The Complex Nature of Middle Eastern Problems

Jacob Thomas

Consultant on Middle Eastern affair/ Columnist

5 Responses

  1. Ali Sina says:

    @AntiNwo How about we stop lying about Israel? Israel has not helped either side as no side is on the side of Israel. They only help Israels have give is medical help to those who come to see it and they don’t ask which side they are.

  2. Ali Sina says:

    @ Tolerance.

    Why do you think it was harsh to hand that land to the Jews? The land belonged to them so they repossessed them. After the revolution in Iran several people lost their homes. Now if this regime is toppled, would it be unfair to restore the houses of these people to them or to their inheritors?

    Please read the history of Palestine. Several orientalists who traveled through that land in the 19th century wrote it was a desolate empty land.

    The Arab inhabitants of Israel came from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to work for Jewish settlers and after the formation of Israel they taught Jews should not build their county of a land once conquered by Muslims.

    You don’t have to believe me but you should believe this guy.

  3. Tolerance says:

    Sina, I find Islam repulsive. But Israel and Palestine issue should have been handled better by the UN in 1948. It was harsh to hand the land to Israelis (Jews or any other people) like that without a referendum of the population in that land. What is your thought?

  4. AntiNwo says:

    @Ali Sina,how about Isreal and Us stop aiding terrorists in Syria and Iraq to destablise Assad regime?Is it too hard for you to comprehend or are you delusional?Zionist will never want a stablised middle east..Isreal and It’s puppet Us government’s support to terrorists in FSA in syria attest it..

  5. Ali Sina says:

    Thank you Jacob. This is a superb insight into the Islamic mind and why Muslims will never accept co-existence. Frankly I can see only two solutions. The first is that Muslims leave Islam and the second is that they should be expelled from non-Muslim countries.