Washington D.C.: Knife-Wielding Muslim Slashed Woman at Union Station, Charged at Police Officer

3 Responses

  1. Man are you guys right. Free Humanity who wants to live in peace and brotherhood will never take their lands back without the biggest fight this earth has ever seen. These Islamist muslim monsters enjoy killing and that is what they are doing…Wake up world we are fighting for our very lives!

  2. stanley says:

    So George Bush was wrong for his Iraq war!!! With that man around ISIS would not even have a chance to lift its ass to allah. Every democrat should be assassinated for voting Obama in power.

  3. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Being knifed by a radical Muslim has now become our way of life, and we are still willing to bring more Jihadist Muslims to our country instead of bringing Christians who have been suffering by terrorist Muslims.