Sujit Das

Sujit Das lives in Mumbai (India). He is the author of several articles critical of Islam and two books "Islam Dismantled: The Mental Illness of Prophet Muhammad" and "The Allah Delusion". He can be contacted at [email protected]

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  1. Walter Sieruk says:

    The above title “The deadly Allah virus” is very fitting . So just pretend for a moment that Islamic god “Allah “ really does exist and is not just a false pagan god. Than this means that he is a very vicious malicious god of death ,if he does exits . For this Allah delight and was happy when all those people who are not Muslim, ,Kafirs, die. For the god of Islam likes it when non-Muslims [Kafirs] die . About the god of Islam ,the television Imam Suliman Satari said “Annihilate the Infidels… Allah count them and kill them, to the last one and don’t leave even one.” Furthermore Imam Abu Hamza Al-Masri said “What makes Allah happy? Allah is happy when Kafiers get killed. [1]

    . The above words of these Imams reflect the example of Islam’s prophet and the teachings of the Quran. “Muhammad now fell upon them [the Jews] slew all the men, nine hundred of them…”[2]

    Moreover, the Quran reads “When ye encounter the unbelievers strike off their heads, until ye have made great slaughter among them. Verily if Allah pleased, He could take vengeance on them without your assistance, but He commandeth you to fight His Battles.” 47:4

    In short, these Imams and their murderous prophet with their bloody Quran show the world what Islam really is. After all, Jesus did teach “by their fruits you will know them.” Matthew 7:20. [NKJV]

    [1] The disc documentary OBSESSION: RADICAL ISLAM’s AGAINST THE WEST

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    Many time the “deadly Allah virus has been terribly infected into ,minds , hearts and souls of many young and impressionable boys in Islamic mind programming centers.

    Those Muslim mind control places where Muslim males are thoroughly indoctrinated into the strong but blind and unquestioning faith in Koran with all non-watered down; hard core Islam with its militant jihad. Those places, “schools,” are called madrasas. In those Islamic mind programming centers young Muslim male are ingrain in the mindset Koranic dogma of the use of violence and killing for the advancement of Islam. As the Koran instructs. As in, for example, in 2:191. 9:5, 123. 47:4. Many of those who of such center are so much damaged that they are literally dangerous to self and others. As seen many times in jihad suicide, homicide bombing/attacks. For the Koran instructs in 9:111. “The believers fight in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain, they kill and are killed.” Furthermore, those mind programming places also ingrain the outlandish absurd Koranic doctrine of a sex-filled paradise with many virgins, houris, in it for the Muslim male who dies fighting for the cause of Islam in the jihad. Such a strange doctrine of a houris filled- place in found in the Koran in 44:54. 55:56. 78:31. Moreover, such Islamic mind programming centers are further explained about by the scholar Don Richardson in his book SECRETS OF THE KORAN which on pages 69,70 informs the reader that “The world needs to be warned. At least forty million Muslim youth in the Muslim worlds’ religious schools, called madrasa, are avidly memorizing the entire Koran … These schools become breeding grounds for potential terrorists. When male students, isolated from family and friends in madrasa, reach puberty and their hormones are active, there are no girls to date. Instead, Muslim clerics easily shift to focusing the male student’s attention on Koranic verse that promises sex in heaven with dark-eyed houris. Students can only fantasize about martyrdom followed by the sexual release Muhammad promised. This is an unspeakably cruel brainwashing technique, and the Koran is its perfect

  3. Face_The_Truth says:

    Deadly Islamic virus causes faithful Muslims to sell their valuables in order to visit the one and only fictitious Islamic Allah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

    Because, world’s Muslims believe that, fictitious Islamic Allah lives in Saudi Arabia!

    So, every year world’s many Muslims from world’s poorest countries sell their valuables in order to pay a visit to the fictitious Islamic Allah.

    Sujit Das may like to call this phenomenon due to the incurable Islamic virus that transforms basic logic and human conscience upside down in every living-breathing-Muslim.

    Annual Hajj was in fact a great revenue-generating source for Saudi Arabia before the discovery of crude oil in the vast Arabian Desert.

    Islam’s founder Muhammad the Arabian did not know that, his birth-land had the largest source of world’s crude oil; otherwise, the one and only fictitious Islamic Allah did fail to mention that geological fact in al’Quran!

    Here are some interesting quotations:

    ‘“Every time I got some money, I changed it into Saudi riyals and added it to our Hajj savings, regardless of the fluctuation of the currency,” Jaber said.

    But even those savings were not enough to send them to Mecca, and so he implored his wife to sell her gold.’

    ‘Saeed Bashateh, 58, went to a more extreme measure to reach Mecca with his wife. He sold the home he inherited from his forefathers to pay for the trip.

    “We were forced into selling our old house as I realized I can wait for ages collecting money for Hajj,” he said.’


    Islamic virus is a very potent virus on earth, in my humble opinion.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No meaningless ranting at this section, please.

    Please read the article and put your valuable comments. Please don’t divert serious readers’ attention with irrelevant matters, such as Christianity-Islam comparisons, hate speech etc. If you like the article, please share it on Facebook and other social media. Let the truth spread.