Islamic State is the Fourth Reich – the most potent threat to civilization

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  1. Sankar says:

    The conspiracy of silence by all others who are not Muslims confound us. There are elements of denial,refusal to acknowledge that Islamic ideology needs scrutiny and reliance of prevailing assumptions about religions in general and not encouraging critical thinking in the matters of religion prolongs the misery inflicted by Islamic ideology.
    Even on a personal note, I have not been able to overcome the diffidence I have been experiencing in my interaction with my Muslim friends to expressing my understanding of Islam. This is to avoid being perceived by them as a personal assault. Therefore I have been encouraging them to look into to their religion and allow space for enquiry into critical aspect. Surprisingly they exhibit no curiosity. They take pride in their blind faith.
    To a large I am as guilty as so many others. Hopefully Internet,availability of information in books would deal a fatal blow to Islamic ideology. One must assault their smug assumptions
    Once it gains a critical mass the erosion would be rapid and unstoppable. It is difficult to reform Islam. Koran is the word of God. Mohammed is an exalted figure. The teachings are timeless. If that is so,there is no egress for Muslims. They have to abandon their faith or turn against non believers. Either way they could not prevail. They can conquer or perish. There is no middle position in Islam. They cannot or would not accept Koran as the product of human enterprise. If they develop a moderate position they are apostates and heretics.
    Thank God we are not born as Muslims in a Muslim household and from day one told by parents and others that developing an autonomous self goes against ones religion and
    Critical thinking is dangerous.
    They are trapped in group narcissism. When a few avert their faces,the rest would be glad to jump into the band wagon and abandon Islam
    In this age of mass communication it is not presumptuous to predict the demise of Islam in the next 30 to 40 yrs. Rotten apples do fall of its own weight. Shaking the tree is a sacred duty if we think it is meritorious.