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Treaty or Trickery?

Sher Khan


Far…far…away, there lived a tiger and a group of deer. One day, the tiger was trapped in a hunter’s cage. The stupid deer--instead of taking advantage of the situation, they made a treaty with the tiger. The tiger agreed to all conditions and promised to never hurt the deer unless any of the deer caused harm to the tiger. They wrote the agreement on leaves and both parties signed. It’s an actual event, and so far no historian has denied this fact.  

Now don’t look at me suspiciously. If ants can talk (Q27:18), if a palm tree can cry and if a dead man can talk after rubbing the flesh of a ‘YELLOW’ colored cow (Q2:69,73), characters of my story have every right to be read and written.  

Several months later, the peaceful tiger went to drink water from the lake, where a healthy deer was grazing. The tiger stared at the deer for a few minutes. Finally, keeping his ravenous eyes on the deer, he shouted, “Why did you muddle the water that I was going to drink?” It was a surprising question for the deer. “I did not go to the water today,” the deer answered innocently. The tiger thought for a second, then presented an Islamic logic, “Well, maybe it was not you but your grandfather must have done it, which is a violation of our treaty. You are trying to harm me because I cannot drink this muddy water now.” After making such a brilliant excuse, the tiger killed the deer and enjoyed the feast.  

Mohammed, the cunning and shrewd warlord of the seventh century, made many treaties when he was weak but conveniently broke them, just like the tiger did, when the time was ripe. In most cases, straw man Allah had to send Quranic verses to justify his spellbound deception and hypocrisy.     

The Treaty of Hodaibya is a significant event in which Mohammed played a tricky role to achieve his goal of conquering Mecca and subdue Quraish pagans. Interestingly, Muslim propagandists have successfully changed the story to Mohammad’s favor and blamed Quraish pagans for breaking the treaty. Their continuous propaganda reminds one of Hitler’s strategy, who wrote, “And I soon realized that the correct use of propaganda is a true art, which has remained practically unknown to the bourgeois parties (Chapter VI, Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler).  

Muslims are under the impression that Quraish pagans are at fault and they broke the treaty. So, Allah freed Muhammad from any obligation that he might have with the Quraish. In reality, the Quraish did not attack Muhammad after the Treaty of Hodaibya; hence, they are not at fault. Muhammad created an excuse to attack Mecca before the time limit of 10 years.

Following are the proof of Mohammed’s mockery that happened from the time of the Treaty of Hudaibya and the conquest of Mecca (based on Sirat Rasul Allah, Ibn Ishaq, pp. 747-815):

In 6 A.H., Muhammad wished to take a week’s vacation from his busy schedule of robbing and visit Mecca to perform a mini pilgrimage.

Kaba was full of idols at that time, yet, why did Muhammad want to take a pilgrimage to Mecca ? Was Allah one of the idols? Did Muhammad want to suckle the nipples of idols? No offense to sensitive Muslims, I am not hurting their feelings but merely using Abu-Bakr’s comment who cursed another person, (sic) “Now Abu Bakr was sitting behind the apostle and he said, ’Suck al-Lat’s nipples!’”

It was obvious that Mohammed had a vision to conquer Mecca . Quraish pagans realized his intention and they stopped him. Mohammed was weak at this time and he knew that he would be defeated if he fought inside of Mecca because it is always hard to win on an enemy’s turf.  

Quraish pagans, being tolerant and afraid of shedding blood, proposed a 10-year treaty with Mohammed, without realizing who they were dealing with! Their shortsightedness can easily be compared with today’s politically correct intellectuals who suffer from mental myopia. Mohammed accepted the proposal of the Quraish, which was rather humiliating on his part but he signed the treaty anyway.

Treaty of Hodaibya

(From ‘Letters of the Holy Prophet’, Sultan Ahmed Qureshi, ISBN No: 81-85738-09-2)

1. This is the treaty in which Muhammad, son of Abdullah, has made a compromise with Sohail, son of ‘Umar’

2. There shall be no mutual war for ten years.

3. During this period, every person belonging to the two parties shall be safe and secure and none shall raise a sword against the other.

4. If any person from amongst the Quraish goes to Madina, he shall be sent back, but if any Muslim goes to Mecca , he shall not be sent back.

5. The tribes of Arabia would be free to enter into the treaty from the side of either of the two parties.

6. The Muslims shall return this time and come back next year, but they shall not stay in Mecca for more than three days.  

7. They shall not come back armed and shall bring with them swords only, but these shall not be kept out of scabbards and the scabbards kept in bags.  

It did not take long for Mohammed to show his real face. When a woman migrated from Mecca to Medina and took Mohammed’s shelter, her two brothers came and asked Mohammed to return their sister in accordance with Article 4 of the treaty.  

Mohammed, the apostle of Islam, who happened to be the apostate of Quraish, must have everything in his favor. Apostates of other faiths are free to join Islam but apostasy is not an option in Islam. Mohammed refused to return the lady and Allah delivered a special message promptly. “O Prophet! When believing women come to thee to take the oath of fealty to thee, ……………then do thou receive their fealty” (Q60:12).


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