Rapist and Thieves

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Which scripture is genuine and from the real God?


  2. Face_The_Truth says:

    Dear readers:

    Sanatana Dharma says that, humans (i.e., Homo sapiens) show 3 inherent behavioral tendencies.

    They are Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

    To give some simple practical examples here, let me cite the followings.


    There are humans on earth who will not knowingly and willfully commit a crime of violating others’ rights either physically or via any other means no matter whatever the consequences.

    For simple elaboration, if you keep your doors unlocked, no one will enter your house or no one will touch your belongings.


    There are humans on earth who will knowingly and willfully commit a crime of violating others’ rights either physically or via any other means ONLY IF there is a given opportunity of not being caught and punished by the society at large.

    For simple elaboration, if you keep your doors unlocked, one will enter your house if there is no consequence of being charged with burglary.


    There are humans on earth who will knowingly and willfully commit a crime of violating others’ rights either physically or via any other means REGARDLESS of any or all enforceable penal or embarrassing social consequences.

    For simple elaboration, even if you keep your doors hermetically locked, one (i.e., a burglar) will enter your house by breaking your lock(s) regardless of all the laws written in the books.

    So, it is obvious that, Sanatana Dharma correctly identifies human traits.

    However, when I look into Judaism and Islam, I see that both Judaism and Islam promote Tamas tendencies inherent in humans (i.e., Homo sapiens).

    For further elaboration, fictitious “Jealous God”-made laws of Judaism and Islam allow sex-slavery and pedophilia even when sex-slavery and pedophilia are considered heinous crimes in our man-made laws or man-made legal system(s) today.



  3. Just_Passing_Thru says:

    By the way, rapist & theif who believes Jesus is the God, is gonna go to paradise. So what’s so noble about Christianity?…”
    That’s not true if a Christian commits evil against his fellow man then he’ll enter paradise. The Bible clearly says if you claim to love God but harm your brother or sister then you’re a liar


    1 John 4:20, CSB: “If anyone says, “I love God,” and yet hates his brother or sister, he is a liar. For the person who does not love his brother or sister whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.”

  4. Face_The_Truth says:

    In Islam, giving away 7-year-old Muslim girls in Islamic marriage is widely practiced in Muslim-majority countries, where marrying an underage girl by an older faithful Muslim male is considered Soon’Nah by all faithful Muslim men.

    Soon’Nah is considered more praiseworthy in Islam than the mere written words in al’Quran!

    ‘Under Saudi law, which is based on Islamic law, or Shariat, mothers generally retain day-to-day custody of sons until they turn 9, and daughters until they turn 7, while fathers remain their legal guardians.

    But Saudi courts prioritise ensuring that children are raised in accordance with Islam. According to court documents, the judge accepted Ms. Vierra’s ex-husband’s arguments that she was unfit to raise Zeina because she was a Westerner, and furthermore, because she ran her own business, a yoga studio, leaving her with little time to devote to her child.

    “Since the mother is new to Islam and a foreigner in this country and embraces customs and traditions in the way she was raised,” the faithful Muslim judge wrote in his ruling, “we must avoid exposing Zeina to these traditions.”…

    Saudi authorities granted Ms. Vierra residency in March after The Times wrote about her situation. At that point, she and her ex-husband had agreed that Zeina would live with her, with weekly visitations for him. But matters soon deteriorated, and her ex-husband began pursuing full custody in court.

    The ex-husband told the court that Ms. Vierra, who is from Washington state but moved to the kingdom in 2011 to teach at a women’s university, did not speak Arabic well, and that she was an atheist.’



  5. Saket -the-Charvak says:

    Mohammed lived in the broad day light of History.His all actions are well documented in the History.The girl Ayesha has written her life experience with Mohammed and it is called Hadite Hazaratey Ayesha..The Mullas ,Momins and Ulema’s were well aware of the actions of Mohammed,so they did not want it to get revealed to the world at large.They brought the blasphemy law to prevent the real bad deeds ,actions and nature of this pervert Mohammed from leaking into public domain.However the social media has become biggest curse for this primitive cult Islam and its founder illiterate pervert Mohammed today.Though i am not a christian yet i keep Jesus at highest pedestal of human conscientiousness to be followed by each and every one to develop an harmonious society. One god or multiple god ,why i have to believe in god,i myself an atheist and follows the path of Buddha..I am now in my thirties,and earned wealth with my knowledge and efforts ,though i am born in an orthodox family where god occupies the central stage in every decision of life ,yet i did not allowed any god to interfere in my life.I am happy with my life because i don’t want to harm others by actions or by deeds or have desires to appropriate others wealth in the name of god or creating fear in the minds of others in the name of god.This illiterate pervert man Mohammed took his altar ego Allah’s help to do all kinds of bad deeds against fellow human beings the world had ever witnessed.

