Leaving Islam





A Satire 

By Ayesha Ahmed 

Have you ever considered the similarities between Mongolian conqueror Changez Khan and Arabian conqueror Mo? If not then look at the facts:
Changez Khan told his people that  god Tengiri chose him as their leader had assigned him and his people to conquer the whole world  and that Tengiri  promised to help them in achieving their goal.
Mo  told his people that their god Allah had made him his prophet  and had assigned him to convert every one to Islam . He told them Allah had promised to send  angels to fight infidels and that one day Muslims will rule the whole world.
Tengiri said any community which did not go along with his order ,was  to be annihilated, their property  to be looted, their women to be enslaved and raped.
Allah said any community which did not convert to Islam was to be attacked , their lands captured, booty taken, people enslaved and captured women raped.
Changez got his revelations from Tengiri in his fits, his secretaries noted down what he said in his fits.
Mo got his revelations from Allah during his fits and his secretaries noted them down.
Changez and his hordes annihilated every community which resisted them, killed armed men, enslaved others and distributed captured women among themselves and raped
them. Changez got to sleep with the most beautiful ones and often slept with the wives and daughters of the enemy chiefs.
Mo and his hordes attacked every community which refused to convert, killed many, enslaved others, distributed captured women among themselves and raped them. Mo took the best looking one  and often the wife of the Chief (Rehana, Safia, Juavaria etc.)
Changez was known to have super sexual powers. He could sleep with many women every night.

Mo was known to have sexual strength of many men. He used to have sex with all his wives numbering more than ten and his concubines and slave girls in the same night.
Mongol hordes captured half the world in a short time, killed, raped and enslaved millions, all that  in the name of god Tengiri. 
Muslim hordes captured half the world in  in a  short time, killed , enslaved and raped millions, all that in the name of god Allah.
Tengiri had set very strict moral rules for Mongols to deal with each other but there were no rules when dealing with the enemy. They could plunder, loot and rape others but even petty stealing from or lying to  a Mongol was  punished harshly .
Allah did not mind looting caravans, plundering peaceful communities, massacring infidels and enslaving and raping innocent non-Muslim women but punished petty theft from a Muslim by cutting hands, drinking alcohol with whipping and adultery with a Muslim with stoning.
Changez and his hordes  sincerely believed that they were  doing god's work when they were killing plundering. He used to say to his victims that it was  god's punishment to them because they resisted and thus went against god's wish.
Mo and his hordes sincerely believed that they were doing god's work when they were killing and  plundering. Allah in Koran said, it is not you killing but it is god killing with your hands. He also said booty and captured women are halal for you.
Changez was an exceptional politician , and a brilliant military leader. He was able to unite all Mongol tribes in a powerful army . They came from all over to join hands with Changez to attack surrounding countries with blessing of god Tengiri in the lure of loot and enemy women..
Mo was an outstanding  politician and  a brilliant military man. His idea of Jihad was a master stroke in the human history. Live and enjoy booty and captured women. Die and go to heaven and have sex with perpetually virgin big bosomed maidens. Arabs came from all over Arabia in the lure of booty and beautiful women. At times he had to turn away potential jihadis.
Changez died at age 62 or 63 from long term effects of fall from a horse in one of the campaigns.
Mo died at age 62 or 63 from long term effects of poisoning during Khyber campaign.  
Doesn't it seem that Tengiri was the same Deity as Allah and Jehovah, and  Changez was one of the prophets like mo and Moses. Perhaps  descendant's of Changez Khan realized  it eventually and  after giving Mo's disciples a taste of their own medicine for many years, decided to convert and join hands  with Muslims , and went   after  India to do god's work there.







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