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Islamabad Trying to Silence Me?

The Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has recently spearheaded an international campaign to silence all criticism of Islam worldwide. This bold move is no departure from Islamic law (Sharia) or the teachings of their prophet, a seventh century pedophile, slave trader, warlord and village idiot, named Muhammad.

So it comes as no surprise that sooner or later I would find myself in the cross hairs of such a campaign. WordPress, whom I pay to host my blog, recently emailed to inform me that Pakistan demands that this American citizen obey Islamic blasphemy laws. Failure to do has a penalty of life in prison or death.

Can Islam be reformed?

   This question has arisen often enough for it to merit examination. The short answer is ‘no’. Changing already long-established doctrine within Islam is strictly prohibited.    My intention is...

The Ramadan Bombathon Begins

Ramadan 2017 has arrived, which means that we’re going to see a massive number of terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Allah. The “Religion of Peace” website keeps a running...

Afghanistan—Before 9/11

Part 1, Chapter 4   Afghanistan—Before 9/11     To watch the courageous Afghan freedom fighters battle modern arsenals with hand-held weapons is an inspiration to those who love freedom....