  6. Himel says:

    Excuse me. Who is blind!
    I’ve clearly written the czs behind the marriage of the Prophet sm in my comments. If it doesn’t satisfy u , u can ask me more. I can write fr months. If it still doesn’t satisfy u ask the muslim experts. If u hate a community then It’s ur way bt don’t call bad names to others. U r not God & others r not bad as devil, that u spread hatred towards others dening the truth. By doing that u r not gonna be famous or most profound human (The 100; Michael Hart) like Mohammad sm nor gonna earn blessings frm Jesus (PBUH).

    I invite u to my house. Come & compare ur life with mine, lets see who is polluting the world more. Then judge the Prophet sm. U should respect him like muslims respect Jesus. Muslims r human beings & u r nothing more. The way u speak filthy words proves that they have a better mentality than u. They respect Jesus a lot.

    Mohammad’s character was good enough to conquer the heart of billions of peaple in 500 yrs less than Jesus. Thousands of ur wester men & women becoming the follower of Him sm leaving Churches. What did this man offer to force ur people to follow Him. Isn’t saying “Believe Jesus & and ud enter paradise” making ur people characterless & criminals, accelerating the number of converts to Islam? Think of it first.

    By the way, rapist & theif who believes Jesus is the God, is gonna go to paradise. So what’s so noble about Christianity? Todays Christians r more criminal than the muslims. Then who’s better.Think. Christians r the teachers of todays child raping, not Mohammad.

    May u realise the reality.

  7. Saket -the-Charvak says:

    Mohammed was pedophile ,the nature of pedophile is that they want to establish their cluster of ego over vulnerable young one’s.and this happens with old age.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Himel is blind and has filthy mind. Muhammad choose young girls for sex enjoyment, he was lusty. See below, very clear ‘selected because of beauty’. Why would God want a 51 year to marry a 6/9 year old? For what reason? It was Muhammad who made up the excuse of being being told by Allah to marry a child, to justify his filthy mind. This is only way a lusty man can justify such filthy feelings. He also did the same to marry his daughter in law, very filthy. if an old man wants to help a child, he can make her into his daughter and take care of her with love in a parental relationship, he should not marry her and fxxx her brains out. This is not love, but filth.

    “Muhammad selected Safiyyah because of her beauty, made her his wife and gave a banquet at the wedding; then he had sex with Saffiyah at Sa`d-AsSahba..” (Sahih al-Bukhari 4.52.143)

    Safiyyah was 17 and Muhammad was 57 at the time the above took place (Ibn Hisham, page 766).

  9. Himel says:

    If Prophet sm had lust, then He sm would look for more attractive women. U should know tht the Arabs offered him the most attractive woman of their region. He sm didn’t even look at the offer. Before Islam it was easy to have (suppose) 30 wives+ 50 sex slaves+ free access to prostitutes fr prominent persons.
    Islam came by restricting the number of wives to 4 (Before that no religion set this restriction), abolishing the idea of sex slaves & illegal sexual activities.
    Prophet sm was the world’s most popular figure at that time. Even the king of Rome,Hercules, was worried if He sm captured his kingdom. Such a prominent figure (Prophet sm) was offered the best of women & wealth. If He sm was lustful it was the prfect time fr Him to get what u’re claiming. He married some woman fr a greater interest. He was over 50 when He sm married other wives except Khadiza ra. If He sm had bad intention, He sm would have married while He was 20-30. It’s very logical. What is not logical, a lustful person marring an much older widow when he’s in his 20s, & waiting fr 30 yrs to become 50 and express his lust & how! by marring older than him, widowed or less attractive women.
    The marriage with Ayesha was to teach her about Islam puerly & spread it amonst tge women. That’s why she narrated the most number of hadiths from the women.

    Islam never says to marry off ur daughter with a much older person & this idea is supported by the Grand Shaykh of KSA. The cause fr Prophet sm to marry Ayesha at 9 was done fr the sake of His Ummah, NOT LUST. Child marriage & sex with child r both prohibited by the Sunnah of the Prophet sm. Ayesha ra wasn’t a child,& she decided to stay with the Prophet sm. She was chosen by Allah to be a wife of the Prophet sm. After this it is discouraged to marry off a girl with someone much older than her. The marriage with Ayesha was ‘khas’.

