The Day of Judgment is Gone

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  1. Hawking Eye says:

    Has anyone gone up and returned to tell story about their experience there? On the lighter side: Ten people who died the same day were at God’s gate. His representative asked how many of them were married and not married. It was five for each group. The representative then said since the married have experienced hell they could go to heaven and the unmarried should go to hell.

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    Islam is a f=religion of my misogyny too the most extreme and cruel extent as can possibly be.

    As shown the Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a kingdom of callous brutal misogyny of the most heinously heartless kind there is.

    An example, only a few years ago in Saudi Arabia a girls dorm caught of fire, the girls naturally rushed out of that dorm that was on fire . In their hast to escape the flames they forgot to take and put on their face veils.
    Those Islamic state police of Saudi Arabia with this totally unreasonable and heartless Islamic mindset forced all the girls back into the dorm that was on fire. Only because they didn’t have their face veils. So all those girls did a horrible painful death .This is worse than tragic and sad, this is the murderous misogyny of the Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Islam is anti-female in doctrine. Likewise such an Islamic misogynistic spirit is seen by the harsh,oppressive brutal and even murderous actions of Muslim males to females , both girls and women .