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Deception 101 

  By Mazdak 


I would like to share some thoughts based on logic and proven facts as well as universal spiritual values.

All points can be discussed as numbered to avoid confusion and chaos.

1- All universe is made up of matter, a physical state of existence that can be seen, felt and measured by scientific equipment. The Universe is also governed by natural laws, also called laws of physics, such natural laws are undeniable. There is also one law that governs all natural laws, some physicists call it the Ultimate Theory, the religious philosophies call it God. Indeed such law exists, and as all natural laws it can only be perceived by human mind.

2- No dictionary in any language nor any religion or philosophy has been able to define the meaning of life. Many definitions are present, indeed a life form can be suspended life form of viruses, single cell bacteria, plants, insects, groups of animals including humans and most possibly other life forms in other planets.

3- The beginning of the universe is unknown as of today. The beginning of life on earth is unknown as of today. Many scientific theories exist that prove the time lines, course of evolution and the interaction of living things. Many religions also claim that the life form was created out of nowhere and started with just one couple, no timeline nor any proofs and details are given by this theory.

4- Wherever we came from is not important now. Where we are and where we are going is important. We can only look back as far as we have the recorded history or what is called recovered history by means of research and findings. We know we are here indeed.

5- Our foremost and main instinct is survival. Starting from half-life viruses to complex organisms like humans. Feeding ourselves and reproducing is the main drive in life. Without which death will result.

6- Humans have developed minds on top of basic instincts, the mind can operate in different levels, the basic level is just to respond to threats, get excited over food, and get exited over sex which results in reproduction.

7- Humans are social animals and live in groups, such groups have developed into different tribes and languages and eventually nations and unions of nations.

8- Many rules have been made by different tribes also called the laws. All rules are based on the survival of the tribe, and also to counter the natural dangers.

9- Our mother planet earth has never been short on food or shelter recourses, however in many cases over and over again there has been shortages, there has always been diseases, natural disasters, accidents and also human enemies who often are after the recourses.

10- Our close-to-be-over-populated planet is a much smaller place now. Yet there are still many nations divided under different laws and constitutions. Some have been following a wiser rules and have prospered, guaranteeing their existence and well being and giving way to civilized existence. Some nations have taken a destructive path to selves and others, often bringing resentment and severe punishments from other nations upon themselves.
To see this clearly let's compare the earth to a small community. Everybody works hard in this community, they help each other in building houses, they produce and share good food, they have enough time to enjoy life and socialize, they teach their children the right ways of survival and social life essentials such as love and respect for others. Now in this community a few go bad, they don't share what they have, they deny everybody and assume themselves to be superior and too good to do any work for others, they refuse to work for themselves and a as a result of this anti-social, anti-human behavior they are resented by the community and left alone. The anti-social becomes more and more angry at the community and starts blaming the community for his own failures. He becomes an outlaw, he makes his own rules, he needs to survive but he has no recourses nor the will to work hard to provide for himself he has reproduced and raised anti-social children like himself , all in need of food he can not provide because he is not accepting the social rules of team work and sharing. He comes up with the idea of attacking the community and taking what he wants. he needs a gang to do this, a gang needs leadership and motivation, he passionately speaks of the hate of the community and how his failures are the result of the community all in deception. He promises food and sex for victory, indeed when his gang kills the enemy they van have his shelter and his food and his wife without having to work for it. Many followers in the gang seem to have a morale problem with this action, the leader now needs a brainwash system to justify his acts of crime. He picks his followers carefully and isolates them from any outside world communication and influence, he takes some teachings of the community and twists them to his liking to justify slavery and violence, he carefully works many rules into it allowing him to have absolute control, he can take any woman he wants, he can kill anybody he wants and he will always find enough civilized people to murder an plunder. He sets his rules, he has created the ideology of human parasite who feeds on others hard work. He takes his weapon and claims the absolute power, he claims this by saying only God is above him, meaning actually himself is the one and only dictator in the game and no other human can argue with him, he makes his point by starting to kill anybody who doesn't agree with him, "'surrender" or die he says. Indeed many die, and many surrender. The devil knows the main instinct is to survive. This starts the wars. The community who is the world becomes aware of this gang. The community also has it's own leaders and rules. the community believes in "following at will" not "surrendering to terror of murder." The community has been attacked.

11- Great Civilizations start to fall, Syria, Iraq, Iran, India, Egypt, Turkey, Northern Africa attacked one by one, all their men slaughtered, their cities burned down, their women taken all by force and all by wars. "Surrender" or die. Now they have been stopped by some greater nations. They have been stopped at India which to this day is being victimized by "surrender" or die tribes. They have been stopped at Russia and China and they have been stopped at western European borders, thus the hate for westerners. The "arab imperialism" has learned that there are more powerful and truthful nations out there who live in the light, who have freedoms and who prospered in many ways.
Now they have found the final recourse to attack and plunder. Now they have started anew wave of brainwash and recruiting to kill the rest of the world, to take their farms, their well built houses and their women. all by terrorizing them into "submission."

Now poverty and chaos rules the surrendered nations again, they are regrouping to attack the rest of the civilized world, blaming them for their own failures just like the original anti-social person did.

The free world is responding at it's best, taking many breaks in between trying to make things right and giving a chance to everybody to become a team player and learn how to take care of themselves and respect other nations, to live in harmony with the world. The good message is being delivered to the "deceived."
Many see the light and accept the truth, as everybody will survive and enjoy the freedoms, love and the good times in life. The evil thoughts of the past "deception" are forgiven and nations can live in peace in harmony again, there will be music, dancing and joy, little girls can be free again and play outside, they can chose their man and the hero. There will be no more fear of being tortured and killed if they don't "submit."
This is not a promise, this the reality, anybody can choose to live free and be happy.

However the deceived is not going to give up, he prefers to die and kill many innocents along with him as to carry out the task of satan. He does not want to take care of himself, the only way of life he knows is blaming attacking civilized nations. he lives in a dark world of fear, anger and hate.
He doesn't love and respect his wife, he only hates it when she doesn't obey.
He has no desire to learn, he just wants to kill anybody who disagrees with him.
He doesn't know what culture is, he is programmed to destroy all works of art and beauty.
He is a gangster after all.

But there is still hope for him.

12- Take Iran's example. 6.5 million refugees left Iran after they were forced to "surrender" by Khomeini and his barbarian gang. The executions and daily torture of tens of thousands of prisoners is a common daily task in Iran. For the 6.5 million who were lucky enough to escape, there is three times the number who stayed behind and are suffering in the hands of "sword promoters."

I am one of those lucky ones who escaped, me and my family and most of the friends that I know have denounced Islam, I no longer surrender to the sword. I have found true love and happiness, I have found true God in my heart. I am an American now, I love my country and my nation with all my heart and I work very hard to make it a better place for the children. And I will fight the evil when I'm needed to prevent what's happening in the "deceived world" from happening here.

I have seen enough murder, lies and injustice in Iran by arab imperialists to turn my back on them for ever.

I freed myself from "deception"


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