    & who is the daughter-in-law ur talking about? Zaynab bint Jahsh ra was His cousin.She was first married with Zayed bin Harisa ra(NOT THE SON OF MOHAMMAD sm). To know the cz behind marring her, read Tafseer Ibn Katheer.

    And stop ill feeling about others. It will just fill ur mind with dirt, not peace.

  10. Anonymous says:

    To justify a 6 or 9 year old marrying a 51 year old is very sick indeed. Why would a religious man want to marry young girls? The only reason is sexual enjoyment, nothing but lust. A lusty man should never be called a man of God. The prophet also married his daughter in law, very sick indeed. Islam is for sick people.

  11. Himel says:

    Prophet sm was the most beautiful person and even in his 50s he didn’t look old. He had the strength of 30 strong men. I would say forever young physically & mentally.
    Foget about 6. Ayesha ra was married at 9. 6 was the time when her father decided to marry off her when she would be able to give decision. If Ayesha didn’t want to marry the Prophet sm the marriage would have been cancelled. There r many authentic narrations as a proof.

    We know from Ash Safa’i that marring off girl without her desire is not permissible. A person should be married off if delaying it causes miss to clear opportunities fr him/her.
    Ibn Shubhruma said,this view is the correct one, that the father should not arrange a marriage for his daughter until she reaches the age of puberty, and when she reaches the age of puberty he should not arrange a marriage unless she gives her consent.

    From the words of the Muslim fuqaha’ concerning this issue, it is clear that marriage of minors is based on achieving clear and real interests thereby. If marriage of a young girl will serve some very real interest for her, then her guardian may arrange a marriage for her, but if no real interest will be served for her by that, then he does not have the right to arrange a marriage when she is still a minor, until she can choose for herself and give consent.

    That is not a transgression against her rights, as may be said with regard to the trustee’s handling of the orphan’s wealth; it is permissible for him to buy and sell on his behalf without obtaining his consent, if that serve a clear and real interest and is more beneficial for him and his wealth.

    The view concerning young boys is the same as that concerning young girls; it is essential for the guardian to take into consideration what interests may be achieved for the minor thereby.

    This is applicable in all cases in which Islam gives permission to conduct affairs on behalf of another and gives guardianship of another. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

    If a person has authority to handle the affairs or wealth of another, either as a guardian or by appointment as a proxy, it is not permissible for him to do whatever he wants; he has to choose that which is in (his ward’s) best interests.

    End quote from Mukhtasar al-Fataawa al-Masriyyah, 796

    The Prophet sm married Ayesha fr a great interest fr the believers. He also didn’t favoured marring off a girl before puberty. He refuged to marry off His young daughter with old person. The condition fr his marriage with Ayesha was ‘khas'(don’t know the english of it). U can’t blame the Prophet sm or Islam fr that.

    Dear Mr. anonymous learn islam from the authentic muslim scholars, not from the one who hates it & makes normal matters difficult to understand. Muslims don’t hate others like u do. The don’t call bad names to Jesus, Moses or Marry. In Islam they r the most respected persons. So why do u behave so rude with the peace loving Muslims?

  12. Anonymous says:


    “It was the norm of that time to engage offsprings in such an age”

    It was normal to wed a 51 year to a six year old?. This can only be in a barbaric uncivilized culture.

  13. Himel says:

    And yeah, Gabriel never said a rapist would go to paradise & enjoy. I’ve explained it in my first comment.
    Allah says, He is the sovereign of the day of recompense. Quran (1:3)
    Is not Allah the most just of judges?(95:8)
    Its clear that everyone is to suffer for their sins. No rapist can go to paradise until he is punished justly. After his hellish life if he has something good to offer then he can go to paradise.

