The definitively fake Covenant with the Monks of Mt Sinai


ECAW is an Englishman who started looking into Islam after the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in 2013....and the more he looked the worse it got. He blogs at ecawblog

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  1. ECAW's blog says:

    Jon – Yes, Pact of Umar 1 Covenants 0. The former is firmly embedded in Sharia but, not surprisingly, there is no hint of the Covenants, or the Constitution of Medina as far as I have seen.

    BTW if you haven’t come across Craig Considine he is worth looking up if only to marvel at his “true belief” in this nonsense:

    He is second only to Morrow in his enthusiasm in spreading the word. He used to tolerate my challenges in his comments section, though with never an attempt at a rebuttal, but eventually he banned me, with every justification.

  2. Jon MC says:

    Very nice ECAW.
    You’ve pointed out three anomalies in the document which definitely cast doubt on its authenticity.
    And there is another point:
    If this really was originally written when claimed, then the doctrine of abrogation would apply, since Allah’s final commands viz-a-viz the people of the book, including (implicitly) the rejection of all treaties with them (Sura 9) had not yet been promulgated.
    Thus the covenant would be abrogated in any case.

    Then there is the simple practical point that there is little evidence of these treaties being enacted at any time (or even today) in the Islamic world, but one can find weekly (if not daily) occurrences of the enaction of the restrictive clauses of the Pact of Umar against (notional) Dhimmis.

    Thus we can conclude that the majority of Muslims think (insofar as they actually do ponder the point) that it is the Pact of Umar that is genuine and the covenants of ol’Mo that are fabricated.

    Hence, ECAW, you have shown by your bit of research why most Muslims disregard them (as well as your being in line with mainstream Muslim opinion).