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Aug 11, 2002

Dear Dr. Sina,

I would like to extend my praise for your site and your work. Unfortunately, growing up in America instilled in my psyche the sense that Iranians were nothing but bloodthirsty, illiterate savages hellbent on the destruction of civilized society. Since I was referred to your site (from a link provided by a gentlemen commenting on the "Real Islam" in Frontpagemag.com), I've learned the Iranians are truly the antithesis of fanaticism and a rich culture far superior to the "Arabic" one taught about in our schools. It’s fortunate that the U.S. has received so many of these extremely gifted individuals.

The other comment is about the work you do. We have been inundated with tales of Islam being a tolerant faith. However, I have learned some very sobering and horrifying truths per your site and others like it in version of Muhammed and atrocities past and present committed by Islam.

Phillip H.


Dear Mr. Phillip H.

First let me thank you for your kind comments about Iranians and what you said about them is true. With all fairness I have to say that the Arabs that I met were just as good humans as other nations. They are hospitable, friendly and kind. Yet the same Arabs invaded Iran and destroyed it, when they tried to spread the Islam, killing millions of us, looting and taking our ancestors as slavesFor decades and even centuries Iranians rebelled but each time they were subdued and massacred. But once we converted to Islam we too acted with the same barbarity as our victimizers. We started to kill, rape and torture and continued with this tradition of terror. Amazingly the same people who wrote the first Declaration of Human Rights 2500 years ago, took the envoys of the Americans as hostages for 444 days. During the course of last 1400 years we Iranians fought with each other and massacred one another in the name of religion. Millions of people died in senseless wars between the Sunnis and the Shiites and those who were not Muslims were dealt with even more harshness. Even up to this day the Islamic government of Iran stones its own people to death, cuts the hands and fingers of its citizens and plucks their eyes.

So I am afraid your opinion about the Iranians being “bloodthirsty, illiterate savages hellbent on the destruction of civilized society”, is not that far from the reality. Also those evil beasts who dastardly caused the 9/11 massacre and so senselessly murdered thousand of innocent people who had nothing to do with politics come from the same good-natured kind and friendly Arabs.

The point is that the evil is not in our nationality or ethnicity but in our Faith. Islam is the disease of the mind and barbarity is the symptom of this disease. The more a person believes and the more he follows Islam the more savage and brutal he becomes.

It would be a mistake to assume that Americans are immune to this disease. Once the American kids are infected by this disease, they would despise their own culture and would turn around and kill their own people. A good Muslim would massacre millions of his own people with no pang of conscience and would joyfully give up his own life while shouting Allah-u-Akbar in his way to his promised paradise full of fruit trees, wine and celestial virgins. A nice kid born and raised in America once converted to Islam finds himself defending the Palestinians, a people half a world away from him and unsympathetically brushes off the murders of the Israeli Jews, Kashmir Hindus, Pakistani Christians or the Sudanese enslaved people in the hands of the Muslims.

I have created this site not just to educate my own brethren and help them recover from this sickness of mind but also warn others of the dangers of Islam. My friend, do not let political correctness hinder you from telling the truth. The declaration of Human Rights allows anyone to believe in anything he chooses to believe. But the same document allows us to say whatever we want to say. Let’s use our right of free speech and speak out against Islam before Islam take away that right from us.

In India, a majority Hindu country, anyone can criticize Hinduism and no one will stop him. But India was the first country that banned Salman Rushdie’s books. In India you are not allowed to criticize Islam. In America and other “Christendom” countries anyone can write against Christianity, criticize it and even mock Jesus, but no one dares to speak out against Islam or make a movie showing the face of Muhammad. Do not let this happen in America or any country you live. Attack Islam, call the radio and TV shows when Islam is being discussed and speak against Islamic apologists who present themselves in the guise of “historians” or experts of Islam. Which Islamic country allows the freedom of Faith? In which Islamic country Jews, Christians, Hindus or Baha’is are allowed to promote their religion freely, have radio programs, build temples and invite others to embrace their religion? Why should Muslims be given freedoms that they do not give others in their Islamic countries?