  14. Himel says:

    Dear Anonymous
    U didn’t get the scenario.
    Suppose, just suppose, I kidnapped a girl & made her a slave of mine, I use her as I like, & I rape her everyday, just to show others I say that she’s my married wife.( oh yeah, I’ve also killed her husband).
    After some days/years I die. Now what would that girl do?. She would say, o my husband was so good,so modest etc.!
    No, she would do the opposite. She would kick my dead body & my other family members. Isn’t it?
    Ofcourse. Now, If Prophet sm did the same thing it would have been the same scenario. Bt the reality is that Safiyya ra knew she will marry the Prophet sm after the marriage with Kenana.(Do u know Kenana used to torture Her?)Safiyya ra never got upset upon the Prophet sm after marriage. Moreover, she loved Him & His family. She gifted jewelry to the daughter of the Prophet sm. – Tabaqat 8:127.
    After the death of the Prophet sm, she was so much upset & said Innalillah. How can an oppressed woman do these activities? U can’t say she didn’t understand what’s oppression. Cz she’s already grown up & understands. She’s just 23 when Prophet sm died. If she really disliked Him, she would’ve just gone away with someone after He sm died. So what forced Her not to do that? Indeed, it was Islam, it was khulook of the Prophet, it was love towards Him.
    Now about Ayesha ra.
    It was the norm of that time to engage offsprings in such an age. Ayesha ra was already engaged with the son of Abu jahl. Bt when Abu Bakr ra became a muslim that marriage was cancelled. Mohammed sm saw in a dream that Ayesha ra would be His wife, as Allah has chosen her fr that. So He told Abu Bakr ra about this & Abu Bakr gladly accepted this proposal. From then Ayesha ra was brought up to become a perfect wife by her family. She liked the Prophet sm from chlidhood. At the age of 9 she went to the Prophet sm.
    If that was oppression then the non muslims of that time would have opposed this act. They didn’t. Cz Arabian girls grow much faster and it was the norm of the time.
    Now u say that she was so young & she didn’t select the Prophet sm as her husband so this is oppression. Well maybe she was so young at that time, bt eventually she grew up. Isn’t it? She lost the Prophet sm at the age of 18. Now she’s old enough. If she felt that She was oppressed & deprived from her rights then She would have at least ask for it. Bt she didn’t. Cz she was ignorant like Safiyya ra. Is it? Nope. They were both wise.
    There were many Hiqmah behind marring a young one. First of all, marriage doesn’t only mean sex. There’s no evidence that the Prophet sm only did that from the beginning. Look at the sirah & ud know the Prophet sm built a good romantic relation with His wives so that they were always happy with him. U talk about his age. Do u know He sm had the strength of 30 strong men? He was more beautiful than the Prophet Joseph (PBUH).
    U understand that ur wife is not only fr sex. The Prophet sm also knew this.
    The actual reason for Ayesha’s reason was to save hadith of the Prophet sm. That’s why Ayesha was the most knowledgeable amongst the women.

    If u love ur wife, & marriage doesn’t only mean sex to u, then I hope ud understand the Prophet sm.

    Nb. I can write for months, bt I’m busy in my academic study so I’m stopping for now.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It’s incredible how ignorant and deceptive Muslims are. The hadith quoted in this writing is 100% clear evidence of rape and theft being approved by Gabriel, the deliverer of the Quran. This site has unlimited evidence of barbaric Islam, still Muslims cannot see the truth. The Muslims are truly in the hellish condition of massive ignorance blindness to the truth.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dear Himel

    A 6 year girl cannot complain because she is too young to know anything. It’s sick to justify a 51 year marrying a 6 year old. Also to marry the daughter in law is very sick.

    Another example of rape. Safiyyay was a married woman and her husband and father were killed by Muhammad before he raped her.

    “Muhammad selected Safiyyah because of her beauty, made her his wife and gave a banquet at the wedding; then he had sex with Saffiyah at Sa`d-AsSahba..” (Sahih al-Bukhari 4.52.143)

    Safiyyah was 17 and Muhammad was 57 at the time the above took place (Ibn Hisham, page 766).

  17. Himel says:

    Dear anonymous,
    I know what I’m talking about.
    In islam even having friendship with opposite gender(except husband/wife) is haram, It’s crossing the limit. So how can u think raping( which is more & more serious than having a chat with a gf) be halal?
    U may use some narration to show the world that Islam promotes raping. Bt u should know that u have to use authentic references & also look for the Salaf, how did they understand the text. Cz we came 1.4k years after them.
    Now u talk about Slavery & raping most of the time. As far as I know Chistianity & Judaism also supports slavery. So why Islam is only questioned for that. Islam says in this century there can be no slave in the world, whereas western world is familiar with slave girls who only work for sex. Bt in the muslim world if it was like the way u speak, then the muslims would have a lot of slaves as sex worker. Bt there is no existance of slavery in 21st century according to the authentic scholars. If someone says I have a slave, this means he is a Jalim & a major sinner. Christianity can promote slavery, not Islam. Rather Islam teaches ,in many places of the Quran & hadith, to stop slavery.(Remember slavery in Islam does not mean sex workers. It means war captives). In hundreds of narrations ud find it is ordered to free slaves for any misdeed. So everytime islam tries to minimise this act. & there a thousands of proofs behind this whereas in Chistianity it is even promoted.

