Islamism is Islam

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  1. Abel says:

    There is no way it can be reformed. The koran and hadiths explicitly forbid interpretation. The only way is its complete destruction.

  2. fazels says:

    ISLAM ▶ Action to achieve peace ▶Individually
    Islam, do not have forgiveness because all actions are predestined (will of Allah) 
    Islam is to purify the consciousness (pray) to accommodate the destiny.
    ASTAGHFIRULLAH ▶means, “Terminate the duality and delusion”
    THAWBA▶”Terminate the present bearer” (“I”)
    RABB▶means Consciousness.
    This is the reason all the Dúas’ are asked from Rabb (consciousness). 
    DÚAS’ ▶( not Salawath) are never asked from Allah in Qur’an (not accepting, will of Allah)
    But “Allah” itself complete Dúa,
    ALLAH ▶ “eradicate the delusion of an existent”.
    Foremost, you have to understand the difference between Wafath (Thawaf) and Mawth
    WAFATH ▶ terminated the duality (macrocosm existent)
    MAWTH ▶ terminated the present possessing (microcosm/changing into an another dream)
    KABÉR ▶means, “consciousness, of an Avaricious”, not a grave or a tomb.
    RAWLATH ▶means, where prophets and saints’ bodies are kept to rest.
    Whoever Wafath, do not have “KABÉR”. They have eliminated the duality. RALIYALLAHU ANHU (macrocosm)
    NAFS ▶means, Ego
    ROOHU ▶means, Soul
    ZIYARAH ▶ Meet. Whoever eliminates the ego, consciousness will meet the prophets and saints (reality)
    As you accept the Shahada, prophets and Raliyallahu Anhus’ exist in your consciousness (nothingness/Fanafi Allah/refer Surah 49:7) as macrocosm. By always asking help from them, you become closer and you will be directed….,to eradicate existent in delusion.
    ?Qur’an is from prophet to Allah (69 ; 40 – 43)
    Check the similarities between, ?WAHABISM▶&◀YAZIDISM

    The death of the self (God/Allah), of Ahamed Musthafa and the birth of the selfless, prophet Muhammad pbuh ⏩ MILADUN NABIY.
    The death of the self (God), of Jesus and the birth of the selfless, Christ pbuh ⏩ CHRISTMAS / XMAS
    The death of the self (God/Bodisatva), of Siddhartha and the birth of the selfless, Gauthama pbuh ⏩ WESAK
    These are spiritualities (Reality) not physical entities.
    G O D ▶ Avaricious, evolving in delusion.
    Worship ▶ Wore-ship ▶ Yaa ▶ Remove one.
    LORD (Rabb)▶Consciousness
    Within your consciousness, all prophets and saints are alive (Oneness)
    Activate your selfless bliss by talking to them.
    Understand your religions,

  3. Vijai Singh says:

    These shameful cowards in the media (CNN) now call it international terrorism. Really, who are these ass-holes trying to fool?

  4. Manuel Franco says:

    Just two words come first to mind; taqiyya and kitman… Although I must admit that most westerners are just as responsible for not finding the time, nor making an effort to know about this obv threat and deception… I can understand the pressure of the establishment to maintain the status quo of doing nothing, and islam is “good”, etc. Yet, not everything can be the fault of the liberal and politically correct media. The information is readily available from a myriad of places; most fittingly, the internet itself…

  5. John says:

    I completely agree with the article written above. Islam beliefs should have no room in this humane world.

  6. Walter Sieruk says:

    The “word” of “Islamism” is what many PC people use to describe hard core ,non watered down Islam with all the brutal and deadly violence of Its militant jihad.As for fake word “Islamism” there is reality is so such word and all a person has to do to confirm this is to look in any dictionary of Islam that was printed before 9/11. Some people who use that fake word are in strong religious denial about violence essence of Islam and therefore they use that is made up that artificial “word” in a feeble attempt to hide the very harsh reality of the truths about Islam. Just to site a few of the many examples of the violence and killing that the “holy book” of Islam instructs followers to engage Sura 9:5,111. 47:4.

  7. Amg says:

    Every word written in this article is true.