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Prologue 2


Quran tells Muslims to kill the disbelievers wherever they find them (Q; 2:191), murder them and treat them harshly (Q; 9:123), slay them (Q; 9:5), fight with them, (Q; 8:65 ). It tells its followes to humiliate the Christians and the Jews and impose on them a penalty tax (Q; 9:29). It takes away the freedom of belief from all humanity and tells clearly that no other religion except Islam is acceptable (Q;3:85) and relegates those who disbelieve in it to hell  (Q;5:10), calls them najis (filthy, untouchable, impure) (Q;9:28) and orders the Muslims to fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left (Q;2:193). Quran states that the non-believers will go to hell and will drink boiling water (Q;14:17). It asks the Muslims to slay or crucify or cut the hands and the feet of the unbelievers, and expel them from the land with disgrace and stresses that “they shall have a great punishment in world hereafter” (Q;5:34). It says that for the disbelievers "garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowels and skin shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods” (Q;22:19). Quran prohibits Muslims to befriend their own brothers and fathers if they are non-believers (Q;9:23), (Q;3:28). It asks the Muslims to “strive against the unbelievers with great endeavor (Q;25:52) and be stern with them because they belong to hell (Q;66:9).  The holy Prophet demanded his followers to “strike off the heads of the disbelievers”; then after making a “wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives” for ransom (Q;47:4). 

As for the women the book of Allah says that they are inferior to men and if found disobedient their husbands have the right to scourge them (Q;4:34). But their punishment for disobeying their husbands does not end there, because after they die they will go to hell (Q;66:10). Quran emphasizes the superiority of men by confirming that men have an advantage over the women (Q;2:228). It not only denies the women's equal right to their inheritance (Q;4:11-12), it also regards them as imbeciles and decrees that their witnessed is not admissible in the court of law unless it is accompanied with the witness of a man (Q;2:282). This means that a woman who is raped cannot accuse her rapist unless she can produce a male witness. Muhammad allowed the Muslims to marry up to four wives (although he himself had a score of them) and gave them license to enjoy their "right-hand possessions" (women captured in wars) as many as they can capture or afford to buy (Q;4:3), even if she's married before being captured,(Q;4:24). 

The man who called himself the holy Prophet and a "mercy of God for all beings" did just that. Javiryah, Rayhanah and Safiyah were beautiful young girls captured when he raided the tribes of Banu a1-Mustaliq , Qurayza and Nadir. The prophet slaughtered their husbands, fathers and loved ones and slept with them in the same day he captured them. 





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