Prophet Muhammad phobia- Prophet Muhammad syndrome

Jake Neuman

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  1. Walter Sieruk says:

    Just today, 10 /2619, I revived Facebook notice that it removed my posting because it went against their “community standards . In reality I violated their pro-Islam unofficial position, yet Facebook still makes the claims that it “objective” when it comes to postings. Therefore that clam of Facebook is a false claim.

    In fact there is nothing in my posting, below, that is hateful towards Muslims but it’s written in the Christian spirit of wanting to show Muslim the truth. As the apostle Paul had once written to some people. “Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth? “ Galatians 4:16.
    Maybe the Facebook chiefs don’t want Muslims to know the truth!

    So the below is my posting that that Facebook and they violated their “community standards

    “With Islam so much in the news and in such great power in some countries, as Saudi Arabia and Iran, it’s a good thing to define what Islam really is .Of the many ways Islam may be described, one of them is that a religion of denial. Meaning that Islam denies that Jesus is the Son of God. As in the Son of God Who is God the Father. Furthermore, Islam denies the Jesus is God the Son. In addition, Islam denies that Jesus is God. Before going over these three denials of Islam it first should the stated the Bible instructs the way to tell if a prophet or religious teacher is really from and of God or not is do the teachings and doctrines of that prophet of teacher really fit in accord what is found in the Bible ? For if that prophet or teachers and teachers doctrines that are in contradiction to the Bible then that prophet is a false prophet and that religious teacher is a false teacher and thus in doctrinal error and darkness.

    Likewise if a religion had teachings and doctrines that are in contradiction that is religion is in error also part of the world of darkness and is therefore a false religion. As the Bible instructs in Isaiah 8:20. “To the law of the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” [K.J.V.] With this clearly stated, three things should be known.

    First, that Islam denial that Jesus is the Son of God is in great contradiction to the teaching of the Bible . Which reveals the Jesus is the Son of God? As seen in ,for example Matthew 3:16,17. 16:15,16. Luke 1:35. John 3:16-18, 36. First John 2:22,23. 4:14,15. 5:12,13. Second, that Islam denies that Jesus is God the Son is in strong contradiction to the Bible. As found in Hebrews 1:6-8. With emphasis on verse 8. Third, Islam’s denial that Jesus is God is in great contrast to the doctrine and teaching of the Bible. That Jesus is God may be found in ,for example, John 1:1;3. Colossians 1:15-17. 2:9. Romans 9:5

    Second , to further discover that the Bible teachings that Jesus is God all a person has to do is to compare the Old Testament with New Testament to see that Jesus is God. As in comparing Isaiah 45:22,23. with Philippians 2:5-11. Also by comparing Psalm 89:8,9. with Mathew 8:23-27. will reveal that Jesus is God. Likewise, by comparing Psalm 62:5-7 . with First Corinthians 10:4. shows the Deity of Jesus. Even by comparing the News Testament books together will show that Jesus is God. As in comparing Romans 14:12. with John 5:22. will show Jesus to be God. The list can go on but this should be enough, for all who are willing to see the truth, that Jesus is, indeed, the Son of God. That Jesus is God the Son and that Jesus is God.

    Third, the imams and mullahs as well as the other apologists for Islam will try to “explain’ this all away by making the claim that the Bible had been corrupted by Christians ,through time, and that’s way the Bible reads as it does. This claim, very much, underestimate the Power of God to protect and preserve His Word ,through time , and to keep in intact and away from the corruption of men. In conclusion, in light and information of the Bible in can be seen that Islam is a awful and terrible doctrinal error concerning it teaching about the Nature of Jesus and therefore Islam is part of the world of darkness. So Islam with its strong contradictions to the Bible is a false religion, Proverbs 14:12. So all dear Muslims are thus invited to leave the false religion of Islam and come the and receive the Jesus of the Bible who is the only way to heaven, John 14:6. and the True Light of the world. John 8:12.

    To reply to the many apologists for Islam with their many claims to support Islam there’ the Christian site

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    This Faithfreedom article is a reminder of the information revealed in the book THEY MUST BE STOPPED by Brigitte Gabriel because on page 171 the reader is informed that “Control of behavior and disregard for human life are key elements in Islamic ideology.”

  3. Walter Sieruk says:

    Slavery is a heinous part of Islam is a topic that the apologists for that religion don’t like have people bring up .Nevertheless one writer revealed that “The senior clerics of Saudi Arabia’s highest body declared “Slavery is part of Islam and whoever wants it abolished is an infidel.” [1] Likewise, a former Muslim had exposed in his book that “Slavery is recognized as an institution and slave is considered both a thing as a person.” [2] In addition, two Christian writers in their book had also informs their readers that “Islam has enslaved more people than any other culture.” [3] Therefore Islam regardless of what the apologist for this religion do claim has no regard for human rights

    [1] THEY MUST BE STOPPED by Brigitte Gabriel page 187
    [2] THE ISLAM IN ISLAMIC TERRORISM by Ibn Warraq page 85
    [3] Jesus and the Jihadis, by Craig A Evens and Jeremiah J Johnston page 125.

  4. Walter Sieruk says:

    It’s a good idea not to take at face value the claim that the word Islam means “peace.” For example, the ENCARTA WORLD ENGLISH DICTIONARY copyright 1999 defines Islam as “submission” based on the word “aslama” meaning “he surrendered.” Given the definition it’s an odd phenomenon that after about fourteen hundred years starting on September 12, 2001 the meaning changed from “submission” to “peace.” It’s very well known that if the police are questioning someone and he changes his story something is wrong.

    Nevertheless, when it comes to Islam no one gets suspicious of the change. The jihadists brag that they will win the war against the West by using the Western ignorance and naive gullible mindset on the subject of Islam against us. It seems that they do have some basis in that claim since so many Westerners are beguiled by the Muslim disinformation campaign