The Ideological Roots of Radical Islam

Jacob Thomas

Consultant on Middle Eastern affair/ Columnist

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  1. Manuel Franco says:

    That’s a very nice article Jacob. I must admit I didn’t knew much about the history of the TMB, or Qutb; especially their role in the proliferation of most current terrorist organizations… Qutb obv wasn’t stupid. He omitted those critical thinking parts on purpose. He did not only knew they were incompatible with his system intrinsically; but that they could lead to his followers applying said discernible thought patterns to his absolutist and dogmatic point of view. Which would obv crumble when doing so. On itself Islam isn’t as explicitly bad as I’d like it to be. And it’s because the same ambiguous and personal interpretations apply as in any religion. Sure it’s hatemongering; but so it’s the Bible on some parts. So obv the real problem arises when people start following an extremist interpretation by some alleged leader, “wiseman”, or “enlightened one”. For if you need someone else to obv tell you how to live a righteous life, then by def you’ll never truly become a righteous person…