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A year later: Are we heeding yet?  

By Ali Sina 

A year ago, on Sep 11, a group of Muslims killed thousands of civilians in the name of their god and for one reason alone: They were “non-believers”. Since then Muslim apologists as well as our politically supper correct politicians kept rehashing: “Islam is a religion of peace” ad nauseam. Anyone who believes that is a witling simpleton. 

A few days ago, in an article of the online magazine Al-Ansar, which is affiliated with Al-Qa'ida, a columnist identified as Seif Al-Din Al-Ansari discussed the Ouranic verse "Allah Will Torture Them [the Infidels] At Your Hands": http://www.memri.org/bin/latestnews.cgi?ID=SD41802 

The article is entitled “The Annihilation of the Infidels is a Divine Decree”. 

He writes: 
Regardless of the norms of 'humanist' belief, which sees destroying the infidel countries as a tragedy requiring us to show some conscientious empathy and... an atmosphere of sadness for the loss that is to be caused to human civilization - an approach that does not distinguish between believer and infidel... - I would like to stress that annihilating the infidels is an inarguable fact, as this is the [divine] decree of fate..." 

"When the Koran places these tortures [to be inflicted on the infidels] in the solid framework of reward and punishment... it seeks to root this predestined fact in the consciousness of the Muslim group, asserting that the infidels will be annihilated, so as to open a window of hope to the Muslim group..." 

The writer urges: “Muslims must not wait passively for the Divine Decree to just happen… but to do their religious duty and inflict torture upon the infidels.   

He carries on: "When Allah told us of the certainty of the annihilation of the infidels, He did not do so using ambiguous concepts. He clarified that this would be achieved in one of two ways: by means of a direct act of Allah... or by means of the Muslim group, which would, in accordance with the Islamic commandment, serve as an implement for carrying out [the divine decree], as it is said: '...Allah will torture them [the infidels] Himself or at our hands (Koran 9:52).'"  

"This is merely a belief, which, if unaccompanied by the words 'at your hands' that appear in the Koranic verse [9:14, 'Fight them and Allah will torture them at your hands'] - it will remain in the wonderful realm of ideas that float in the theoretical universe, and is like beautiful dreams that arouse conscientious emotions - yet, when we awake, we find that the infidel country still exists, falsehood is not destroyed [by itself] in favor of the truth, [except when] the truth goes into action..." 

The writer continues "By Means of Jihad - Allah Tortures [the Infidels] with Killing" "The question now on the agenda is, how is the torture Allah wants done at our hands to be carried out?... This torture will not, in any way, be carried out by means of preaching [Da'wa], because preaching is activity of exposure, aimed at clarifying the truth in a way that makes it more easily acceptable. Preaching has nothing to do with torture; Jihad is the way of torturing [the infidels] at our hands."  

In Britain another Muslim group called al-Muhajiroun, is planning to hold a conference "celebrating" September 11 highlighting "the positive outcomes" of last year's attacks. The title of the conference: "A Towering Day in History".  

Many Muslims are convinced that 9/11 tragedy was a great thing because it heightened the public interest in Islam. And surely there were fools such as the British tabloid journalist Yvonne Ridley who converts to Islam and validated this belief. This means that we should brace ourselves for more terrorist attacks because in the twisted minds of the Islamists the 9/11 carnage was a positive thing.

May be Yvonne Ridley, who already passed her primes is a lonesome soul in need of affection. Muslims are good in fulfilling this need by showering the new converts with care and making her feel the queen of the universe. But unknowingly these foolhardy converts encourage the rise of Islamic terrorism. In August 26, 2000 Springar Journal published an articled by Barry Bearak called Behind the Veil, a Muslim Feminist. This was the story of a young Malayan girl raised in an educated middle class family of doctors who became an Islamic terrorist after reading a book describing the conversion of the Western women to Islam. When westerners convert to Islam, the Muslims are confirmed that their religion is a true religion and they go practicing it, which of course means terrorism. Read this story here   

Of course 9/11 was a positive thing. Not only Yvonne Ridley converted to Islam, and the President Bush and Tony Blair declared Islam to be a religion of peace, also the University of North Carolina decided to use the taxpayers’ money to teach their freshmen  “The Early Revelations” of the Quran. Why the early revelation and not the whole thing? Because the early revelation was written in Mecca when Muhammad was still weak with few followers and like Jesus used to preach only good things. All the violent and bloody verses of the Quran are contained in the later revelations that were written in Medina when Muhammad became powerful. It was then that he launched his Jihads and went on his killing sprees to loot and promote the “true” religion of Allah by killing the infidels. 

Meanwhile the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is planning to launch a national initiative to “educate” the American public about Islam and to counter “anti-Muslim bigotry”. 

What are they talking about? The media, the press, and the politicians even some church clerics have declared unanimously “Islam is a religion of peace”, so why the CAIR is so concerned? They are concerned because the pubic did not buy that bull. “You cannot fool all the people all the time”, said Abraham Lincoln. Muslims’ actions speak louder than their apologetic words and despite all the attempts to deceive the public, a handful of not so politically correct Internet sites are attracting huge traffics because they are not politically correct and that is making the CAIR very nervous.


On one hand we have the Islamists who are trying to implement the mandates of their 7th century messenger of death and are planning to kill you, on the other hand we have the media and western politicians who keep sedating the public opinion with pure lies that Islam means peace. And now we have the CAIR launching a yearlong campaign, called "Explore Islamic Civilization and Culture," to “counter anti-Muslim bigotry”.

Islamic Civilization? What an oxymoron! Since when barbarity is called civilization? Islam is an anti civilization cult par excellence. It destroyed every civilization that it touched. It brought misery, poverty, ignorance and war in every country that it invaded.  

I wonder when the world is going to wake up and respond to MUSLIM BIGOTRY! Isn’t it time that we stopped this pee cee game and start looking at the harsh reality that the problem with Islamic terrorism is Islam itself? Is the mainstream media going to continue hiding its head in the sand until another catastrophe hit? It seems that the west is determined to deceive itself? Why? The truth is simple. Islamic terrorism is motivated by the teachings of the Quran. Read the Quran and you will see it for yourself where the terrorists get their inspiration. Islam is not a religion of peace. You cannot eliminate terrorism unless you eliminate the ideology behind it. It is time that we focus on the cause and not the symptom. It is time that Mr. Bush stop beating around the bushes, stop calling Islam a religion of peace and start calling a spade a spade. 


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