No I am not suggesting banning Islam. I am asking people to drop the political correctness and speak the truth. If the truth hurts the “sensibility” of the Muslims, so be it. Let us care about the innocent victims of Islam. Let us be more concerned of those kids that are blown up in Israel on a daily basis thanks to suicide bombers first. Let us worry about the plight of the Hindus being massacred in Bangladesh first. Let us think about the safety of our own children and our own lives first. Damn with the "sensibility" of the Muslims. We cannot let them hijack our freedom, poison the minds of our kids, hate us while they live in our country and plan to mass murder us through our own resources. This political correctness must stop. Islam must be unveiled. Enough of lies! Enough of kowtowing the Arabs for oil!

But the culprit is not just the Media. The European governments are helping terrorism and are sleeping with the enemy. The thirst for oil has blinded them and they have put profits above Human Rights. The American Government has rightly declared the Islamic Republic of Iran an "Axis of Evil". Why do European countries continue to make deals with this Evil? Aren’t they thumbing their nose at Americans? Aren’t they aware that the Islamic Republic of Iran is financing Islamic terrorism around the world? Didn’t they hear the news that Iran shipped tons of armaments to Palestinian terrorists to blow up Israeli kids? Don’t they know that hundreds of thousands of Iranians are being tortured in their own country by this very brutal government that they bribe and with whom they sign juicy contracts? Don't they see that those hands that they shake  are stained with blood?

Who is going to change this? Who is going to make any difference? If you and I do not speak who will? I am an average person. May be you are too. We have no political power. But we can make a difference if we speak out. We have to speak against Islam. We have to tell the word that this is not a religion. Islam is a dangerous cult with one goal, and that goal is to take over the world and establish the Caliphate and the repressive rule of the Sharia. The method to achieve this objective is through Jihad. Islam sees the entire world as Dar al Harb (the land of war) and will continue to make war until it achieves its objective and reclaims the entire world as Dar al Islam.

Of course this is nothing but a pipeline dream but Muslims believe in this dream and they will not stop at anything to achieve it. This means that they will continue with their terrorist activities, that they will continue to kill us, that our lives is going to be in constant danger, that millions of us could perish with Islamic atomic or biological weapons of mass destruction, and that we shall not have peace. This is the price we pay for our political correctness.

The European governments, headed by UK, are making deals with Devil. They are so shortsighted that they do not realize part of the profit that Islamic Republic of Iran and other Islamic countries make goes to finance terrorism. The very terrorism that eventually aims to destroy them. But the sad thing is that Europeans do not deal with these Islamic terrorist countries such as Iran because they are naïve, they deal with them because they are greedy. It is up to the people to oppose these unholy relationships of their governments with the countries that are known to be the Axis of Evil such as Islamic Republic of Iran.

There is no difference between Iranians, Arabs, Americans or any other nation. We are all humans. We are all the same. We all have the same dreams, fears, sorrows, joys, pains, hopes and needs. What sets us apart are our beliefs—beliefs that make us hate each other. The worst of all these beliefs are those that tell us to kill each other. How can we tolerate such beliefs? How is it possible that we allow the proliferation of such beliefs? Why are our men and women of letter are silent? Why do some unscrupulous self acclaimed “historians” shamelessly defend such hatemongering beliefs and call it a "misunderstood religion"? What is misunderstood in verses such as this? 66: 9 "O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern with them. Hell will be their home, a hapless journey's end." Who are they trying to fool? Why don’t we all stand up against these lies and let the truth become victorious? “Only truth will set us free”. Why are we so fearful to offend a lie?

Write to the media, demand them to be honest. Send them a link to this site and tell them to report the whole truth. If 70 years ago enough people had spoken against the Nazism, millions of lives would have not been sacrificed in vain. We have to learn the lessons of history. Today we are facing a danger more devastating than the Nazism, If we do not expose this evil cult that is aiming to destroy the humanity today, tomorrow may be too late.

With my best wishes,

Ali Sina


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