The Quran and the Siege of Paris

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  1. Lizzie says:

    The Koran is diabolical. Probably dictated by satan himself.
    Its full of get out clauses that enable muslims to terrorize,slaughter and murder with impunity.
    For Christians there are the Laws of God that state-Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not bear false witeness, Thou shalt not commit adultery etc.
    Mohammed would not include these laws of God in the Koran because they are abhorrant to satan and are the true message of the one God.
    Glad we still have Crusaders Chris,we need you.

  2. Mumin Salih says:

    Excellent rebuttal by Ali.

    May I share my views about this verse.

    Some Muslims may argue that some orders given to the Jews also apply to Muslims, if repeated in the Quran. However, verse 5:32 on its own, even without the verse after it, is far from peaceful. It is the exclusion in the verse that people tend to forget.

    The verse says: “Killing a soul EXCEPT FOR REVENGE OR FASAD ( un Islamic actions, like eating pork, dressing like Europeans, listening to music, homosexuality ..) IN THE LAND IS LIKE KILLING ALL MANKIND…”

    Maulana used the word punishment, it should be in revenge.

    In plain language: Killing is forbidden except
    In revenge
    Un islamic practices, potentially includes all non Muslims life style. The word fasad is not a well defined word. It is Arabic for rot. So it means rotten things, anything not nice, anything that Muslims consider bad. so it is up to Muslims to decide..

    Basically it is a licence to kill
    This what the leaders of the Islamic state would day if you confront them with the verse.

  3. Bassam says:

    Good work Dave.
    It really does boil down to: “is this book worth following?”

  4. Chris says:

    This is exactly right. So is this a Muslim apologist site or not? Islam is not a religion of pace, period. My faith, Catholicism has fought Crusades against you Muslims and I will personally do it again.