    Now let’s talk about raping. I hope it would be enough fr u to understand.
    In a hadith mentioned in Saheeh Bukhari says, a companion(ra) got angry on a slave, as that slave was careless about her work, & just slapped her. Instantly the Companion went to the Prophet (PBUH) & told him the matter. The Prophet sm was very upset on him & ordered the companion to free the slave. – Saheeh.

    Now u see, if it is a major sin just to slap a slave how can raping be permissible. If ur own wife refuges to stay away from u, it is haram fr u to force her. How can u say raping is halal? U totally gone wrong. The narrations u take as evidence r either unauthentic or u didn’t understand the meaning correctly.
    Now let me tell u one thing, if raping was permissible then the number of rape would have been greater in the muslim community than the western world.
    So stop fooling around.

    About the marriage of Ayesha(ra): obviously she wasn’t raped. If that happened she would make a complain against it, or after the death of the Prophet sm She would’ve married someone else. What type of raping was this that she was unable to think of other persons even after she is totally free?
    What is forcing the western women to accept Islam? Indeed they have found something that u guys don’t wanna understand.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Know the truth, based on the what the scripture teach and not on the hopes and wishes of people. Don’t follow the ignorant and deceivers, follow the truth.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Dear Himel

    You have been deceived.

    “In islam, if someone rapes, is in great trouble. Cz he has not disobeyed Allah bt also harmed other creation( that’s one of the greatest unforgivable sins in Islam)”

    Islam orders women to be taken captive and raped. Please read the many posts on this site with unlimited proof of this. The founder of Islam himself married a 6 year old when he was 51 and started having sex with her when she was 9 and he was 54. This is rape. No 6 year old child would voluntarily marry a 51 year old. No 9 year old would voluntarily want sex with a 54 year old man.

    Islam orders animals to be killed and eaten. You cannot say harming other creatures is sinful based on Islam.

  20. Himel says:

    I don’t know how u would take this, bt I’m keeping it simple.
    I have started to watch some both islam & anti islamic videos on youtube. So I’m not professional.
    Why don’t u think like this? Suppose, U r a national criminal & u r prisioned for 14 years. In the meantime, if I ask u what’s ur nationality? May be ud say American. Criminal bt still an American. So after the imprisonment u would still have ur proper rights as an american. Isn’t it?

    Now islam, christianity both says believe in Allah or Jesus(PBUH) & ud enter the paradise.(So, the christian priests also teachs us to rape, huh?) Nowadays, I know many Christans fornicate(not rape) & still think they r forgiven.Is it legal in chistianity?!!!
    Let alone rape, Islam is serious about fornication. In the narration, it only says about fornication (which is a major sin in islam & the sinner will go to hell. After the punishment is complete he might enter paradise.).In islam, if someone rapes, is in great trouble. Cz he has not disobeyed Allah bt also harmed other creation( that’s one of the greatest unforgivable sins in Islam). So in the narration The Prophet (PBUH) does not promote raping or any other sin. Cz they r sins. Sinner goes to hell, that’s what Islam says(unlike Chirtianity where if u believe in Jesus(PBUH) u r totally forgiven even if u rape ur own sister). In Islam things like that r cursed.
    So we can say Chistianity, Judaism or any man made constitution might promote illegal acts bt Islam is much more strict to this. Killing people by the name of jihad,robbing,stealing,raping or even intimacy with opposite gender(except ur wife) if she(gf or whatever) agrees to do something with u etc…. are not any part of Islam. U will obviously go to hell for this according to the texts.
    That hadith is authentic according to the muslims, I’ve tried to explain the real meaning & criteria of it in above after reading a dozen of hadiths related to raping & other mis-deeds.
    U can’t just say all the Muslims r foolish with just using a hadith out of nowhere .
    May the Holy Creator bless us and stop sreading hatred towards other communities.

  21. Walter Sieruk says:

    Those Muslims who are so cruel ,violent despicable as to rape girls and women is, to many informed people very disturbing but not surprising. Still,there are some nave and uninformed people who might , understandably, when finding out about this be shocked and then stop and wonder and then ask “Just how can those Muslims,being so very religious , also at the time also be so very malicious , vile, unfeeling and misogynistic as to commit brutal sin and crime of rape ? “ The answer to that question is found in the Bible. For the Bible teaches that there are some people who are extremely heartless, cold, callous and dangerous because they have had “their conscience seared with a hot iron.” First Timothy 4:2. [ K.J.V.] In this case of the members of ISIS this “hot iron” is Islam.