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The Problem is Islam, not Muslims

We have to make the distinction between Muslims and Islam. Muslims are people, human beings like you and I with the same goodness, hopes and aspirations that characterizes all of us humans; but Islam is the doctrine that teaches humans to hate other humans. Most Muslims know nothing of Islam. The average Muslim still believes that Islam is a religion of peace because the name drives from the word peace. Many Muslims believe that Muhammad was honest. They don’t know about the crimes committed by the holy Prophet and that he was a vindictive man who killed innocent people without any guilt. The majority of Muslims believer that Muhammad encouraged manumitting the slaves and don’t know how ruthless he attacked innocent people massacred them and enslaved their children and wives. They still believe that Muhammad married so many wives to protect them from “starvation” but do not know the details of his scandalous and rapist lustful sexual crimes. 

The majority of Muslims are good because they do not know Islam. And yes there are many good people and saints amongst them, but the credit should not go to Islam. Muslims are good despite Islam, and they are good because they do not follow the teachings of Quran

Those who come to know Islam, belong to two categories. One group finds Islam appealing and in accordance with their criminal nature. They kill people, torture their fellow human beings, become terrorists and practice the Quran and the Sunnah gleefully and shamelessly. You find them amongst the Taliban, the Mullah of Iran and the Islamic terrorists everywhere. The other group finds it appalling when they discover the truth about Islam and leave it. If you are a Muslim you have to ask yourself which category you belong? After learning the truth about Islam and seeing the evidence presented here you and I do no more belong to the “ignorant” majority. By Ignorance I mean ignorant of Islam. Now you know the truth about Islam and what is in Quran. If you choose Islam, after learning the truth about it, you choose a path different from those who value first and foremost human decency, truth and rightness. Here is where each person's true nature is shown. Here is where the separation between good and evil is made. You may choose to follow the good and abandon Islam; or you may choose to follow this dark hatemongering cult of killing and turn your back towards humanity and righteousness.

This is where we show our true nature. We all read the same hate laden verses of Quran and the same shocking stories of the crime reported from the Prophet. But our reaction is different. Those crimes do not go with my constitution and many other honest people. But some have no difficulty accepting them. Some of us are shocked to learn what Muhammad did to Safiyah, raping her after killing her father and in the same day that he killed her husband and many of her relatives; others feel nothing. Some of us are appalled to read the details of the first holocaust caused by Muhammad, the genocide and the cold-blooded massacre of the Jews of Arabia; others feel nothing. Some of us cringe when we read that the Prophet used to terror his opponents like a common gangster, showed no mercy even to a 120-year-old man or a nursing mother of 5, whose crimes was nothing more than composing a lyric spurning him. That does not bother some Muslims at all. We are disgusted when we're told that this man, the holy prophet of Allah, (peace be upon his immaculate soul) burned the tree plantations and destroyed water wells, that for him ends justified the means and that he broke every moral and ethical code to get at what he wanted. To others it may be the sign of a great statesman. Some of us shudder when we read that the Prophet invaded merchant caravans, plundered towns and cities, enslaved people, ordered raping of the women captured in his wars and enriched himself by stealing the wealth of his victims and selling them as slaves. To other Muslims all that is part of being a messenger of God. 

If that is how you feel, obviously you and I have very different values. The God I believe in is pure love. He does not kill, does not plunder, and does not curse. My God does not order rape, does not assassinate, He does not discriminate and does not call a part of humanity najis (filthy). My God is not the khairul makerin “master deceiver”, as he is described in Quran and is not a ruthless tyrant. He does not burn anyone is the blazing fire for eternity because s/he has failed to recognize him and to worship him. If after learning these facts, you are still a Muslim then for you all that is okay. It all boils down to who we are and what values we hold dear to our heart. 

If I believed in Satan, I would have said, Allah is the Satan for his deeds unveils his true identity and his satanic nature. But as it is evident, there are Muslims who do not follow Islam because it is good but because it reaffirms their values. Fortunately the majority of the people, who now call themselves Muslims, have different values than those taught by Islam. They believe in goodness, in kindness, in equality of all the people irrespective of their beliefs or gender. They believe in love not in hate and they want to embrace all humanity in amity, not kill them because their religion is not right. These people when learn about the true Islam will abandon it. And since this knowledge is spreading very fast, millions of Muslims are leaving Islam and this exodus is gaining momentum. Soon nothing will be left of Islam but a bad name and a sore memory. But not all Muslims will leave Islam. The criminals and those with hate in their hearts will remain loyal to Muhammad just as there are still neo-nazis who still hale Hitler. But their number will be reduced and their harm would be contained. 






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