The Origin of the Term “Religion of Peace”

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  1. Nikki says:

    Dear Mr. Sina:
    What was the title of the book you read written by an islamic cleric (?) that was influential in you leaving islam? I remember you said the title of it in a old article but I do not remember the title.

  2. chrisla07 says:

    Re: Sayed

    This responder, above, admonishes Ali Sina because he isn’t an Islamic scholar, so he is not in a position to comment on the Quran. Yet Sayed provides a totally false rendering of Al Kafirun (Surah 109). He says it explicitly states that to everyone his way and there is no compulsion in religion. Here is what the Surah actually says: “Say, ‘Unbelievers, I do not worship what you worship, nor do you worship what I worship, nor will you ever worship what I worship. You have your own religion, and I have mine.'” This Surah was “handed down” in Mecca, when Muhammad had only a small following of converts. It says nothing about freedom of religion, and the “no compulsion” Surah is actually 3:83 (later abrogated by 2:256). I would say that Sayed’s statement about Islam are “profoundly incorrect,” to use his words. BTW, the Quran must be the only book in the world, that readers need the help of scholars to understand. That makes a lie out of the statement in the Quran, Surah 5:15, “. . . there has come to you [People of the Book — Jews and Christians] light and a clear Book from Allah.”

  3. Phoenix says:

    Oops, I posted the comment below on the wrong page.

  4. Phoenix says:

    @Sima et al,

    Here’s a few points to consider for Sima or anyone else supporting Islamic immigration into our Democratic nations:

    – You ex-muslim Atheists are either forgetting or purposefully disregarding the fundamentals of the Quran and Hadith; i.e. Waging Jihad and subduing non-believers.

    – You might claim that most muslims are not terrorists because of your own personal experience with them, yet you ignore the fact that the moderates give the fundamentalists their moral support and most fundamentalists were once moderate.

    – You ex-muslim Atheists, like all other Atheists, claim to be Skeptics as well, yet you are not skeptical of the moderate muslim claims, “who only want to live in peace with jews and other infidels”.

    – You ex-muslim Atheists who side with the Left claim to be intellectually and morally superior, yet you cannot recognize the multicutlural paradox created by Leftists;
    You believe all cultures are equally great, even the cultures who wish to devour your culture. Those who hate western culture must be imported en masse and special arrangements must be made to accomodate the annihilators.

    – You people claim to be intellectually superior but your brain cannot fathom the fact that Islam is not a race. You need to believe this lie because a) you cannot defend your position logically and b) it’s the only weapon that you have against your opponent and that is to label false charges of racism against him.

  5. Anandkumar says:

    Islam means “Ïshmaeli-tribe”. for more information please visit at

  6. Ali Sina says:


    Vatican has long been taken by Satan. This pope is now an instrument of Satan.

  7. Sayed says:

    Thus, in regards to your statement that if a muslim converts to another religion he should be killed is totally wrong, although Iam not a scholar but only a practicing muslim. Refer to surah Al Kafirun whereby, the quran explicitly states that to everyone there own way and that there is no compulsion in religion and only the time that a person who converts become a danger to the muslim community and implements hostility and war that he should be killed. Furthermore, ever human being has been given a choice by Allah to accept tge truth or not and that they will ultimately answer to him and will be accountable for there actions. Moreover, it took prophet mohammad 23 yeats to convey the divine message with the aid of the creator and is written in superior arabic language and translations at times does not provide the actual meaning, especially arabic to persian or english and diligence should be taken. On the other hand, in order to understand the quran it should be read in entirety with the assistance from scholars to be able to effectively and efficiently comprehend and interpret whereby, I can observe that you are not in the position or have the experience, knowledge to do so. So, therefore, from this point onwards I will provide feedback and try to clarify in writting your misconceptions about Islam and the prophet becuase it seems that you only want to discuss issues in writting only. Additionally, I also believe that you have been hurt profoundly in life and are trying to take your anger in this manner but are not realising the damage to the entire human race and are contributing to disunity as opposed to harmony and peace which we need and posterity needs.

    Muslims are being portrayed as war mongers advice me as who has waged these wars in the middle east, palestine. Poor Palestinian people are living in worse conditions for the last 50 years than animals, who has imposed such brutality on them, there children and the wealth and resources of the muslim world is being looted in front of the the so called champions of democracy and nations are turning a blind eye and are labelling muslims as the culprits. Dear Ali, open your eyes to the chapters of history whereby, history is the wisiest of the judges and fairly draw conclusions becuase future generations will judge your analysis, evaluations.

  8. Sayed says:

    Thus, I have been reading your statements about islam which are profoundly incorect. Furthermore, you are interpreting hadiths and the quran incorrectly in order to justify your arguments which are biased and out of anger and your own misunderstanding. Moreover, just becuase of you misunderstanding of islam does it make Islam incorrect.

    On the other hand, you are also judging islam on how muslims are behaving and cannot comprehend that islam cannot be critisiced for the mistakes of muslims. Additionally, you also stated that Dr. Campbell had won the debate against Dr. Zakir Naik and I spend four hours watching the debate whereby cambell himself accepted defeat and ciuld not reason abd made a joje of himself which I will post a copy on your site in order for people to observe your lies, manipulations becuase if you can maje a such a big lie about tge debate where everyone can access on you tube than you are a manipulator, liar and can only persuade with your lies ignirant and uneducated people. I would like you to answer this simple question, just a brief point, propget mohammad stated 1500 years ago that the sun and the moon are in orbit, while the western world confirmed in 1800s by Galilei through tge aid of a telescope and prior to galilio the world including ancient greece, rome, persian empire were worshipping the sun, moon.

    How could a men in the middle of the desert discuss astronomy with such precision 1500 years ahead of his time. The holy quran is full of scientific qoutes which was discussed in rhe campbell naik debate where zakir naik discussed. The scientific qoutes in the quran with such accuracy are nit an accident which is only beung confirmed today by science as opposed to otger books such as bible. This is evidence that the qyran is the book of god and prophet mohammad the messenger.

    Why are you not taking zakir naiks proposition of a life debate like campbell wh was trying to run away but couldnt. Are you scared and are making silly reasons to manipulate ignorant people. Throughout history life devates have been tge only successfull means of debating issues and if you dint have anything to hide should come to the stage like a men.

  9. Shankar says:

    Dear ali sina
    What are your thoughts on VATICAN POPE ?
    For me he seems more like a mulla than a pope .
    For muslims hardly below 5%,he says islam is part of soluton,when it will reach 20%,he will say islam is religion of peace ,then at 50% he will say ,islam is the solution to life and above 50% VATICAN is islamic state .Is he not disgusting ? i hate him more than obama and hillary .Please shed some light