising destruction followed by incorporation. This fits human nature, and like nature can seem cruel, but in the end the results are better. By acting today we will save many many lives, both in the democracies of the World and the Muslim nations. I fear that we will not. So for those who may think I am a blood thirsty crazy man, I would like to ask a question.

Can you imagine what our response will be if a small nuclear device, say in the neighborhood of a 2 Kiloton device (blast radius probably about 1/3 that of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki 50 kiloton devices), were to wipe out

Manhattan and surrounding burrows of New York, along with say several other cities? Because if you are not willing to take care of the problem today, as unpleasant and as brutal as may be required, that is what awaits future generations.


Logical Warrior



Dear Logical Warrior, 

I believe you have a good understanding of the problem and the threat that Islam poses to the world peace and the lives of millions, if not billions of people. All what you said is true. If the Islamic terrorists get their hands on nuclear weapons they would use it unhesitatingly. A nuclear weapon does not have to be delivered by missiles, it can be smuggled into any country in a suitcase. 

However the solution that you are proposing is not only chillingly ruthless, it does in no way avert the disaster that you want to prevent but it rather makes it an imperative. 

As you know the terrorists are living here in your backyard and you do not know them. Do you think they will not revenge if you kill millions of innocent people in Islamic countries just because they are Muslims? The terrorists are not necessarily from Middle East. I have seen more zealotry among the American converts to Islam than any Middle Eastern Muslim that I have talked to or exchanged emails with. Believe it or not America could be blown up by an American Muslim Mujahid.  

This is not a war between the East and the West. This is not even a war between Muslims and non Muslims. This is a war between Islam and civility. This is a war of ideologies and it must be fought on ideological grounds. 

Don't ask the West to destroy the East. Ask the world to destroy Islam. To destroy Islam we do not need guns and bombs. We do not have to kill anyone. We need freedom of speech. We need the truthfulness in the Media. We need our voice to be heard by all the people of the world. Muslims are not terrorists nor they condone terrorism. They are decent people who want to live in peace and do not wish to hurt anyone. But Muslims do not know that Islam calls them to kill the unbelievers. They are not aware that Quran is full of hatemongering messages. They do not read the Quran and are not aware of its contents. They believe Islamic wars were fought in self defense. They think Muhammad was a holy man. They are cocooned in lies and they believe in those lies. The solution is not to send atomic bombs and kill them all. The solution is to tell them the truth. This costs much less, is safer and is less painful. 

And you better believe that Muslims will abandon this hatemongering cult if they know the truth. I am the living proof. And I am not the only one. 22 yeas ago millions of Iranians marched in the streets shouting "Death to America". They seized the American Embassy and acted like terrorists. Today, after the tragic carnage of 9/11 thousands of them came to the streets in show of solidarity with the Americans, they shed tears and lit candles. They marched and sang "Death to Terrorists". They were beaten by paramilitary forces of the Islamic regime and some were taken to custody. What changed in these 22 years is that Iranians do no more believe in Islam. 50% of them do not call themselves Muslims. And those are the ones who are the allies of America because they share the same humanistic values that the American have. 

My friend, do not call for blood. Call upon your government and the media to tell the truth. I read an essay written by Karen Armstrong full of lies about Islam telling that Islam is a religion of peace. It was published in Time Magazine Oct 1. I wrote a refutation to her and send it to that Magazine. They did not publish it. They did not even acknowledge receiving it. 

Here I have a suggestion for you. Do not call for killing a billion innocent people. That would make you look like you said, "a crazy man". Bombard instead, the media with protest letters and ask them why they hide the truth? Why are they protecting a hatemongering cult that aims to destroy us, them and everything else? 

Send my response to Ms. Karen Armstrong to all the other media. Tell them to be honest, do not play the political correctness game and do not gag the truth. Protest to Time Magazine for publishing the blatant lies of the Islamic apologist Ms. Armstrong while avoiding my refutation of her lies. Put to shame the media that plays favoritism and is biased because it fears losing support from its Muslim readers. Let the world know the truth about Islam and I promise you that in our own lifetime Islam will be eradicated completely. Truth is more powerful than lies just as light is stronger than darkness. Islam will not stand a chance when the truth is out. Millions of Muslims will abandon this cult in a matter of years. And all of them are your allies and friends. you do not have to kill your allies and friends. Just help them to see the truth.

Please join other freethinkers and discuss your views with them









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